Thursday, October 6, 2022

One Dead, Three Injured In Vieux Fort Gun Violence

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One man is dead, and three others are nursing injuries in hospital after gun violence erupted in Vieux Fort in the Clarke Street area Thursday afternoon.

Police have identified the deceased as Dawit Charles, 22, of West Hall Group, Vieux Fort.

The three men who sustained injuries due to the shooting, believed to be gang-related, have not been officially identified.

But according to reports, the they were in stable condition when transported to the hospital.

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Residents of the community said the shooting occurred while a funeral service for a ‘well known’ individual was taking place.

Headline photo: Police on the scene


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Editorial Staff
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  1. One dead, three injured will be a popular line when talking about our youths through out the year. When will it stop ? We might never be able to stop this behavior but it can be managed to a point. We want to have a plan in place – not a plan which is just on paper but one which is effective and direct. Too many times we have our leaders in a photo Op trying to explain a plan which does not make sense. Eleven vehicles is not a plan. It is only part of the plan if we want to use it. The eleven vehicles given to the police has told us a lot about our leaders. They simply do not understand the problem which are crippling our society or they just do not care. This is like giving a meal to a crying baby thinking the baby is hungry whereas the baby is really suffering with a stomach problem. The remedy to the baby is to take the baby to a health professional. The leaders gave the police the vehicles with no plan, no instructions and no expectations. I do not blame the police anymore – if my leaders do not have an effective plan, why should I. The one million dollars spent on the vehicles could have been spent to do much more had they focus on the problem and not politics. The vehicles could have been part of a project which would have objectives and results to measure. Obviously the current strategy used by the police does not work. We need a plan with new strategies to manage and concur crimes in slu – Where are the leaders who promised the change ? Asking for a friend.

  2. For lack of guidance a nation falls,and through the knowledge of the righteous escape and attains life, but if he pursue evil goes to his death.
    Evil comes to him who searches for it ;and the way of man’s life detremines his death.
    My son,pay attention to what I say ;
    listen closely to my words
    Do not let them out of sight,
    keep them within your ❤️ heart ;
    for they are life to those who find
    and health to a man’s whole body.
    For these commands are a 🕯️lamp,
    this teaching is a 🔦 light,
    and correction of discipline
    are the way of LIFE.

    To you, O men,I call out ;
    I raised my voice to all MANKIND
    you who are simple,gain prudence,
    you who are…..,gain
    Listen, for I have worthy things to say
    I open my lips to speak what is right.
    My mouth speaks what is true
    for my lips detest wickedness.

  3. One ting dat impersonator John public definitely not me do original John Public👤…hey arsewhole stop throwing dirt with my name.

  4. now i see why certain religious organizations dont do funerals for people who have died tragically because of Alleged gang Related violence. because these idiots come on the church property and want to cause havoc

  5. St. Lucia needs more boots on the ground. Call the Regional Forces to help. Everyday I death or injury by the gun. The country is one, big, gun town. Pierre and his masquerades have no clue as what to do.

    When they were in opposition they had all the solutions. Now that they are in control of government they are a colossal failure thus far. Pathetic idiots running the country and have people’s lives in jeopardy.

    • You have the answer for gang violence you must be Neo then the one. You see ppl like you who legislate over keyboard and use a few $5 words to impress upon ppl like you know something while solely pushing partisan politics should be shot in the face. Look there is no election for another 4 years. No one wants to see their loved ones in such conditions so as to be picked like trash and 22 yrs the kid is really a kid. But, something we the ppl could do sans politicians men could reach out to these young men at mailable ages to mold them into upstanding members of society. We need more outlets for young ppl could build skills both sporting and vocational. Pity we can’t have idiot vaccination

  6. Pjp administration set st lucia and st lucians free we need outside help..the criminals take over the country the citizens of st lucia are scared..Kenny Anthony the chickens are coming out.remember your words I will fight you in the streets I will fight you in to your people because they love you Kenny..ask them why they are angry

      • I am sick of that fool degrading the reputation of Laborie and it’s people. He is nothing but an imposter. His views are contrary to that of the majority of Laborians. He is nothing but a sick party hack.

      • You, Mic Check and jack all seem to be from Laborie but are a poor reflection of Laborie people. I looked at Mic check suggestion that the person has a low IQ but I will not question Mic check because the the grammar, spelling etc says a lot about Mic checks IQ.

        Mic Check do you know what the acronym mic check means. Sorry you might not know what the word acronym means.

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