Tuesday, October 15, 2019

One dead, child and three others injured in Castries shooting

One man is dead and four people, including a child, were injured Tuesday afternoon on Peynier Street, Castries,  a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

The law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the deceased, whom he did not identify, is known to the police.

The incident occurred about 4:00 PM, according to reports.

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that at least one masked gunman appeared and started firing indiscriminately, causing people to flee in panic.

“This is crazy. He had two guns,” the eyewitness reported.

The individual could not say whether it appeared that the shooter had a specific target in mind.

However it is reported that police officers who were on patrol started running towards the direction from which the gunfire came and one of the officers shot the gunman.

He is said to have been wounded in the leg.

There is currently a heavy police presence in the area and rush hour traffic in the City is backed up, St Lucia Times was informed.

According to one report, at least 16 shots were fired by the gunman.

However law enforcement officials who are investigating the matter could not say immediately whether more than one shooter was involved.

More details later.


  1. What is this world coming to earth. It seems when they have nothing left to kill they will start killing themselves. People we need to give our lives to Christ because Jesus is coming soon!

  2. The gunman/cowboy had a target. 2 guns loool,ok cowboy. It should have been my family that stray bullet Take,there wouldn’t be a law to what was coming for u. Hopefully the law will just have u in for a few days. Continue my gangsters until u hit 1 in authority who can change things around but for now just spray the town down

  3. Shut up cuz if ur family got hit u wudnt do shot THE MAN IS DEAD cant u read smh PUSH UR BADNESS ELSEWHERE

    • Well it seems you can’t read cause the gunmam is alive but shot in the leg smh. And learn to type properly before you make yourself ashame

      • Lol says the guy preaching about typing properly when his own isnt any better ..foh

  4. Son of a gun you’ll stupid little ******** must learn.
    Sorry to know that innocent bystanders got hurt in the process.

  5. And you idiot Saint Lucian are complaining when police use extra judicial killing as a form to control the insanity that have been plaguing this beautiful country. Amnesty to the police who have been very unfortunate to have been asked to do carry out this task. You Saint Lucian should regard them as heros.

    • We have not seen any thing. Tell them arrested one police officer in their impacts crap and then we will know to lose control of our streets. Support the police force. Sign the petit . Https:www.gopetetion/support-royal-saint-lucia-police-task-force-members.html

      • Take this somewhere else man. You can have a million signatures but the LAW must take its course.

  6. Only when it hits home we then know the meaning of sympathy and not who can or can’t spell we take on to much crap in this country i sympathize with those who got shot by this gun slinging moron

  7. the world is coming to an end we just need to ask our Father for protection when we leave our home

      • Stop being ridiculous. You smarter than that when i meant the world us in it who is dying.

  8. All St. Lucians good at doing is talk with no action! But I have a suggestion because everyone responsible has run out of ideas!! Take all gunman, take a bordelais man, go ghetto and take all criminals well know to the police since St. Lucia have continent and put them all Darren Sammy Stadium and rename it survival of the fittest give them guns and St. Lucia will be clean n neat!!

  9. Sno take down the comments section..cuz it looks like the violence even starts here..u see how it starts St Lucia?… Wen we don’t respect people’s opinions.. Or when we chat ignorant and brainless things..

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