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Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm

One Dead, Four Injured In Gangland Style Castries Shooting

This article has been updated. Read updated article here. A gangland style shooting at Pavee, Castries, between late Friday night and Saturday morning has left one man dead and four others injured, Saint Lucia police have confirmed.

The deceased has been identified as twenty-six year old Pavee resident Gino Joseph, alias ‘Coolie’.

The four injured males include two teenagers aged 14 and 19, the police say.

Both sustained a gunshot wounds to the leg, it was reported.

Law enforcement sources told St Lucia Times that the shooting is believed to be gang related.

Just last week a 45 year old male was shot dead in a house at Pavee.

It was not clear whether the two incidents were related.


  1. When will the security minister initiate biting measures to confront illegal gun ownership? At what point his efforts seem weak or pathetic?
    Maybe no bail might be a start to a severe problem. Even mandatory sentences could be of value. There is hardly any deterrence in place. Worse case scenario, he is expecting Santa Claus to fix the problems.

  2. Aa so Hermangild and his commissioner and the RSLPF cannot implement or propose policies to curb this tye of violence. So y are we paying them. Btw we even increase their pay for less work. Where is Chiquot. The police are being pd to serve and protect. I don’t feel protected. I mean so long we hv a gun violence problem. We all the communities and perpetrators and yet still. We hv lawyers making a fortune on our heads. Where is the solution. Let us RESTORE CONFIDENCE.

    • When you say we who is we that paying salaries to government people ….the skin of your a square source not even yours but we paying idiot

      • You want to to sound Intelligent but alas you made your self look like an the very word you are so quick to call someone you don’t know. The tax payers of this country pay all government workers by extension the police force so yes in essence “WE” pay them…not that I agree that anyone but the individuals and us as citizens can curb crime…but just clarifying the “WE” statement

    • WOW, you need to sit and understand what you said there and look at reality. The police being paid to serve and protect but can they do that if their reliable source for information is the community at large? We as a community quicker video things instead of being determined to stop an incident. A lot of measures can be taken by the public to help the police but people with a mentality such as yours is the reason why we not getting anywhere. STOP BLAMING GOVERNMENT, STOP BLAMING POLICE. WE ALL ARE TO BE BLAMED AS PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY

      • Alot if not all the people who are in the police force are more concerned about the money than protecting us as citizens. Alot if the time they know exactly who are the people committing the crimes and these are the ones they choose to protect. Let’s take for instance the woman who was killed by her husband who happens to be a police officer. What has been done? NOTHING! Dont they know who did it? HELL YES! People who witness crimes dont go to report because they fear the police go back to tell the criminals. Anyone who wants to be upset at my comment it’s fine. Face the reality!!!!

    • Its just gotten worst no hope the country is finished father put a hand please.Even the youths getting frustrated what will happen next 5 year old will start to kill people just now..

    • Always quick to say you’ll money that paying someone. Like police officers exempted from paying taxes. Every single citizen contributes to revenue of the country. The people who eat tax payers money is those locked up in prison cuz government has to provide for them.

  3. One less fake badboy down…. Dat eh nun, cry who want to cry but the more Dat fall the better, cause dem mun wasting their life anyways

  4. Is it not time for Saint Lucia to have an active Force combating criminality on the Island? And by that I mean a force that uses overt and covert tactics the thwart, detect and solve crime. What is the Government doing to combat this societal menace? All the investments that are going into developmental projects on Island, what is being done to improve the crime situation? Mr Prime Minister, if you have a population living in fear as a result of gun violence, I am afraid that your grand projects – though welcomed and well intended – will count for nothing in the face of criminal impunity by a few rogues in society. Saint Lucia is an Island 238 Sq. Miles not a Continent. We are not a gun producing Country, therefore these guns are entering via Air or Sea. It is time to implement modern tactics to fight crime.

    • Your heart is in the right place but you forget where you are. St. Lucia is one of the most covertly corrupt countries. Take a look at the makeup of the Boards of the companies and Government institutions. The same web of greedy, crooked, immoral people looking our for their elite clique. They have no desire to change anything as they are well taken care of in the systems as it is now. Change has to come from the bottom. The PEOPLE need to take the fight to those facilitating and enabling all the lawlessness in this place. Will it ever happen in this country of docile slaves? Nope. But that is what it needs. A revolution. Otherwise we just spinning top in mud.

    • That sounds good to me but the very same people that are working in government and the very same people that are policemen are the ones that are crooked.. that is, this country has two political parties . when UWP flying it’s planes SLP gooroos shooting it down. how can anything be done good in this country …saint Lucia is just as a Bible it devided in two parts but it’s all mixed up like cornmeal and flour difficult to separate them apart. such is life.

      • Lol but you forgot to mention its the same way round when the SLP in power…all we have in st lucia is politics…non of them working together for the betterment of the country… But hey its the same in every other country power hungry individuals…just mere humans

  5. It’s just plain sadness to see how our men perish how our sons mother’s sons die no matter the situation it’s disheartening Remember the FATHERLESS Sons Gino you may not have found happiness in this world but who’s us to judge u are in a better place now RIP

  6. Who can stop crime if someone is determined to kill they would nothing can’t stop that there are some real devils out there more strength to the families

    • The devils are the parents of these kids who just breed them like a wah-den and drop them on the streets for society to raise them. Poor state of affairs.

    • Tell that to all those who were protesting during the tenure of the last group. They are not out there complaining and demonstrating anymore. Now they know that it’s not a political issue but everyone’s issue. Lessons learned, I hope!!

  7. Just saying, you just admitted that you are a murderer. You are ending people’s lives when you didn’t give it to them. Are you pretending to be a perfect being from heaven. God didn’t give you the right on this earth to be judge and executioner? You evil hypocrite! People like you are the real “ABUSIVE DEVILS” whom these parents have to run from, heartbreaking to them that they have to leave their children behind. God has marked you. I hope the police find you.

  8. When is a police Shooting .Mary Francis wants an Independant Investigation .Now This Ridiculous Shootings at Pavee I wonder what will she Recomend now

  9. Is hermangirl Francis still the minister or is he sick or something? Is he just missing in action or is he deliberately trying to spite UWP. Just asking

  10. Such a “pity young! Men must get their lives wanted by petty altercations! I said this because it’s evident that these situations arise from just plain lack of self motivation. Where a lot of these individuals involved are normally feed ” with bogus information.!.

  11. Sleepy has awaken from his sleep; but hermanguil has gone fast asleep! his PM gave us d assurance, during his election campagne 3 years ago, that he will stop crime once in office, and here we are 3 years latter crying everyday, hoping to see a better tomorrow, but it is only on paper! Mr. PM. Mr. Minister of security, where is the peace you prémisse us? Are you satisfied with our crime situation? Well too much to say about you all! bring back ORC that’s where most of our intelligent detectives are! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!
    It’s only Miss Mary and her criminals that dose not agree!

  12. All of this wouldn’t have happened if stupidity and ignorence could be removed from the alphabets… stupidity and ignorence are the ones ruling the country if salms 133 could be read by many there would be a great difference in this country

  13. Smh @ those criminals but on the other hand Yal lucians eh know what Yal want. When police shoot them Yal complaining more and talking endless nonsense; looking for excuses for these idiots. Everyone can be different; no need to take the negative road. I for one would absolutely love a few of those criminals to be hanged.

  14. A message to those ignorant fools I see who is happy about the situation u see the thing is majority of parents out there are to b blamed because most of you guys made selfish choices in url younger days only to benefit your selfish “needs”and not thinking about the child try to understand what am saying in the getto is not an easy thing without money u won’t get an education without the education u won’t get a job and this leads to url know already so y sit here n b salty n ignorant typical lucians playing all holy n these are the comments come in the getto uh

  15. What was a 14 yr old doing there yes this question would b in mind but then again url eh trying watch it another way url done saying his parents young so what to expect the boy father is dead n I guess the mother neglected him so who had to raise him the streets so what url should expect is getting robbed that url hv to expect we done suffering n url wishing for more bad things awa for url wii

  16. The 14year old Must be incharge of his parents to be out at that time of the Night .Both of his parents Should be arrested

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