Officials Undergo Training To Ensure Safe, Free And Fair Saint Lucia Elections

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Returning officers, election clerks and assistant clerks Wednesday underwent training to familiarise them with documents, equipment and other matters in connection with the conduct of upcoming July 26, 2021 elections in Saint Lucia.

Special Assistant to the Chief Elections Officer, Herman St. Helen, told reporters that Wednesday’s one-day training session was the second in a  series of such initiatives leading up to the poll.

“On election day we have 463 polling stations, if you multiply that by 6 you see how many people are working for the elections. Especially during this pandemic we need to ensure that all election workers are fully trained and understand importance of what is happening,” St. Helen explained.

He said the training was organised to ensure that Saint Lucia conducts elections that are free, fair and without interference.

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St. Helen described this year’s elections as ‘more engaging’ because of the new COVID-19 protocols in place for the poll.

He explained that those who benefit from the training would return to their districts and train other officials.

And St. Helen disclosed that provisions have been made to allow people who may be in hospital or confined to nursing homes to cast their ballots in advance, on the same day that the police and election workers do so.

But people in COVID-19 quarantine will be exempted from voting, it was explained.

The Special Assistant to the Chief Elections Officer also told reporters that the transmission of election results this year will not be done manually but electronically.

In this regard, St. Helen said  at the conclusion of the tabulation of the poll on election night, the poll clerk responsible for data entry would have the results and once the Presiding Officer gives the okay, would transmit the results to the office of the returning officer.

Once the results are verified by the returning officer, it will be released to the ‘command centre’ in real time and relayed to the public, he stated.

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