One Man Dead, Another Wounded After Roseau Shooting

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One man is dead and another is nursing gunshot wounds after a shooting incident early Sunday morning at Roseau.

Police have identified the deceased as Kelvin Polius of Belair.

And the police disclosed that another male was in stable condition after the shooting around 1:10 am.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. The Police Have allow Criminals To do whatever they Feel like in St.Lucia. At Every District in St.Lucia there’s an Inspector Incharge of that Station whats Happening .The Commissioner of police Should invite thdm to an Emergency Meeting and give them a Mandate to solve the Crime in their Division .Too many police Officers being Promoted and just Getting pay under false Pretense. Do what police being paid to do

  2. Some of these Lucians are demon possessed and that’s the reality. Generational curses from family members being passed on and on – how could you murder someone and live with your conscience unless you are a DEMON. Souls have been sold to the DEVIL, OBEAH ETC.

    In addition, the parents are aware of their DEMON POSSESSED CHILDREN AND HIDE THEIR DEEDS. They too will suffer tremendously – when BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS IN THAT MANNER YOUR ARE DOOMED – SERIOUSLY. When a victim’s blood cries from the grave there will be no rest for the murderer or his household.

  3. Everything for y’all gotta be politics?niggaz dieing cuz of on going war but yall go open yall ass and talk about uwp n slp
    yall think criminals be like okay uwp in power lets kill or slp deh we doing mass shootings
    Yall really need to stop bein ignorant on this island

  4. Saint lucia are under a demonic spell shut down the country for fasting and prayers..And then let see how things will turn out..I realize people in the country is very angry head of government is angry..Opposition is angry our people have to come together and be one..on the other side when pjp administration was in opposition they endorsed criminal behavior..just a matter of time the entire country will retaliate good luck pjp

  5. Does the police have anybody for questioning? The last shooting at Jacmel the perpetrator was mentioned to the Anse La Raye police, but because he is on the OTF payroll nothing has happened . Anse La Ray a station without police.

  6. It is really sad. The police can always identify the victim by never can identify the perpetrator. That is really a cause for concern.

    • Post more meaningful and “intelligent” comments than this. You, I and everybody should of been concerned way before the homicide rate reached 44.

      • Is it still 44, when they have been 2 after plus the case of the decomposed female that the police say is now considered a homicide.

    • Yea right. Sit on your forking donkey and expect the police to work miracles for you when crimes like this happen. They don’t lime on the block ur as soon as a shooting takes place people like you bash them. This is why I sometimes support the police go slow attitude. So of us Lucians are too freaking unrealistic.

  7. You would swear there wasn’t any deaths while the former administration was in power.
    If it makes you feel good that crime is up because of SLP nothing will change your mind.
    However this kind of mentality does us no good as patriotic lucians.
    Which criminal is in power? These gangsters do not operate on the basis of who is in power and you know that however guess you are playing to the script .

  8. During a previous incarnation of the SLP when they were in power they set up the mindset for this kind of violence and “rude bwoy” way of life. It has now taken over every community.
    In the Castries Basin and other ghettos certain elements in that now evil party wanted to set up the Jamaican type “garrison” community’s where guns and bad behaviour kept the seats permanently in the labour camp.
    They promoted “malaway” vulgar behaviour and gave their boys a little cacada every month while they wasted their time every day smoking and doing a “hustle” in all probability illegal.
    That became the norm and worst every year and no one dares condemn that way of life.
    When you look at the composition of st lucia cabinet you see the same vulgar mindset in some of the members so what else do you expect on the streets.
    The youth see the big boys in the SLP setting things up for themselves family and friends in the darkness of the back rooms and while on overseas trips ( which we never get official reports on- when last you heard of the results for Lucians of the over 100 overseas trips taken so far)
    From top to bottom a way of life is now the norm in sweet helen – so do not expect murders to lessen.

    • UWP talking point but the opposite is true. All record homicides have been during UWP’s tenure. But this is not the point. Our focus should be on solutions for the carnage taking place in our country.

  9. @The Crow…

    In a way, I can’t blame the women for educating themselves. The men at times show no ambition….in a society where domestic violence is rife women have taken too much crap from men…they are standing up for themselves….., women have become savvy by educating themselves so they become less dependent on men…in a way, I blame the men for this…. can’t blame the women for being smart….if we start watching it as feminism then we go no where as a society….both men and women need an environment where they can thrive…but if the men don’t want to step up, then the women will….

  10. I have gotten NUMB on crime in St Lucia. Whiles I will admit that stopping crime is difficult, I believe that if a country is being lead by criminals, the criminals out there will fill that they are at liberty to commit crime. When this happens, it become more difficult for the police and our youth will start to believe that’s it’s ok. They are not being caught. Now this is what makes me NUMB. There are no signs of this government redirecting the attention of our up coming youth who are starting to believe that the gangsters are their role models.

    I AM NUMB!

  11. Men will always find themselves in these situations because they love taking risks like cheating, stealing and violating laws. Men find themselves fathering a child (especially young men) and still they keep finding themselves in illicit activities. They are not learning from others gone to decide not to go this route and try to stay around or change for the benefit of their child, mother or themselves. They keep taking these risks for quick bucks and to stay with the competition. Sad.

  12. we need to turn our lives to God…i think this country has turned itself over to evil doings…..not sure how but we are now reaping the results…..St lucia was never like this….and you see the evil all over….there is still good somehow…..just do the good you know….and dont apologise for doing good….

  13. My amazement is how the journalist and voters don’t ask questions of those politicians. This is RIDICULOUS. What’s worst is those who say govt cannot stop or reduce crime. If that’s the case then why is there a Minister of National Security and Home Affairs. What to go around and pose for photos by fire men n policemen. The Youth and Sports Ministry, Education and Social Transformation all hv a role to play. PJP and SLP gvn Rayneau all the projects and no one is saying anything. These guys employ no yute, don’t buy from any firm so NO WORK. SMH GOVT P[OLICIES OR LACK THERE OF IS TO BLAME FOR ALL OUR CRIME.

  14. People Cannot catch a break with these so-called bad boys on the island.Is like every week or so is some form of drama.So is like ppl will have to be at the mercy of them man & stay indoors after certain hours smh.

  15. While the young women are getting scholarships to educate themselves, the boys are either killing each other or on the block doing F….all.. can already see what the future looks like for St Lucia…

    • This is the harsh reality that faces us in this dispensation. Unfortunately the gender relations department does not see it necessary to address this important issue. They are more inclined to push the feminist agenda not realizing that the male crisis is affecting all aspects of life. Including: fatherhood, single parent home, economy, health, etc.

      • Sadly, this tells me that you’re not understanding how feminism is set up to work for both men and women. Patriarchy hurts men by applying all the pressure to be all the things, feminism tries to change that and give men a ease. Further, a lot of what Gender Affairs does is around preventing intimate partner and domestic violence, and violence against women generally. How can you be against that? How can that cause male on male violence that has existed since Cain and Abel?

    • Wonder how many of those females get ahead? Many males are trying rest assured. They just lack the necessary parts to get a HEAD.


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