Friday, November 15, 2019

One Person Dead In Micoud Armed Robbery

A male individual was shot dead during an armed robbery in Micoud during the wee hours of Saturday morning, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

According to information, masked bandits attacked Clydie’s Bar on Dix Street  about 3.00 am and in the process, shot dead a male identified by residents of the community as Mathurin Dornelly, alias ‘Kraffi’.

He is believed to be in his sixties.

Micoud residents told St Lucia Times that Dornelly usually helps out the owner of the bar which is said to be a popular hangout spot on Friday nights.

There are no further details at this time.





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    August 31
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    • A work of advice to The Little Lamb. Jesus did not just teach and preach. He fed the hungry, comforted the grieving, heal the sick and clothed the poor. So don’t only give Bible verses without even having the decency or presence of mind to at least comfort the victim’s family. At least a little word of comfort or encouragement to the family. You just lazy, copying and pasting random Bible verses without even the benefit of it being applicable to the matter at hand. You know there is a Bible for than is applicable but you don’t care to look for one. Fix your ministry. At least you kept that one short this time.

  2. What good does quoting scripture do…if people mentality remains the same

    BRING BACK HANGING…bad boi rem? They’ll think twice

  3. For you to shoot kraffi just so …. Why why . high time police do a clean sweep by the sea . chase away ACID and his boys . strictly contraband stuff going st.vincent . even Sarah shop got targeted . all those valley guys responsible . micoud never had this nonsense . need more police patrol in the village . why would you rob clydee? Hopefully you get caught . RIP uncle

    • wt ACID n his boys hv to do wit this??? the whole of st. lucia except yu alone knows “valley guys” are all abt the euro, so wen yu see d fellas go vency/labah….jus shut ur a**, cuz is more euro micoud getting, bt hey…sry abt dt, cuz micoud ppl eh knw euros, n ur same super cops…does strictly contraband stuff as well, fuh ur info..

  4. Back in the days we had FLIM AKA LIZARD and SHEROD . those guys were just strong arm robbery . now strangers getting desperate. You all shooting ppl . it’s like instilling fear in the community . all business palaces have to close early (hell no ) . too bad we don’t have our bad ass cops we once had .

  5. Coco D, u must be the FBI? To hv so much information.. Hv u ever shared such info with the police? Blame the micoud police for all that’s happening in micoud.. From the first breaking at anto’s supermarket, the police were given very healthy leads, they never acted on them. N all da crimes is the same culprits, so the police know their target.. It’s just slow reaction on their behalf.. So get off Acid’s back please…

  6. When you see them walking the streets fighting with themselves as if people attacking them and no one is around. Trust me on this one, someone will pay the price. Never feel sorry when you see anyone in any odd situation, you never know what they have done with their life. The killer is miserable right now and cannot understand himself… But my brother, turn yourself in cause the devil coming for your arse. R.I.P Kraffi.

  7. There is no rest for the wicked, vengeance is mine saith the Lord, God, I will repay.whoever is responsible turn yourselves in, cause karma is not nice, that guilt trip you’re on right now it’s your own doing , do the right ring!

  8. Micoud north …the culprits from up the line you hiding …ok. you defending ACID too . he is part of the problem – don’t pretend you don’t know – the 2 guys that were caught with contraband going Vinci – the drinks and groceries where are they going ? The foot path should be cleaned too . too much s*** going on there . you all giving criminals a safe haven . RIP uncle pay back soon come

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