Officer, Two Civilians Injured In Gros Islet Fracas

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A police officer and two civilians sustained injuries at Gros Islet in a missile-throwing incident Thursday night, eyewitnesses say.

Police also arrested several individuals, while two ambulances took the injured to hospital.

According to reports from the community, the Gros Islet incident was a replica of what took place in Soufriere on Sunday night.

At Baron’s Drive, Soufriere, officers who went to investigate an after curfew event had to run for cover after people pelted them with bottles and stones.

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The missile throwers damaged a police vehicle.

But the missiles did not injure anyone.

However, in the Gros Islet incident Thursday night, eyewitnesses say the officer in uniform sustained a cut to his hand.

And the two civilians sustained unspecified injuries, according to the eyewitnesses.

The eyewitnesses told St Lucia Times after 8.00 pm the police went to disperse a crowd on St George Street, Gros Islet.

As a result, people started throwing missiles.

The curfew breakers had used various objects, including chairs, to block off the road.

Several bars were also open.

People posted videos on social media of the scene and the police intervention.

Law enforcement investigations into the matter are continuing.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video 

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