Tuesday, January 28, 2020

One Dead, Two Others Injured In Marchand Shooting

One person is  reported dead and two others injured as a result of a shooting incident at Marchand.

The incident occurred about 7:45 p.m. near Ti J’s Ultramart, according to information.

Marchand residents who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, said a lone teenage gunman  on foot pulled a pistol from his waist and opened fire at another youth, wounding the victim in the process.

They said stray bullets hit a girl, said to be about 15 years old.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the young female was hit in the chest.

Other bullets are reported to have penetrated the wooden walls of a house in which a senior citizen who is well known in the area lived, killing him instantly.

“The wood of that house was rotten, so what you expect?” A concerned resident said.

Thee gunman fled the scene after the shooting, the residents said.

Castries East MP, Philip J. Pierre, contacted by St Lucia Times, said he had been informed about the latest outbreak of gun violence.

“I was informed of this tragic incident a few minutes ago,” Pierre, who is also leader of the opposition, said.

He extended his deepest sympathy to the relatives of the deceased.

Pierre told St Lucia Times he was very sad and perturbed at such events, which lead to further stigmatisation of the area.

“I am really at a loss for words at the brazenness of such actions,” the Castries East MP said.

He said it appeared that the deceased was not involved in any issues.

“I can only hope, as I have said before, that we can find better ways to resolve our conflicts and that has to come from all sections of the society,” Pierre stated.

He expressed the hope that good sense would prevail and the rule of law and justice will be effected.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 43 homicides for the year.



  1. What strategic plan does the government have?
    Chastanet said Kenny could not help us but he would. What is he doing now? Chastanet tell us your plan or apologize to the nation.
    We are waiting before the year end.

    • Strategic plan? What’s that? By now, it should be crystal clear that there is nothing in the cupboard. The only pathetic strategy is to say, “don’t politicize crime.” It’s a joke… not for the victims.

      Since criminal apprehensions and detections are low, a strategy of deterrence should have been a good starting point. That is, mandatory long sentences for people caught with unregistered guns. If one looks at the current situation, one sees individuals getting bail, mediocre fines etc. Gason, you eh have deterrence.

      When you hear the minister for security says that he is glad, because the opposition is not talking about the severe crime situation, you know that you are in trouble. That is serious trouble. What about the Crime Symposium that took place over 1 year ago? In the U.S. it takes the government 6-8 months from legislation to implementation. What’s our excuse? My advice is lead or get out of the way.

  2. Asai, wahhhh, so easy people dying. And for non sense again you taking an innocent person life. When that teen gets caught, better yet if he gets caught shouldnt he get the death penalty. We keeos saying and seeing that our justice system is broken yet still the powers that be do very little to address the situation.
    It makes absolutely no sense to me that i pay over $600 in taxes to the government and i am not safe. I cannot walk down the road or walk the streets of a country i would hard to maintain. This is not right, we cannot continue living like this. While no government is to blame, but there should be stiff penalties for such acts like this one nothing less than a life sentence is needed.

  3. Sad times I tell you,sad times.A while back people use to say it was the music that was leading the youth astray,but in these times I’m wondering if it’s the internet?

    It can’t be desperate times or lack of a job that could lead an individual to draw his gun & shoot carelessly like that…Not even at your home you’re safe now?

    Hope he’s caught & I hope witnesses expose who he is as well.

  4. Profound condolences to the injured persons and the family members of the deceased. Even in your house relaxing, you are no longer safe, imagine that. People who witnessed this shooting should provide lea enforcement with the relevant information to arrest this murderer. The relevant authorities must put a strategic plan in place to greatly minimize these many too frequent shootings. Governments can’t stop crime but they can certainly put measures in place to significantly reduce it. Ministers should get pay on performance. I’m convinced that the Minister of National Security will go home empty handed every month. Allow a much more capable person to manage this particular ministry.

  5. My generation listened to rap music and reggae music. I still listen to some slackness dancehall sometimes. But music didn’t “make” you do anything. It’s the lack of parenting, which is the main reason for this ****. Too many kids left on their own cause parents don’t want to make the sacrifice of the things they used to do before becoming parents. Still want to hang out and do their thing as opposed to staying home with their kids and instilling values in them. Actual physical quality time. The buck stops with us as parents, before our kids become society’s issues.

    • I agree. If people blaming music, then broadcast it where the gangs are. Let’s see if it makes a difference

  6. Condolences are not enough. When we hold them little youts we have to calcimay them and doh tell me nuffing about human rights or America. Where human rights and America for the innocent little girl and de old man. Who going to speak out for them. America and human righrs doh give a **** about us. We have to send a clear message to dem youts.

  7. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of the decease, and to the injured ones i say : be courageous, my God will see you through.
    Miss Mary; who then have the rights in this country? Guns and killings are for free in our country, more and more crimes of all kinds, reckless driving and others! Don’t you see that this country is going up side down? Wake up my people, let’s rally around our police force, give them our full support in fighting that crime situation, they need you, you need them. The whole world is watching at us, including those countries that are interfering with our justice system, which of course our leaders are bowing down to, just to protect their visas!
    I say hats off to the ORC, bring them back!

    • The police them self doing some serious crimes so why should we up to now the officer kill his wife and nothing for that

  8. this **** is getting out of hand. we the ppl of St Lucia need to stand up and demand the immediate resignation of the the minister of national security and the police commisioner. Until bold steps like these are taken the crime situation will keep on escalating while they playing little blind mice. moreover we demand tougher laws on gun crimes the three arms of government need to come together to make our island safe again. I so vex deh that one touch me. bring back the [email protected]!!(&/#! rope. hang them in the Boulevard and broadcast that live on tv when they are found guilty of these atrocities

  9. kllbill ..cant you see whats going to happen if your suggestion is accepted?
    it will be a never ending fiasco … so stop your crap!!
    hats of to o.r.c .. we need them back!!

  10. It was a matter of time this was going to happen. As a resident of Marchand who walk this road every day. Every corner of the Marchand Road has a cluster of young boys/men forming gangs, faces we who were born and raised in Marchand have never seen. The police go up and down this road constantly do they stop and break up these gangs or stop them from loitering NO. They just go on their merry way like non of their business. When the station at Marchand was first opened you found these batch of cops patrolling, their presence was felt in the community. Now whoever is at the station it is pointless calling to report a crime because it’s like you are the investigating officer. When an officer will ask you if you know who robbed an individual in the area. Most places in Marchand are in walking distance of the station but they will give an excuse no vehicle. The police can’t stop crime but they can hinder or deter it from happening if only they get of their rear ends and make their presence known in the community.

    • Totally agree. Those fat lazy cops need the exercise. No vehicle my @$$. Though I understand your point about the gangs, unfortunately, not much can be done about people assembling. You would be violating their constitutional rights.

    • The Government need to put cameras in neighbourhoods and on Streets where are
      hot beds for gangs to meet and commit crimes. That’s what is being done in countries like America to deter criminals and its working. Plus people should put cameras on their houses and properties. “No hiding place!” People put the videos online for the public to see.

    • Here you go again!!! Crime is not the police business! It’s OUR business! Get that into your thick skull! Why do you expect the police to succeed when ALL else have failed. Yes ALL. In order for any child to reach the police as a criminal it simply means that all other agencies including the family have failed that child. Yes the family is where the breakdown begins. The police is at the extreme end of this spectrum. So get your shit together and as a good citizen, do something about crime. Stop blaming the police! They are not miracle workers. While you breed your little criminals by raising them badly, seeing and hearing no evil and sending them out to terrorize the society, hoping that the police will succeed where you have failed, I have news for you; the police have families who yearn to see them get home safely on a daily basis. Yes I know you will say that is their job but so to was it you Job to raise your kids correctly, so to was it the Job of the school, church etc. The scavengers of our society have accepted their roles but I fail to see how they will and can succeed without the right equipment for example proper bulletproof vests, a proper salary, a reasonable life insurance that can sustain their families if they are killed and adequate support from a government that is willing to put national security before personal gain. So it’s back to you! Do the math.

  11. My condolences to the families, We always play politics an point fingers , and reality strikes us daily , how can we say lack of jobs an funds in poor communities are not a contributor to crime , while those who can make changes tell lies to the ppl , drinking rum after high chamber meetings an nothing being done, the judicial system sucks an O.R.C doesn’t solve problems it creates

  12. St Lucia no need to demand better representation. We need to take our lives and the future of our kids seriously. Otherwise the country is doomed. Demand more and better of your mp’s. Take responsibility for raising your kids properly. Stop laughing and making jokes of everything, otherwise a stray bullet will luck off your head before you know it. Make the individual changes before the tragedy hits your home. St Lucia no deserve better. DEMAND IT.

  13. Yes the cops are too concerned about issuing traffic tickets, checking for bad parkings and for seatbelt violations. Maybe they should that same zeal for fighting crime.

    • Yeah all they do is issue tickets like they working on comission.they seem to have a quota per day. Walking around with a sales book…..wonder what the target is per month.

    • That’s something I always say. If u pass after 3 in the morning all lights off and door close. That means they are fast asleep. I live near by and I have never seen them patrol the area. They honestly need new officers at Marchand. Mr commissioner please help

  14. We all know that the police cannot stop all crime from happening when citizens themselves commit, assist and facilitate criminals. I am sure the young man who did the shooting is known by someone in the community, will they report the matter? I think not. So we just have to begin to own up and accept that in some way we all share the blame for what is happening. By we I mean Me, You, The Justice System and the Government.

  15. In the first places the criminals know it’s easy to do their shite and get away bcaz the police takes like forever to reach on the seen ,a vehicle always out like really all the tax money government collecting wats is so difficult for them to provide each station with @less 5-6 vehicles u getting good deals online order sum good condition used vehicle it getting new ones is too much if the government really cared about us they would fix up a lot of things but we as the ppl self only der to fight down one another instead of coming together to protest for a change but every elections wat we do vote for the same set of ppl that not making a change smh

  16. Police On the Beat
    In police terminalogy, a beat is the territory and time that a police officer patrols….Beat officers typically patrols on foot or bicycle which provides more interaction with the police and community members . Unfortunately our policemen have long forgotten what it is to be on the beat. They prefer to sit in the patrol vehicles with Air Condition protected by rolled up windows. Sometimes I think some would do well on Russell Lake show, “Drive -by”. In my observations it happens in almost all our communities . It may seem like Policemen don’t like walking and interacting with people. I am not sure if they are fearful of somehing.Most of the Police Sations were built for Community Policing, the sole purpose of interacting with with residents . Neighborhood residents will usually feel more comfortable approaching a beat cop to talk about issues in the community, and they maybe more inclined to report problems and give tips rather than being seen going into a police station. I am sure the commissioner of police understands that, because he did indicate that all uniformed police from Khakis to recruits will be on the street. Something that should be done all the time and not because of an upsurge in crime. I wonder if the senior police heading the station assign their officers on an beat patrol or vehicle patrol! It should be that a senior officer be assigned to each beat, bolster accountability analyze all police activities within the beat,co-ordinate with assigned officers,residents and all stakeholders to accomplish short-term and long-term problem solving. Maybe I am having a, ” PipeDream”. But I am sure there will be more success with beats cops in the place vehicle patrol . We might just hear less of we don’t have a vehicle , just maybe!

    • Good luck with that Simon. If you call and report an issue and you give your name to the police, they’re the first ones to tell the offender Simon said.

  17. Marchand police station is the worst…i live at Marchand and i dont even no one police in the station. They dont patrol the area….so much for community policing

  18. Url just saying what url want the little is not innocent . she always liming with the fellers looking for trouble so aparantly wrong place wrong time. The old man alone tht was innocent

    • Kevin if u don’t hv nun to say SHUT ass wat trouble she was look in for. When things happen that’s when yrl ppl hv all tings to say the guys that do it maybe is ur family so u talking…

  19. 36 plus comments MArchand, that mean we Love ad concerned about you. Very Sad to hear this happen.
    But all you can do is the little bit that you can do.
    Still coming for some football Sunday bright and early.
    One Love

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