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Officials Out To Change Perception That Saint Lucians Responsible For Much Of Martinique Crime

Saint Lucia’s Consul General in Martinique, Johanna Salton, has asserted that there is a ‘common misconception’ that Saint Lucians are the ones responsible for a lot of the crimes in Martinique.

Salton told St Lucia Times in a telephone interview from the French overseas territory that “the onus is now on us to sensetise the public and to show that the majority of Saint Lucians who live in Martinique are responsible citizens.”

“That is something that the consulate will undertake in 2019 – it’s a progamme which we definitely have to do to try to change the perception of the French here,” she said.

Salton revealed that a large number of Saint Lucians, between 5,000 and 10,000 reside in Martinique.

“I would say 97 percent of them are legal and by legal I mean that they are married to Martiniquans. They work; they contribute to the system; they have a family and they obey the law,” she observed.

“Unfortunately what has been happening is that  this tiny percentage – those Saint Lucians who come across or who live here and are committing the crimes, they are the ones that people talk about,” Salton explained.

The Saint Lucia diplomat said the actions of the few Saint Lucians who engage in criminal activity  in Martinique do not give a true picture of their countrymen who reside there.

She asserted that the majority of Saint Lucians in Martinique do not give problems.

“But as it goes, people will talk about what is bad, not what is good,” Salton observed.

She pointed out that most of the crime in Martinique is committed by Martiniquans.

“That’s a fact that I have gotten from officials,” Salton told St Lucia Times.

“The violent crimes which the Saint Lucians do commit here, they are assisted by Martiniquans, so I think it is something that both sides need to discuss and talk about,” she stated.

“It is a problem for both countries and definitely we will have to look at it in 2019,”  the Saint Lucia Consul stated.


  1. Miss Salton, this is easy as: a b c. The Saint Lucians that commit the crimes in Martinique, don’t really reside in Martinique, they go to Martinique to join their Martinique accomplisses, because they can’t act alone, but this little group of criminals are more important than any other nationals, so that makes the difference! and to make matters worse; the media in Martinique will not hesitate, to do their job, if a Lucian is caught! so here you are.

  2. Once they looking like a vieux neg, dont allow them to depart for martinique, and those that are in martinique, once they have criteria for a vieux neg… deport them, no questions asked, you will see how they behaving them selves.
    These scumbags making difficult for a hard working citizen to go on a vacation

  3. But I dont understand this lady. Come on it is a fact that Saint Lucians are committing crimes in Martinique. Do you hear french ppl committing crimes here? No because lucians committing crime here, there and everywhere. Punishment must be swift you will see if they will not stop their nonsense.

  4. Any fireman will tell you not all fires are alike and must therefore be fought differently.
    That said, we must look at the statistics and their makeup in order to provide a clear pathway in order to address the problem effectively.
    Anything else is a rush to judgement and a knee jerk reaction to the punitive.

  5. Lucians go to Martinique,because the pay is better,they go for money,here they hungry,they dont get the action.These boys dont go to farm work sadly enough,they dont believe in that.Its been like that since allways,you think you can fix this problem?

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