One Man Reported Shot, Another Arrested Amidst Castries Brawl

One man was reported shot and another arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting the police, amidst a brawl Wednesday evening in Castries.

Video recordings of the incident were posted on social media.

According to the police, they received multiple reports alleging physical assault and the discharge of a firearm at Faux A Chaud, Castries.

It was reported that there was an altercation involving a male who was not from the area and several males who were not, as well as a female from the community and one who was not.

Police spokeswoman Corporal Anne Joseph told HTS Evening News that police officers on arrival eventually were able to locate a male who appeared to have a gunshot injury and sought medical attention for him through the Saint Lucia Fire Service.

Joseph said an ambulance transported the injured man to the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH).

HTS Evening News quoted Joseph as saying  that the police officers on the scene radioed for backup from the Special Services Unit (SSU).

The police spokeswoman disclosed that the officers conducted a search of a vehicle.

But she explained that although the officers obtained compliance for the search, a male individual threatened them and hurled insults at them.

Joseph said a decision was made to arrest him, but he resisted and assaulted one of the officers.

The man was eventually taken into police custody.

Corporal Joseph said the police were on the scene to maintain law and order.

She commended her colleagues for their professionalism and restraint and indicated that if citizens have an issue with officers executing their lawful duties, there is legal recourse.



  1. A young Guy wearing a pink Shirt can be Seen Clearly Discharging the Firearm at Close Range towards the Victim’s Legs .In the Full View of the bystanders .They eere making use of insulting Language Towards the police .Not one of them came to.the police with information as to the Identity of the Shooter.When These Ghetto Locations in St.Lucia have their war .The police. Should let them Solve it Themselves7

    • Did you expect any better from these people? lol. Blame the white man. He did it. Blame Chas, the immoral behavior is his fault. BLM

  2. After their war Cool down then the Police Comes in to investigate .It’s one of their Associates that Shoot the Guy .The voice of a Female in the Background you not from Here what you coming and do Here .They all know who’s the Trigger man Because He lives at that same Location .It’s Time police Stop Responding to incidents at these Ghetto areas Because none of them are friends to the police. These persons Should be Relocated Between Anse.La.Raye and Canaries theres plenty of Land for Housing and Farming Good Location for them

  3. The police Should have taken two Hours to Respond to that Report.All of them in these Ghetto areas Anti police so Let them Deal with their problems .The Ministry of Housing Should Relocate all of them Between Anse.La.Raye and Canaries theres plenty of Land for Housing and Farming .The First Nastyness Cruise Ship passengers see is that Ghetto Location and Persons using the Stones along Banan,s Bay as open Toilets

  4. There will be a time police officers will have to leave these disrespectful people alone… let them solve their own personal issue…chas children don’t steal …chas kids is well brought up.

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