One Man Dead, Two Hospitalised After Shootings In Vieux Fort And Castries

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One man is dead, and two others were in hospital after separate shooting incidents in Vieux Fort and Castries on Saturday night.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Jesus Blanchard of West Hall Group, Vieux Fort.

Police disclosed that they responded to a shooting report on Hospital Road Vieux Fort and, on arrival, found that fire service personnel were leaving with the victim.

According to the police, 21-year-old Jesus Blanchard was pronounced dead at 11:53 pm.

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The law enforcement officials said he appeared to have entry and exit wounds from his head to his torso.

Hours before the fatal Vieux Fort shooting, emergency personnel from the fire service headquarters in Castries reported transporting two men, aged 35 and 40, to the OKEU Hospital after a shooting incident at Faux A Chaud, Castries.

When they transported the patients, the responders said one was in stable condition, and the other was critical.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Woe to them !
    They have taken the way Cain ; blackest darkness 🔥has been reserved forever.
    The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servant what must soon take place, that is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
    Blessed is the one who reads of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take it to heart what is written in it, because the time is near….
    Look,he is coming with the ☁️clouds,
    and every one eyes will see him,
    even those who PIERCED him ;
    and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him.
    So shall it be ! Amen.

  2. On what are we basing our confidents ? A report concering men who are in police uniformes and+
    When you call them for assistante, their respone is always no véhicule or excuses and by the time you call them, after “may be”,if they come, if its a case of violence it would be definitely too late, example if you call at 7pm
    may be they will come 11pm .
    This is happening at Vieux-Fort police station.

  3. You are such an ass, with nothing but mush where you should have brains. I have personally spoken to KDA about his failed efforts at fighting crime and he is in total agreement that every other administration after him and between him adopt those same failed strategy. KDA and I both agree that we need to get back to the drawing board and re strategize crime fighting efforts.

  4. I am sure most ghetto yutes knows what went down done but can they trust the police? Officers protect some criminals and prosecute the others. Crime will never stop unless we start the change starting from the head

    I have put Watchman over you 🇱🇨
    “My people have forget my laws…..
    A people under the wrath of God.
    They will say, “Where is this coming he promised ?
    Woe to those who depend on flesh (men) for help,when they falls down,no one can help them up !
    And blessed is who have his eyes on the LORD ; for the Lord will protect and preserve his life.
    The devil is a murderer from the begining and is one responsable fo⚰️ death which follows death.
    Jesus is the way of life,who so ever finds Jesus finds life,even when they died, will not taste the second death.
    A man reap what he sows to please his sinful nature,wil reap destruction !

    A happier lie is living near Jesus and by 👣 walking where he shall leads the way !
    May God arise,may his enemies be scartered and defeat.
    “The last enemy”, to be defeated is ⚰️ death which follows death !!!!!

  6. This is the problem and we just follow a party blindly and don’t demand answer when things don’t go right. From 1997 Kenny started this failed strategy of giving police new vehicles whenever there was an increase in crime. What has happened, the police use these vehicles for merriment and the situation remains the same. King did it, Chas did it, now Pierre doing the same shit.
    As asked by another contributor, what is the homicide count at present in St Lucia? The media don’t want to know so they stay away from this critical statistic, however we would really like to know cause the pause in giving these figures has gone on too long or is it a strategy to doctor the figures.

    • … and your crap again want to put blame on Kenny and party for the wicked ways of man in this country SHAME ON YOU. Since you want to go back 1997 the year of your peaked “stardom” when you felt you were Mr St Lucia I’m in charge, but His Most Honorable KDA was not having it and put his foot in your ass, were revenlutionary visionary days of making St Lucia great again. Helne Air was in the stack of cards, new highways and byways were created, but instead of been a loyal servant to The Most Honorable, your usual egotistical ways kicked in (story of your life) your insubordination was intolerable and you were cast away by His Honorable. With that dagger in your heart, you venture on a life long quest to defame his name and the greatness of The Supreme Leadership Party there, there, there, you need to be at peace with your Putinisim and accept your dirty bad mind ways and apologize to the man for all your defamatory impromptu editorial and books over the years while in yellow wilderness.

  7. That’s the problem with st Lucian everything is political…the government’s are corrupt on both sides and nobody is trying to find a solution to all theses murders..

  8. Some of you all just pushing a bunch of nonsense on the platform. Stop pretending you dont understand how the guns and drugs work. Which politician can really stop crime. When an individual wakes up and decide to get it done what can you do? We comparing months for years and feeling good about that.
    The penalty for drug possession is stiffer than firearm possession with ammunition.
    How easy is it to get a license fireman as an average citizen who may have been violated by criminals many times and the police never assisted?
    How many of us condone these activities in the name of Badman?
    How many of us travel and are part of our country’s demise?

    We know everything to say and who to blame but, as soon as it hit home we whine and scream and go to the same persons and system for help.
    Lets own our country and take it back. Do your part and stop bitching.

  9. SLU is a failed state . Expect it to get worse, unless some drastic measures are taken to turn the tide. Corruption is the root cause, which stated at the top and has permeated the whole country. There is not much to stop it now. The whole place is corrupt. The dollar is the controller. There is no love left.

    • I have said this many times that Lucia is a fail state, just just because of the small crime wave that sporadically happens but also the core unattended problems that has embedded into one’s life over time and here are some typical examples:
      1. Corrupted Governing System where both major parties when get into power practically refuse to update the out dated constitution, reasons being it benefit those who are in power to get away will white collar crimes and they get away with it easy.
      2. Government becomes the safe heaven for Criminals and often appoint there YES MAN at keep position eg. Legal system, IRA, Customs, Police Force. These position never stay neutral.
      3. Trade Unions are too Politically Attached and do not give proper representation.
      4. Dilapidated Health Care System, since the St. Jude fire a child is now approaching his/her teens and that health care system that served south of the Island just seems to be at a stand still as if human beings have to endure more torture medically after enduring physical and impoverish social, economic deprive livelihood.
      5. Politicians, Lawyers, Police men/women and big party supports along with high class people are above the law.
      6. Road and water infrastructure is falling apart
      7. Granting quantum concessions to Hotels and practically stabbing the local manufacturer and farms in the back. Only sweet talks.
      9. The Island is unable to feed it self. Cost of living is on the upraise weekly.
      10. Mass exploitation of the labor force with zero support.
      …. With the few above mention points, crime of such nature is just at the tip of the ice burg.

  10. We don’t have no drastic approach to the situation and leaders with no vision and asked your this question do we have gun stores on island can someone please tell me where cuz I need one to protect myself

    • Wow coming from you this no grade whatever you are. A year ago Chastenet was the one responsible for all the killings but today it is not Pierre’s fault. Our political biasness in this country is worse than all these homicides. By the way what is the count at present. Poyotte seems to have put a gag on that since her declaration of a lull in serious crimes including homicides.

  11. Just a few months ago Vieux Fort was awash with police on bicycles, feet and on vans patrolling. We were all happy but skeptical that it would have only lasted for a few days. And guess what, we were right. As it turns out it was all for show. The new police officers seem clueless as to a proper response to our plight. I can now safely say that the previous Boss was far more effective. There were way more successes under his reign. I know nothing lasts forever but it’s just my observation.

    The police in Vieux Fort can and should do more. The SSU needs to do more for us. Driving around in their new air conditioned vans wouldn’t cut it. We need to see them walking the dangerous areas too.
    The district rep needs to do more. His occasional outbursts about crime wouldn’t cut it. The drug men and criminals control the town, seizing state owned lands at will and constructing massive buildings illegally, with no repercussions and right under the watchful eye of the district rep and the authorities. And we don’t expect crime to increase? When will we ever learn, when will we evvvver learn.

    • Apparently I’ve heard SSU’s protect drug lords and gang leaders. When you’ve made a successful business selling dope and guns and you have links with a minister you will have enough to pay for state owned lands and to pay the police as well.

  12. On a Sunday Morning you wakeup, now receiving a Benediction but rather the news of a blood-bath from V/Fort to Castries. When we need as much as we can to cover Covid patients, we have to double up for this kind of nonsense. I may be wrong but I believe most of the actors are ex- convicts; Promises promises promises, but see who you have at the top, a very unholy trinity, the Baron who can’t set foot in the U.S., the King Cobra and the Hilarious one. If they can’t help the Medics under pressure, they can do one thing, swallow their pride and continue the construction of the New Hospital in V/Fort, to take the pressure off that old Stadium, if you want to call it that.(Heavenly Peace and Love from the Throne)

    • Our police officers work very hard to arrest individuals with illegal firearms. However, those same persons are released for a hundred dollars by the courts. That is really not justified.

  13. Another night in the jungle. Another ill-informed politician boasting of tranquility when there is none. It’s all part and parcel of daily existence. On occasions, I have wondered whether we are operating on unvarnished stupidity, or wanton disregard. Either way, we are not doing well. About ten months ago, we heard the prime minister promised restrictions on unlawful weapons. He was reacting to the spate of gun activity plaguing the island. Evidently, this threat to life and property was not serious enough for him. Where is his bill?

  14. Realistically i won’t put pressure on no police force and no politicians. Let the A$$holes kill each other because this is what it has reduce to. When someone have a gun they believe they are super power. I’d also support when the police find someone with an illegal firearm and live ammo. I’ll support the police to have fun by emptying the merchandise on their limb. So they know what it feels like. We have to adopt the wild wild west on some of these vagabonds who is practically clueless about life.

    • I agree with you in principle but if unchecked they will get more bold and unrelated parties will inevitably get caught in the crossfire. Don’t forget in the early to mid 2000s how dangerous Castries City was with almost weekly shootings. Citizens were terrified to stay in the city.

      • Point taken but when ever we have drug run country with corrupted government both inside and outside gun violence is always going to be paramount because thats the only neg. factor one must kill the other one by who striking first. That being said if you look up the world’s most notorious Drugs Lord, the network span this planet and even the CIA/FIB and Central EU Intelligence cannot find them all they know is that the are operating the King pins are sitting in Italy and Japan. The reason why they are of such low profile is because the never choose to go the killing route like the El Chapo’s. They iron out there differences and move on.

  15. The St. Lucian people should not tolerate any excuses from those in authority for this unacceptable high murder rate.

    In opposition, these people preached vociferously that they had the solution to reduce this perennial problem. Now in government they have proven to be totally clueless. Pierre is the same as a deer facing headlights.

    Where are the short, medium and long term plans for National Security? Absent! The people have become sitting ducks just at the mercy of these murders thugs.

  16. The Magestrates Continue Bailing Persons arrested with illegal guns a d ammunition .The Conditipns are Report to fhe Nearest police StationTwice aweek and Surrender all Travelling Documents .


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