Friday, September 20, 2019

One patient, one record

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PRESS RELEASE:- The Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH) will receive technical support in setting up its Health Management Information System (HMIS) from a UK based company called RIOMED.

A representative from RIOMED, Mario Mohammed said RIOMED currently provides healthcare solutions to the NHS (National Health Service) in Ireland and parts of the Caribbean. “We also have offices out of India and stations in the Middle East.”

RIOMED Representatives met with officials from the Ministry of Health inclusive of the Permanent Secretary, Executive Directors of St. Jude and Victoria Hospital, Corporate Planning Unit, Commissioning Team for the Millennium Heights Medical Complex among others and proposed to establish a software solution which provides “One Patient, One Record.”

“Where ever services are delivered for health, patients will be able to turn up at those services and the physicians or nurses will be able to access their patient records online.  So we have continuity of healthcare delivery across all health centres, all hospitals around the island.” Mohammed highlighted.

A health management information system (HMIS) will improve service delivery, which eventually leads to better health outcomes for the patient.

The Owen King EU Hospital is billed to be one of the most state of the art health facilities in the Caribbean Region and thus is scheduled to receive one of the most advanced, modern health management information system in the world.

Mohammed added, “In terms of creating better health care, it is absolutely crucial because we have continuity where one patient, one record is held so that the user being the clinician or the nurse or the doctor understands all the complexities of that particular patient, regardless where the patient turns up.  The patient feels that they are being well looked after because the nurse or doctor which they’re seeing, or the physiotherapist or the social worker understands the details of their record because all of the information is in front of them at that point.”

The RIOMED representative said HMIS will reduce a huge amount of duplication as well as improve the quality and safety of the services delivered at the various health institutions. Mohammed compared the security of client information on HMIS to that used in online banking.

“So the data is very secure, it is encrypted as it travels across the intranet. So, it’s a closed network that we will be using to share data between the hospitals and the primary health care clinics in St. Lucia…It is an extremely involved process. We are changing the way service is delivered across all health facilities. We anticipate it’s going to take us about 18 months to get this whole service delivered, the first phases of which will start towards the end of this year and continue into next year. The idea is at the end of this we will have a complete paperless solution. A patient will be able to access their record online and be able to turn up at any facility to receive care with the understanding and the knowledge that the users of the system and the caregivers of the service will have a full educated view of their patient record.”

Sheralin Monrose, Information Systems Manager for the National Health Management Information Systems Unit said the current HMIS used by the Ministry of Health spans across 30 of the 33 Wellness Centres on Island including the Gros Islet and Dennery Polyclinic with a plan to fully integrate all Wellness Centres across the island.

“Part of what we are doing here today is to prepare of the health information system at the hospitals across the Millennium Heights Medical Complex and the St. Jude Hospital. The overall objective here again is for the one patient, one record, for us to have that seemly movement of patient records across primary and secondary care.”

Monrose is confident that St. Lucia will soon boast of having a fully integrated, efficient and effective Health Management Information Systems supporting the healthcare system while providing data central for policy planning, setting of targets and policy implementation.




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