One Man In Custody After Guns, Ammunition Found In Barrel At Port Castries

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One man is in custody after the discovery of guns and assorted ammunition in a barrel at Port Castries on Monday.

In a statement Tuesday, Superintendent Luke De Freitas disclosed that the discovery came after the Customs and Excise Department conducted a routine inspection.

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  1. Anyone can hire a Broker to clear their stuff. Who knows if the Broker is guilty? The ones trafficking the contraband don’t clear their stuff themselves. If the Broker doesn’t get caught, they get their stuff. If he gets caught, they gone….

  2. Every barrel shipped by the shipping company requires a “Bill of Laden” – perhaps the bill of laden was falsified??????????. In any event, the fools which are shipping these firearms to St. Lucia should sleep with one eye open. There are a few Lucians already incarcerated in the US.

    Trust me the Feds will get them sooner than later. In addition, the St. Lucian government should also do the right thing by notifying the authorities of the identify of the shipper.

  3. Some overseas St. Lucians will continue to ship illegal weapons because their risks are minimal. Shipping weapons to them is as easy as walking in the park. The threat of extradition to St. Lucia for trial, after serving US time, should be included in their reality. Extradition only needs to happen once or twice and the message will hit home. This barrel that is presently under investigation has a known shipper. Just like the others before it. It’s impossible to ship anything through US ports before providing identification. We need to get the shipper to St Lucia if he isn’t the receiver. Make them afraid for once.

  4. Boy I will never get it with the stupidity sometimes I read here; the PM was just yesterday talking about the influx of firearms into the country and seeking help from the US, some of you Yellow Clown Ass Fools has the audacity to be bashing the man for his effort Really Now ?? Now look what we have hear today; and I will bet my last dollar and my first born the container came from a US Southern State, with Texas been an exception, New York Gun Laws are too strict. IT’S St LUCIAN’S IN THE DIASPORA WHO ARE THE ONES FOSTERING GUN CRIMES IN THIS COUNTRY YES I SAID, WITHOUT APOLOGY SOMEBODY NEEDS TO. How the hell can some of you stay wherever you are in the States and hear about the havoc that’s been place on your fellow countrymen/women and add fuel to it by sending down a barrel or barrels fill with guns ? This one was caught but how many slipped thru the cracks or how many customs palms were greased to look the other way. Some of it is connected to gang warfare, and some are even sponsored political sabotage to undermine governments initiative to fight crime. When did it go from school supplies and dry goods for the family and kids this time of year to guns in barrels ?? Lucian’s in New York, Florida The Carolina’s and Texas STOP GOING TO THOSE GUN SHOWS AND BUYING GUNS IN BULKS AND SENDING THEM HERE; you ran away to live your so called “better life” enjoy, but STOP making it a living hell for us here on the rock who want’s to have “our better life”. For the importers and buyers down here, I hope you and your family REAP WHAT YOU SOW AND THEN SOME.

  5. Customs needs a clean sweep of all employees especially those that have worked @ customs for over 5 years, this is where ALl the drugs and guns and people are being tttrafficked, CUSTOMS is Primarily Responsible! Check all those sketchy brokers!…..

  6. When they get the big shipments for example the container of marijuana they got in courts Marisule car park no one was accountable no one was arrested not charged I’m not saying it was right but…

  7. One cannot be surprise by this findings. I hope the police was smart enough to get a search warrant for his residence during the arrest and keep a close eye on his friends. This cannot be his first time at doing this illegal act. AR15’s are not weapons reserved for the public and does not have a place in our society except with the police force. I hope they throw the book at him and his cohorts.

  8. At what point it becomes a brilliant idea for a defendant to pay a fine for shipping guns?
    Note: the country has a serious crime problem. Also, a master criminal can pay that fine and even give a tip.

  9. mate must be a small fish so they buss him but what happen to the container of contraband they found in the parking lot of a prominent business place some months ago or was that last year is that going to be swept under the carpet and no one charged but this small boy yall work so swiftly to catch him? or is it people afraid their contracts will not be renewed so they now showing they doing work.

  10. I hope he does not get a slap on the hand as bail. The address of the sender should be on the barrel as well. The 30 thousand dollars should be put into effect. Magistrate please don’t compromise


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