Off-Duty Officer Wounded In Coolie Town Incident Could Face Disciplinary Action

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An off-duty police officer wounded in a hail of gunfire while a party was in progress outside of confinement hours at Coolie Town, Marigot, could face disciplinary action.

The officer was among five people hurt due to Sunday night’s incident, in which three people also died.

“Unfortunately a police officer got injured in the incident which took place in Marigot. Yes, it was beyond the confinement hours. Due to the fact of the discipline of the force we all have to follow the rules, regulations, the laws etc. It is true that that officer should not have been there,” Deputy Police Commissioner Dorian O’ Brian told a news conference on Monday.

O’ Brian said, as a result, there would be an investigation to determine why the off-duty officer was there.

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“If it is found that he was not supposed to have been there disciplinary action will be taken,” he stated.

At the same time, O’ Brian, on behalf of the hierarchy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), wished the wounded cop and others injured in the Coolie Town incident a speedy recovery and expressed condolences to the family and friends of the bereaved.

Sunday’s triple-homicide has sent shockwaves through the Coolie Town community, and residents blame a rival gangs conflict for the tragedy.

Police say that more than one shooter was involved based on preliminary reports.

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  1. this is just talks to pacify public interest, nothing further. In the Asian and Middle East they fire police and judges why can’t that happen here? Why the Police Force becomes the safe heaven for some Officers to take out vengeance and more so use tax payer resources for their own gain. Have an independent body do secret investigation on police in lucia you will be sadden about the result.

  2. Do they have any legal ground to discipline the police officer. What Law? Please tell me. Can you confine anyone to their home or anywhere other than prison? That is without a State of Emergency. Impossible. I wish it was under some other circumstance that a police was found out during the so called confinement time. I am certain that there will be some “wansmaen” in other to avoid exposing the illegality of this nonsense law.

  3. @The Undertaker:- As you mentioned, What about that Police Officer who was supposed to be on duty when the Jamaican murderer escaped, and was able to get access out of Island (mysteriously) ended up in Jamaica, arrested and paid or offer to pay$1.5M.U.S. for his escape. This ring of criminal conspiracy involving Drug money is something too big for the rag-tag St. Lucia Constabulary. Who calls the shot is way up at the top, and can,t travel.

  4. I am not aatonished with the police officer who sustained the injury at Coolie Town. On the 3rd January Marigot had a party just opposite Under Rock, there were over10 police. We still had curfew. There is a police station at Marigot but to me there is no police.

  5. The police officer who was on Duty when the Jamaican Escape lawful Custody at Babonneau have Never been Discipline he’s On Duty at the Babonneau Police station up to this present Date.The Disorderly Police officer who Got injured at Cooley town went to Drink Rum at the Party with his Friend .What investigation everything is Straight Foward .Deal with him Departmentally .He have been involved in so much its a Disgrace

  6. This press conference spoke volumes of the level of degradation in the RSLPF. Moving forward, my only advice to them is to allow the sexy and well spoken one , yes the press officer!!! to do all the talking on their behalf.

    As for the comments on the disciplining of the officer by O’Brian, this surely speaks volumes of O’Brian. After such a brazen and barbaric attack resulting in the death of three individuals and others injured, including his fellow police officer, there should have been no such discussion during the press conference. Further, if any such action were to be taken by the force they should start with their senior officers first. I have walked the La Pointe road on many occasions during the so-called confinement period and also during the curfew period and have seen several persons including the senior officer owner and several other police officers as well as other members of the public, some of whom are considered “prominent”, assembled at this makeshift bar. If O’Brian were to investigate the officer, as indicated during the press conference, I hope he includes the bar along the La Pointe road and the owner whom he knows very well. Hypocrisy at it highest!!!

  7. wow after you police officers not doing your work yall dont patrol around to see who are having those kinds of parties now you want to discipline the officer? thats BS just last week friday was a party at a bar in sarrot and it said it would be goin on beyond the confinement hours none of you investigated this to shut this down but the officer yall want to discipline

  8. O’Brian the commissioner needs disciplining first for all those parties he had during both curfew and confinement. You and other top rank officers and parliamentarians that were there need disciplining as well. Then I would agree to the officer being disciplined. However educate me cause I heard that magistrates are dismissing all charges brought about from breaching confinement.

    • Bro it is the same world wide where leaders impose unnecessary laws or rules on the common people while they are free to break all of them, this is why from day one I never respected any of those ridiculous covid protocols they implemented.

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