One Dead, One Injured In Sunbilt Shooting

One man is dead and another is at the Intensive Care Unit of Victoria Hospital after a shooting incident Thursday night at Sunbilt, a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

The official identified the deceased as Cannis Smith, 47, of Sunbilt.

His body is said to have been found a short distance away from his home.

Another male, Ian Justin, was conveyed to Victoria Hospital and is in the intensive care unit, it was reported.

The exact circumstances off the shooting are currently being investigated by the police.



  1. I am appealing to the criminals out there to stop the crime as you all cannot sleep at nights you all are just Cowards and cockroaches go get a job with Guardsman security for 4 :25 cents an hour 12 hour shifts with one day off

  2. The bloodletting continues unabated. Criminals now own the streets. The gun crime has become epidemic and hardly anything is being done to reduce it. This will continue unless the perpetrators realize that no stone will be left unturned in pursuing and apprehending them. Where is the outcry from the citizens? Are they now completely desensitized to death? The people must protest against this onslaught on their lives. It’s so disconcerting to see not even as much as a murmur from the uncaring Minister of National Security nor the Ministers of Cabinet. There is no representation, no protection from this murderous trend by the relevant authorities. The country is in turmoil with lax security, a dysfunctional healthcare system, skyrocketing unemployment, starvation wages, rising cost of living, uncontrollable crimes, disquiet among the youthful population. The country seems on the brink of implosion. Let me express heart-felt condolences to the relatives of the victims. I hope that the survivor makes a full recovery.

    • Vibz,
      Good observations. Is somebody going to make a statement about the ongoing mayhem? Evidently, they don’t have answers. Maybe too embarrassed.

  3. So 60 murders last year and 36 murders with almost 4 weeks to go. And all we get is lip service, we can get a loan for $40 million for one Bridge in Cul de Sac. But we have have fundraising ball to build a new police headquarters. smh the people in charge are idiots

  4. To the writers of these news articles, consider the safety of the patient and employees working on the unit and stop saying exactly where the patient is…why do you need to specify the unit?

  5. Well all hell will explode the moment,a registered firearm owner puts down two or three bad guys.Then tell me do we march? and ask for what? and to who ? Who do we blame? Goverment,the tipical scape goat,Minister,another sucker.Or we go after the Comisioner Police?I cant blame the police,and I have a million reasons for this.So lets call a big Pow Wow,and lets put it all out,maybe a day is not enough for a public metting and debate.Listening to opinions ?

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