Wednesday, January 29, 2020

One dead, one badly wounded in Beausejour shooting

One man, identified as Alvin Lewis is dead while another yet unidentified male is reported to be fighting for his life as a result of a shooting incident at Beausejour.

According to initial reports, Lewis was the driver of a BMW vehicle in which the other man was a passenger in the front seat.

purported BMW
purported BMW

One theory is that they may have been victims of a carjacking.

The shooting occurred shortly before 8 pm Thursday, it is reported.



  1. A man works hard to buy his car, someone carjacks him and kills him. This is outrageous, people need to have dash cams on both their front and back windshields so those murders can be identified… SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE,

    • They didn’t take the car so .think there are more to it than wat we kno don’t app some how….just saying

  2. So many Homicides and Nothing have been done .The officer incharge of Crime have and must do Something its already getting too late

      • Sure they can’t stop crime. But at least solve the damn crimes to get the criminals off the streets. That would help.

    • officer in charge my foot they have no balls, these guys entire life in the police force was spent going to school how can the ever fight crime, they don’t even know where bridge street is yo.

  3. Let us stopping covering up for people sad for his children and family but he was no saint in society. I respected this man until i found out. The way we leave our lives we must understand that we will face the consequences surrounding our life style. Carjacking ……….u all best think again. Alot of us represent good images in society but we have cob webs in closets.

  4. Alvin was a known drug dealer whom robbed the colombian cartel and ran to America to hide. He came back and was introduced to KARMA

    • Lol you seem to be previ to a lot, okay he was a drug dealer but how did you know if his whereabouts and doings? Seems to me you were a part of his confident because if I were a drug dealer I wouldn’t let “random people” know my moves.. interesting.

      • As much as they try and hide it, drug dealing in St. Lucia is very apparent. Very little can be done to hide the fact that you’re dealing with drugs. Not all will know, but I bet you quite a bit would, and the word would get around.

      • What u saying deh? U dont need to be around someone to know they business, refrain from nonsense, i bet you know ur neighbour business, and u were not around. Word travels. So just decided yesterdat morning, hey! Let me kill mate, just so? Unless if it was a robbery

  5. Closets have nothing to do with ppl dying on the streets like flies..cuz we ALL have it ok….at least make him sell d dam bm or something…..every body always know but no one reporting….so y use social media…. choops… condolences to his family….we just escaped hurricanes deh…n this now? Ppl in other countries holding deh heads right…all this thing in St Lucia now is dam dam ridiculous mun… seriously…



  7. How come every time there’s a shooting nobody never see the gunmen? Like is armed ghosts that killing people these days. The culture of silence and fear that keeps those hitmen incognito only emboldens them to kill more people with impunity. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING BEFORE THE HITMAN KILLS HIS NEXT VICTIM WHICH COULD BE YOU OR ONE OF YOUR LOVED ONES! THE ONLY GOOD HITMAN IS A DEAD HITMAN!

  8. Everybody know who the drug dealers are in their communities, but nobody wants to report them.
    If he was a drug dealer, then I say…good riddance, one less supplier to our kids.

    • Except that this isn’t actually true. As soon as one drug dealer is gone, several more are lined up to take his/her place. What we have to do is ensure that they don’t have a market for their merchandise…

    • That is the best thing for you to come on the internet to say, if you have nothing educational to speak from your small mind please do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut. You see everyone talking about he was a drug dealer yet you did not know the man when he was alive. However I did and for many years, he was a good man, he was very intelligent, he cared for his family the best way he could. Most of you are probably the first to appear at church on Sunday but speak such evil on the internet. If he was not taking care of his family it would be another story for you people to talk about. Get off of this mans case and do something constructive to with your life.

  9. Dear Father,
    Help us to help each other. Teach us not to want filthy lucre. Teach us to say ‘half a loaf is better than none’. Teach us not to lust after things we cannot afford. Teach us to live ‘simple’ and ‘happy…. I can’t help but want to live according to scriptures when I read…. 1 Corinthians…8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, even against your own brothers! 9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts, 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.… Amen. So let it be.

  10. So when you go a a funeral of someone you knew, that was living ‘any old how’ and put God on the back burner, you always want to know why you are sitting there listening to all the talk about his or her soul is in heaven…………. it’s a lie – you go to meet who you served.

  11. RIP Alvin and whoever is responsible i will find you….believe that by the way that’s Karma speaking he’s close friends with the undertaker more love St.lucia and the Sharbin that staying Bexon i like to see you my girl anytime Bexon flood come home and Hon Brother Guy Joseph we need employment Fresh Start eating all the ?

  12. Yes he was in drugs… when u owe …pay up….all bald heads want to do drugs and live large….it is call pay back

  13. It’s true u have a family but before u go in to business that way u know the circumstances when your dealings not straight, that what u get ,watch what the Venezuelan did to the young man Smh ,we are all old enough to do what’s rit a dissent job sorry but condolences to the family

  14. People do not go out and kill people randomly in small islands. So when most people are kill it’s because they stole something from someone, they are a witness to a crime, or that person is a straight up snitch

  15. We need a better justice system and more training for our officers. Ppl we need the government to answer the questions of y so many crimes are going unsolved in Lucia, such a small Island. Ppl are lazy and want wats not there’s so ppl can’t say it’s just no jobs dats y our country like this. True there are economically induced issues here but dats not all the reasons for this. The police are corrupt and unqualified so they can’t do adequate work. Ppl we need to speak up about the state of this country because these are some dark days in our country history?

  16. Now he does not have to live and suffer in a world full of evil people. He is watching over his children from above who he left behind. This is an example of a life that was taken, he was no where near ready to go. We need justice in St.Lucia. No longer should lives be cut short. This must stop.

  17. So go to wherever Alvin is and ask him.he is the best person to answer you’ll questions. come out of people’s business.are you related to them..leave people’s business alone.and mind yours.some of you all think you’ll think you’ll. know too much and you all know northing..i am sure you’ll dont sleep good at night’s..thinking of people’s business. .Shut the hell up loosers

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