Friday, January 24, 2020

Officers, Inmates injured in Bordelais prison disturbance

Authorities used force to quell a disturbance at Bordelais Correctional Facility on Wednesday that left at least two prison officers injured.

A number of inmates were wounded and had to be transferred to hospital for treatment after a standoff and confrontation that lasted around five hours, authorities say.

The incident began when a large group of prisoners refused to enter their cells following afternoon recreation, prison officials say.

The inmates were protesting long court delays, the repeated adjournment of their cases and prison conditions, according to the Deputy Director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility, Lennard Terrence.

After attempts by the Prison Management to calm the situation proved unsuccessful, the prison summoned reinforcement, Terrence said.

“After about four directives were given for them to re-enter their cells, we then moved to the next level where we activated our systems for such incidents. And our special operations response team along with support from the Royal St Lucia Police Force who was nearby, but not in that vicinity, responded and within six minutes we had all the inmates back in the cells,” Terrence explained.

Terrence said the responding officers initially encountered resistance from a small group of the protesting inmates.

“The small number of inmates who resisted, we did extract a few and some of the others were forced to their cells after which we locked down the facility,” he added.

The injured prisoners were transported to Dennery Hospital, St Jude Hospital and Victoria Hospital.

Terrence said the concerns of the prisoners were documented. Issues that fell within the authority of the prison, he added, were immediately addressed with all other matters being forwarded to the relevant authorities.

He said Brodelais prison has now returned to normal operations.


  1. This happened on Wednesday and its now being reported? In fact, I heard about it on Wednesday from a friend who wouldn’t spread rumours but the fact that it didn’t make the news made me wonder. What’s going on in Saint Lucia?

    • I hope your action will reflect your name if one day you or someone you love is accused of a crime that you did not commit. As much as the bulk of there persons at this institution have done something warranted for being there, there are also a fair amount of persons that are very innocent or there for very petty offences. Then they stay there for years on remand. More years than they would have had they had a day in court and found guilty. How is that fair? Can you imagine being lock away from society and your family for years for a crime you didn’t commit or for a bud of weed?

  2. The judicial system is a colossal failure. Too many suspects are made to languish in prison, sometimes for years, before their cases are tried. The prison conditions are atrocious. Because one runs afoul of the law, it doesn’t mean that he/she should be subjected to sub-human treatment. When these aggrieved inmates are released, they are quite livid because of the ill-treatment they received while they were incarcerated. Then they take out their frustrations on the public by committing very heinous crimes. Justice reform is needed.

  3. Are they still housing prisoners fro Tortola? They can even handle their own but reaching out for more. CHOOPS!!!

  4. Are they still housing prisoners from Tortola? They can’t even handle their own but they are reaching out for more. Whatever! CHOOPS!!!

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