One Man Dead, Another Critical After Desruisseaux Shootings

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One man is dead and another was reported critical at St Jude Hospital after separate shooting incidents in Desruisseaux, Micoud on Tuesday night.

The deceased has been identified as Karch Pamphille, 26, of Desruisseaux.

According to reports, he sustained several gunshot wounds close to midnight and later succumbed.

Earlier, about 9:00 pm, Kevin Tal, alias ‘Korean’ of Bruceville, Vieux Fort, sustained gunshot wounds near the Desruisseaux multipurpose court.

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The 23-year-old was admitted to the hospital and was reported to be in an unstable condition.

There are no further details at this time.

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  1. I believe that the main focus is to properly equip our forensics unit and provide proper training for them and to fully reopen our forensics lab

    then take the American stand on gun ownership and make it easier for our citizens to own a registered gun and make it so that to get a gun license fingerprints and the gun serial number must be uploaded in a data base that would make it easier to track down perpetrators if not directly then through family lineage and that will also allow for civilians to better be able to protect themselves and assists the police.

    for e.g. if i am unarmed and see someone getting robbed by an armed assailant my first reaction get the f outta there but if i am armed then i will feel more able to apprehend the perpetrator or injure them so the police can apprehend them

    and just knowing that there is a lot more armed people around will deter any petty theft or any kind of pointless thefts period which will reduce crime against the innocents

  2. We need to stop thinking of preventing crime and figure out how to catch criminals you cant stop crime it humanly impossible, you can come with 1000 + new jobs and all the educational and all that crap if an individual doesn’t want to work you cant force them if they dont want to learn you cant make them and if they dont want to change they wont we need to find ways of catching criminals and making them pay for they crimes.

    Harsher punishments alone wont do it you cant punish what you cant catch For example if when you were younger you took money out of your parents bag without permission and you were caught the consequences at times were almost unbearable but let say they never find out that you were the one who took it then or they believed that they must have just misplaced it then there’s no consequences to face its the same factor with life you cant stop crime because you cant control people but you can reduce the amount of people getting away with criminal activities and eventually that will deter others from committing criminal acts.

  3. If tomorrow you asked any sensible individual with a modicum of common sense and experience how to solve the problem of crime in St Lucia – it will be done. But that individual has to have a John Compton attitude – for country and not self plus guts to face down the corruption.
    First – you dump all preconceptions, adherence to policies that have failed throughout the Caribbean for 50 years from Jamaica to Guyana and examine the issues on the ground in a clear clinical manner.
    That includes ignoring the so called local ‘experts’ with connections to politics and the police force who have their own agenda and egos that have interfered in the police force for too long and destroy any effort at success. They are incompetent parasites.
    You then bring in real experts with a successful track record , no matter where you have to find them. They present solid proven proposals that are examined for implementation. This includes examination of EVERY aspect of the security apparatus from crime to traffic to the courts.
    Again I reiterate- keep all the local mischief makers out of this along with those with personal agendas to make money out of the proposals – a massive CORRUPTION problem in St Lucia..
    Finally – cost out the proposals, find the money and proper personnel to implement.
    If any government did that and that alone in 5 years in office they would be reelected in a landslide and GDP would soar.
    By the way will never happen with the SLP. Too much bad mind and corruption.

    • All we need is about a dozen Columbians paratroopers to hunt the criminals, confiscate their weapons and deal with them accordingly.

  4. SLT really need to have someone update these News items as more information comes to hand. I don’t know but need confirmation cause from morning I’ve been hearing that the first victim, the one from Bruceville succumbed. Is this true or not.

  5. I hope the Micoud Police have someone for questioning. If it the Anse La Raye Police they can never have anyone for questioning. There is a group at Bois d’Inde Jacmel known as OTF, they are doing things in broad daylight, people will inform the police not for once the Anse La Raye police will arrest anyone. Shame on you all at Anse La Raye station without police.

  6. A Godless State is always a lawless state. Believe it or not, just take a look at Haiti, poverty, crime, ungovernable, misery upon misery – but they believe in their voodoo and still attend Church, or some do. Attending Church or saying prayers don’t make one a good person; that is just an introduction to the Faith; from a home who ‘KNOW CHRIST AND LIVES BY THE FAITH’ but most of all has the ‘HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN THEM’ (a knowledgeable Born again Pastor, filled with the Spirit, one who is trustworthy, will explain) one has to be careful for it has been known – there’ve been many Wolves in Sheep clothing – the good Book says, by their fruit you shall know them. ‘Find Christ one on one, personally and pray daily, go about doing your work’ the overdrinking & Partying, driving like a fool, is not my idea of being ‘a Spirit filled’ person. What is happening on the Island is a Demonic rage against a people who have lost their way in Christ. Not long ago, a prominent person hosted some international Witches organization on the Island, the reason if any, I don’t know, but life & crime have frightened a lot of St. Lucians from visiting home, I went to Acapulco instead. My prayer for you in St. Lucia – Find Christ, Find like friends who love Christ, live peaceable- God Bless.

  7. It is the same old same old. I would just be repeating myself over and over. Our people are just sheep and we have dumb and corrupt leaders.

  8. As said before. St Lucians do NOT care.
    It could be 50 or 75 or 100 murders annually – we do not care.
    You just have to look at the composition of the present Cabinet to know that ‘ anything goes’ in St Lucia and some of these characters were voted for by thousands of voters.
    For years the SLP have promoted bad behaviour, vulgarity and racism. They have done nothing to prevent crime or mitigate the causes of crime. They have never had any interventions that have made an ounce of difference. And be warned – if this violence is allowed one day to spill over into the tourism sector – we in trouble.
    What did you expect ?

  9. These Shootings are in Full view of the Public and No arrest.From Laatnight the police Should hqvd been out in Full Force in the Ghettos down South locking up all these Guys with these Unlicensed Guns.The police have to do What they have to do .Criminals Doing what they want in St.Lucia .This have nothing to do with Politricks.Jamaica is the Most Dangerous Island to live .St.Lucia is the Second

    • Yea right. Raise your kids like pigs and expect the police to police them and Violate everyone’s rights in the process in order to solve crime, because it suits you. I hope that never happens. The police are not responsible for the state of crime in St. Lucia. We are responsible for the state of this country. So stop making the police scapegoats and raise our children like human beings ought to be raised- not like freaking pigs.

      • Maybe you don’t know how pigs are raised. If our youths were raised like pigs we would have a much better society, trust me.

      • Even if they were raised properly society can still change them. Seeing alot of people don’t have respect for each other, higher cost of living, going to work for a low pay and still getting treated like crap are all factors to crime.

      • Its weird someone mention low pay and getting treated like crap at work when its St. Lucians that fight down each other all while kissing the asses of foreigners especially the Jamaicans we are not united as people or as a country I once heard a Jamaican say that she can never understand St. Lucians no matter where they go they fight the fellow St. Lucians and Jamaica may have a lot of crime but we cant compare st.lucia to them try to calculate how many times St.lucia can fit into Jamaica. For the size of St.Lucia we are number one

  10. There must be many reasons for these crimes on the island however i am sure one of the main reason is these guys know for a fact they will get away with it because this administration is not in a hurry to do anything about it.

  11. So much of our meagre and wanting medical resources is being wasted on such needless crimes. Imagine the cost to the tax payer.


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