Office Of the Mayor Pays Tribute To Late Former Councillor

Press Release:–  The Office of the Mayor and the Castries Constituency Council wish to pay tribute to late Councillor Victor Maurice who died while receiving treatment after a shooting incident in November last year.

 Councillor Maurice, a popular and hardworking nut-vendor, has served the Castries Constituency Council for many years.

 He was well-known as an ardent advocate for council’s policies, being proficient in all his undertakings and a friend to all.

 Councillor Maurice has been serving as a Councillor since his swearing-in on August 2, 2016. He once served as  Town Clerk.

 Expressing his sympathy, Mayor Peterson D. Francis described the former Councillor as a self-motivated and determined gentleman.

 “This loss is sad and tragic and we hope that the police investigation brings closure to this incident and the culprit or culprits are brought to justice,” said Mayor Francis. 

 “We pray for strength and courage for the family at this time, as we have lost a great supporter. Councillor Maurice was a very colorful individual. He demonstrated diligence as well as unselfish and dedicated public service.”

 “His contributions to the City of Castries, the Office of the Mayor and the Castries Constituency Council are well appreciated and his demise is a great loss not only to his family and friends, but to the City of Castries,” Mayor Francis noted.

 “Councillor Maurice was a man of service and his legacy of service continues. He will serve as an inspiration to future leaders within the Office of the Mayor and the CCC and is worthy of recognition.”