OECS Lawyers Urged To Continue To Defend Rule Of Law, Constitution

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The President of the OECS Bar, Thaddeus Antoine, has urged his colleagues in the OECS to continue their defence of the rule of law and the constitution.

His comments came during welcoming remarks to the annual OECS Bar Law Conference on Friday with the theme ‘A Vision for the Future’.

“I must also use the opportunity to remind us of the need to continue to protect and defend our constitutions and the Rule of Law in our societies, as not so doing could easily see the erosion of our democracies,” Antoine told the virtual conference.

“I cannot say that I am totally content with the level of advocacy coming from us as lawyers,” he told his audience.

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“We must stand sentinel and educate the populace on the law and, in particular, the rights of citizens. We have to remember that we are lawyers, advocates, mouth pieces, the last bastion and we must stand up and be counted in ensuring that things are done correctly in our islands and that the law is not bastardized or trampled upon, the Saint Lucia Attorney at Law asserted.

“If we are not guardians of the law then we leave the narrative and direction of our countries to the unscrupulous and uninformed. We must play our part in setting the atmosphere for the rule of law to flourish; for those wronged to seek their rights; for those treated unjustly to find justice; and for the nonconformist to feel free in a democracy,” Antoine declared.

The outgoing OECS Bar President, who has served in that capacity for the past four years,  expressed the hope that the numerous webinars and conferences that have taken place and continue to take place during this period will encourage the legal fraternity to be greater advocates and defenders of the Rule of Law.

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