One Dead, One Injured In Chaussee Road Shooting

One man is dead and another injured as a result of a shooting incident on the Chaussee Road Friday night, police have confirmed.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the shooting occurred about 8.00 PM.

The names of the deceased and  the injured man were not immediately available.

Earlier in the day, Bois Patat resident, Johnny Jeffers, was hit  in the shoulder by a stray bullet as he stood on Chaussee Road.

And hours earlier one man, identified as Cannis Smith, was killed and another male individual injured in a shooting incident at Sunbilt.


  1. Something needs to be done! Our country needs to be reclaimed. The police know the criminals, it’s high time they start being law enforcers and peace keepers rather than friends and allies of criminals! I know a police officer who sits and smokes marijuana with the same little miscreants he is supposed to keep in check…dirty cops, dirty country; it’s that simple.

    • Yea my boy. Depend on the police to fight crime and see where your arse will be. Crime is not the police business. It is hour business. And unless we can get this through out thick skills we will make no progress on crime.

    • Yea my boy. Depend on the police to fight crime and see where your arse will be. Crime is not the police business. It is our business. And unless we can get this through out thick skulls we will make no progress on crime.

  2. Unspecified don’t worry it will soon be a wrap for you and all the other criminals who are making law abiding citizens lives a living hell on this small Island. All of ya’ll get me sick with ya’ll revenge is a must, all the violent dancehall songs and that mumble rap shit of a lifestyle ya’ll want to live. Ya’ll sons and daughters of motherless whores who eh want to work but rob, kill, rape, hang out on the block, talking shate and eh have no future. I hope ya’ll take a good look and the Zorbies roaming the streets cause that’s how ya’ll are going to end up if the graveyard eh see ya’ll first cause ya’ll too ignorant to realise that ya’ll lifestyle doesn’t take ya’ll nowhere. Get off ya’ll lazy asses and find work and stop making children with these whores that eh even know how to wash their cunts farless raise a child because ya’ll children go replace ya’ll and cause more problems for us.

  3. O.R.C was doing a good job of handling these pieces of **** but what happened? Ass***** decided to snitch and must things up now the situation is even worse than it was before. Snitches don’t have any foresight all the have is talk and when the **** hits the fan because of their action all they can do is stay in the dark. Cause all who can’t hear will feel.

  4. Gaza gang yall quick too talk and call ppl names lucians like to spread rumors jellyboy has nothing to do with this shooting…..why yall not saying Jarvis from the graveyard to stop the crap he doing in the city he’s one the police should make an example of

  5. U that unspecified n u that gaza gang… yall can point fingers but remember when u point one how many pointin back at u? keep pointin!

  6. The magistrates and lawyers have to take heavy responsibility for the high level of crime in the country. The majority of murders in this country are through gun violence and when some criminal elements are arrested with a gun, they receive a small fine by the court. The justice system in Saint Lucia is breeding criminals. The criminal Lawyers are being confessed to by the criminals but for the love of money they are the one representing the high profile criminals for heavy sums of monies. Corruption at the highest level. Lawyers sending illegal drugs through our post office, corruption. The Bar association needs to investigate this lawyer. Peace my people have a safe hoilday

    • So very true. This country is corrupt to its core at the highest levels. They all involved or get payouts to look the other way. Eventually, a corrupt country collapses. Take a look at Somalia.

  7. Police need to put a wanted least out like 2008 or when cause that’s **** that goin on deh both sides ill cah be takin one another lives like it a joke on both sides am talkin choose one police wanted least shot to kill or peace streety that’s reall ****

    • Dey right notorious…is ppl like u hav d country so…bad man get no weh….ppl bring dem out….if is here urrl hav to do it to let all ah we no…bring dem out…shates

  8. Y is it them young men in Lucia playing with each other’s lives. Life is so precious an nice. Yourll are wanna be gangsters. Better yourll put your mind together and work for what you want in life. Yourll just down der killing one another

  9. Bradley you they shoot gasa ,if you wasn’t liming with grave yard man, cocoboy (which is deceased ) that would not happen to you ,natoukii eh deh you focking around

  10. St Lucia times I hope yawll are taking notes and sending all these comments to the police…these persons are calling names of who they gonna kill…smh…God help us all!!

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