One Man Dead, Two People Reported Injured After Marchand Shooting

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Police have confirmed that one man is dead, while emergency services disclosed that reports indicate two people sustained injuries after a shooting incident in Marchand, Castries, Sunday night.

UPDATE: Police Confirm Triple Homicide In Marchand

Law enforcement officials identified the deceased as 22-year-old Don Straughn of Marchand.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLEF) said it received a call for assistance around 9:20 p.m. and on arrival on the scene responders found a male who exhibited no vital signs.

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Officials told St Lucia Times residents indicated that private vehicles transported two shooting victims to the hospital.

Reports from the community indicated that it was a drive-by shooting on Marchand Road.

There are no further details at this time.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. @ Tammy bravo..your post is so very true. Folk need to look 👀 in the mirror and check themselves. If you have raised a criminal by condoning and partaking of the ill gotten gains of robbery when he brings the stolen items home … people cell phone.. $$$$volaire, TV, computer etc etc (in the meantime he has no legitimate job)
    What do you expect????? …then you turn around and state “he was a good boy”…really.????

    I thank God when I was growing up ..I could not bring home a pencil that did not belong to me. My parents would demand immediate return and return I did.

    What ever happened to the value system ..forget about it’s a different time because if something does not belong to whether is 1944, 1948, 1999, 2021..the take home message is the same…IT IS NOT YOURS TO TAKE….after you did a job of raising a beast in your own household you want the government to transform him and take responsibility for his actions …that’s impossible and unrealistic to say the least. Parenting is your job not the government.

    A few years ago I visited a family member …a thief in the neighborhood stole his flatscreen and guess what ..the neighbor down the street purchased the TV from the crook knowing it was stolen. The same crook stole clothes off the line and wore them in the neighborhood…WHAT a curse from the pit of hell.

  2. nobody in the world works for 10 dollar an hour {Freemason } only in st lucia what u take people for fools why not 20ty an hours foolish talking again
    most would even pay their people 21 25 30 an hour slavery abolish but not for lucians we too ignorrant wake up we in 2021 not in the 90ties

  3. @the real problem… you are a damn problem. You want to bring Mrs belrose in this shit. A woman who would’ve uplifted Marchand had she given the opportunity. Marchand is a damp. Marchand does not need someone sucking the life out of it but rather uplift the people. Pip has been sucking this blood for 20 yrs and yet still you’ll damn asses don’t see this. I believe you’re one of those who wait at pip office every morning for breakfast. Keep it up sucker

  4. If the system enact a livable wage 10 dollars an hour the young people would be happy to do the odd jobs but they rather sell crack cocaine than to go and work for guardsman security company for 4 dollars an hour working 12 hour shift with hardly a day off

  5. Philip J Pierre where you at? This is not what we should be waking up to bruh. You’ve been the Parliament Rep for Marchand for 25years and now you’re graced with PM😏 Pip why have you abandoned the people of Marchand at all these years? Why didn’t you clean up the community and bring the people the development and change they needed? What did Marchians do to you? They kept you elected for almost 3 decades and that’s how you pay them back?

    All you do is feed on the blood and suffering of the people. I’m old enough to remember the red carpet walk you did😔was that the blood of Marchians you walked on?

    I agree charity begins at home but what about y’all leaders we elect to help bring the charity some of us can not get at home? Y’all politicians are very selfish and as for us St Lucians we don’t want to elect men and women that have the vision that can better our livelihoods. We just keep recycling garbage until this very same garbage sends us to an early grave. Inorder for one to transform their community they must first transform their thinking.

    People of Marchand make your voices heard and speak out against what’s happening in y’all community. Don’t do it for y’all,do it for your children.

    Pickney kyah florish in no ghetto.

    Who will help the family of the victims? Sweet Helen is sinking faster than before.

    Captain the ship is sinking
    Captain the seas are rough
    Should we abandon ship
    Or should we stay on it? To PERISH slow

    We don’t know,we don’t know

    Captain Pip please tell us what to do..

    This is an SOS.. help help help

  6. Blame government for everything! They blame government for rise in Covid-19 when they refuse to do what it takes to stop the spread. They blame government for crime when parents refuse to raise their children right and encourage bad behaviour. Some prefer to lime on a block and make easy money through contraband, some prefer to steal people’s hard earned stuff. Yet it’s government’s fault. Take responsibility!

  7. @ The real problem, you have a real problem. Pierre has been in parliament for over 25 years. 15 of those years he was in government. For 10 years he was the 2nd deputy of the party while it was in government and for 5 years he was first deputy of the party and deputy PM wile the party was in government, yet you want to blame a statement made by Belrose (whom I have no time for) for the fact that Marchand has grown worse in the past thirty years. Well you right you are THE REAL PROBLEM.

  8. None of yol political , anti slp hacks eh pointing fingers at baldhead Fortuna Belrose for openly disclosing that this community had been marginalized by her uwp govt BECAUSE “they didnt buy into the uwp philosophy” aka they didnt vote for her! We are guilty for not chastising her for saying this ….left to me alone she should be in bordelais for uttering such words….and for also using her hacks to go distributing hampers and even educational tablets for kids. Now tell me isn’t this effing criminal?

  9. I born and grown up in this neighborhood and it has always been the same for years nothing new the generations is going thr same way the old generation did it everyone in this chart hiding and talk but in all this community is a great one sportive
    And musical community it has it good too

  10. Dr Gerome i am extremely glad you reminded the slp about putting people first. I recalled vividly from 2016 to Joly 2021 Allen Chastanet and Guy Joseph put St Lucians first. Sandals is st Lucian, Cabot is St Lucian, Teo Aking and the list goes on. Dr Gerome during that time were you in hybernation? Do you need William Wilberforce or Francis Drake to free you?

  11. @Undertaker, how did you arrive at that? The problem with Marchand is that it has had a parliament Rep for over 25 years and he really don’t give a damn about the people. He thrives on just following them

  12. Come on young people, violence is not the way to go. How can you sleep on your bed after you have killed someone. This is going to have a negative effect on you for the rest of your life. Please put down the gun.

    Now slp, give the people what you promised them.

    PIP, Virgina and the rest of the slp crew are clueless and very incompetent. They are attacking Chas while there are more serious matters to take care of.

  13. So in 25 years as a PROUD rep for that community it has been a cesspool of violence producers,violence,crime & nothing has been done because the rep has no plan for that place…Do I have a plan you may ask? (I’m not the rep who has been saying for years he can’t do much because he wasn’t the PM @ the time)…Well now is your time as PM do something for that aging,crumbling community.The ppl support you because what else to do? Put someone else there that doesn’t live there is the same nonsense they’ll be up too,Fix the place,make more police patrol the streets on the beat & get to know the ppl instead of them driving around giving ppl screwface,more speed bumps,cameras (especially in hot crime areas as these)…Fix your place before going & hang with the big shots in big shot countries trying & sellout the country for Pennies on the dollar. The tax paying citizens of Marchand deserve better & the ones that are idlers need to either learn some sort of a Trade other than vending & clear out the abandon houses in the area & maybe build a few trade workshops for those that want to learn & deal with the crime producers in the harshest way possible if y’all can fix those aging laws y’all have been sitting on for decades upon decades….RF seems to be working,why can’t the rest of you LAZY USELESS politicians do the same?

  14. Well in that same area the PM stood up and told the Marchand boys that they must protect the victory. Well I guess they believe that’s the way to protect the victory. Viva La Victoria!!!

  15. Yes SLP your’ll got your wish with more homicides thats what happens when your’ll promote your’ll greed and arrogance to the people instead of putting people first and giving them gang mentality. Your’ll don’t teach people about spirituality only just abide by science while your’ll get rich with foriegners smh

  16. Ok. Pip is out of Country so Richard Frederick will go to the near by constituency to assure everyone that everything will be ok.

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