One Man Rescued, Two Reported Missing After Mishap At Sea

A Saint Lucian was rescued at sea Tuesday following a boating mishap, while two others are reported missing, emergency officials say.

According to the officials, the thirty year old Marigot resident who was rescued was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital.

It was reported that the patient and two other men left Gros Islet about 10.00 p.m. Monday night on a fishing expedition.

According to information, the vessel in which the three were travelling developed engine trouble and capsized when it was hit by a huge wave on its way from Saint Vincent.

The men are said to have held on to items from the capsized boat and used them as floating devices.

However, the male who was eventually rescued is reported to have lost track of his two companions.

Screen grab from video

The Saint Lucia Fire Service said it received a call about 4.00 p.m. Tuesday from L’Express Des Îles, indicating that their vessel had picked up a male from the water and that he needed to be transported to hospital via ambulance.

Video recordings of a man being thrown a lifeline and being pulled from the sea were posted on social media.

Cheers erupt from passengers aboard the rescue vessel when the man grabs the lifeline and was pulled aboard.

Saint Lucia’s Marine Police has confirmed that they and French search and rescue officials are looking for the man’s missing companions.




  1. Late Night Fishing seems to be a popular activities in some islands in the Caribbean. Some friends of mine in St. Kitts where I am from go late night fishing, and come home with all this huge amount of fish, and they claim that certain types of fish feed at the surface at night, which makes it easier to catch them. However, I think it is dangerous; it is not something I will encourage. It is challenging enough fishing during the day, much less at night.

  2. Yall afraid to speak the truth. 10 pm expedition is drugs and contraband. Choops
    No sympathy from me

    • To each their own. Of it was finishing or not how people choose to live their lives should not affect you. Smh no sympathy til it hits home

      • Exactly. Miserable people in their boring lives judging how others live but doing nothing to improve their own situation.

    • Wow no sympathy, because u assume it was due to some illegal activity…sad how the world has become…

  3. As much as I don’t believe that they went to fish, nevertheless, it’s better fishing late night into the wee hours of the day. Most fishes come up to the surface and it’s much easier to catch them at those times. If they wanted to make believe that they were fishing, that was a good time to plan it.

  4. Benji glad you are OK. Really stupid move on your part, you could have been killed, didn’t know you were into fishing.

  5. This is really sad. it can be any of our family members or any loved one fishing or not they weren’t out killing raping and stealing. their lives are at risk and thats all yall thinking. it’s really sad and we wonder why the world won’t ever get better, its because the one thing the most high ask us to have “love” don’t exist to the magority.

  6. This is what we’re talking about.when something happened to people who lied about their transactions giving all kinds of bogas story to make believe that you will buy it ..there’s no shop any where in the Sea …don’t bring bogas stories and expect people on shore to buy them ..blaming the 🐟 fishes . remember fishes don’t smoke and they don’t talk they don’t have police nor guns they’re happy . you never see a fish in the mortry . So then people who makes those uninformed statements.

  7. Yes went fishing develop engine problems…why didnt they call the coast guard for help…hummm interesting guess they had something to hide….

  8. When they go on their drug run is always a fishing expedition…and then is coast guard that have to come rescue them.

  9. The guys forgot to notify the marine police or Vigie Light House that they were going to St Vincent fishing at 10.00 pm,and with out life vests,our boys take to many chances,they rushing and forget all safety measures and equipment.

  10. Sister y u don’t shut up with the crap u talking, u know dam well what he went to do. Who goes fishing in Vincy waters after 10pm…move here with your crap. Y’all quick to cum defend them because y’all benefit from their illegal activities.

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