Friday, February 28, 2020

One Female Among 15 Arrested For Urinating In Public In Saint Lucia Capital

The City Police have reported arresting fourteen males and one female for indecent exposure in connection with urinating in public in Castries.

It was the first time that a woman was arrested for the offence since the Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, announced a campaign against urinating in the capital as part of efforts to clean up Castries.

The arrests were made on Carl Crescent Street next to the Soufriere bus stand, law enforcement officials said.

They said the offenders were held near a bar that operates in the area.

Just recently, City Cops issued a warning to persons who patronise bars that do not have urinals that they would be arrested if they relieved themselves in public.

In the latest spate of arrests, it was reported that the City Police engaged in a two hour operation between 7.00 and 9.00 p.m Friday night, involving officers in civilian clothing.

Three female officers are said to have been involved in the operation.

Last month the Mayors disclosed that the government of Saint Lucia is making ‘at least’ $1000 a week, from persons caught urinating in public.

“Nearly every week now the government is making $1,000 at least, minimum, for people who have been caught urinating and have to go to court and pay,” Francis said.


  1. Mayor Francis, The root cause of the public urination “crisis” is the lack of public washrooms in Castries. Provide public washrooms and/or require businesses to provide a washroom. People are being murdered on what seems like a daily basis and tourists who provide the basis of the country’s economy are being attacked and robbed and you have the gall to take pride in issuing tickets and fining people for peeing in public. Get your priorities straight and put the resources in to saving lives and catching the real criminals.

    • Jim i agree i think you should check with what u said. First of all the city needs to be cleaned up. you can smell pee all over the place. This needs to be taken care of. Imagaine the same tourist u talk about walking the city with the whole place smelling of pee. Secondly no bar should be allowed to operate without toilet facilities. Then i agree with you that more attentiom should be placed on public safety in the city, then all will be well.

  2. Am glad that they close the city bar next to Bonnie’s bakery that was an eye Saw to see the type of persons that was frequently going there and creating problems spitting all over the place and smoking, and selling all types of cigarettes right at the door step.just waiting for a murderer to murder.

    • GOOD QUESTION! Before we go arresting people we NEED to make provisions. If public restrooms are readily available then you can arrest..but if you have not provided the people with the right resources I do not think it’s fair.

  3. Imagine yesterday I went to the boulevard and the guy who use to see icicles, I think he had a stroke , I man life his pants leg and urinated in the bin right there, that’s so disgusting, the place stinks when they urinate all over the place

  4. Lol wat a joke zeus arrest 15 persons for urinating .All our visitors that are being mugged in the city there are no plain clothes shitty police around but nw there are the shitty police in plain clothes arresting ppl for peeing. I hope that the mayor have his police up to date with just like central police. I also heard that there is a man called zeus that all do all his harvock in the force commisioner of police do not want to c his face but city police take him. I am just waiting to him to send the complaint that he told my brother he is going to lodge against him so i can take it to my lawyer. Zeus i jerad on the news u do nt have oath to arrest ppl. My brother pleading nt guilty and i alsi heard these ppl in the polo nt yet go to training school and zeus have them doing madness in town. Mr mayor i liked wat u were doing to the city but nw ur city policr are nw shitty police. Make zeus go gi go. Zeus must go. If nt we st lucians will have to protest next to your office mayor.

  5. This nastiness must stop.
    They take their thing out of their pants and peeing with no regards to where they are or who see’s them.
    I do not want to see a mans penis walking down the street i am sorry. They have no home training. Thats nasty. Charge them i dont care. They need to be respectful. Ladies you should know better. So dont complain when the police charge you. SMH.

  6. If you are going to have a bar ,you have to have toilets,and finish with the problem

  7. I know the Charge is indecent exposure in the Criminal code .I Dont Know if the City police have a new Criminal code

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