One Person Dead, Others Injured In Castries Drive-By Shooting

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Police investigating reports of a drive-by shooting at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries, on Sunday said one woman, identified as Fayeshatelle Rameau, is dead, and three others sustained injuries.

The 26-year-old deceased was a Pavee, Castries resident.

Law enforcement officials responded to the shooting report around 5:20 am and later found a bullet-riddled vehicle on Marchand Boulevard.

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Emergency responders said the deceased female was inside the vehicle when they arrived on the scene.

According to the police, two of the three other occupants went to the hospital via private means while emergency responders attended to the driver at the scene.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  3. It is a shame that SLU does not seem to have “journalists” anymore. The so-called news outlets (print and digital) rely on “releases” and “reports”; thereby dispensing poorly written “stories”! Gone are the days when “journalists” went out to get and report newsworthy articles – not anymore! Sometimes I wonder why they (the pseudo-newbies) even bother? And here I rest my “digital pen”.

    Further, the young woman who was “gunned down” – was not left behind. The driver, after his vehicle was fired upon, must have driven all the way to Marchand in a panic. It was while there, he and the others in the vehicle got to assess what transpired, then, drove to the hospital, where the young woman was pronounced dead. That is what I deduced from the news article (very poorly written by SNO).

  4. Zero journalistic ethics, or skill. But this is what journalism has been debased to in St. Lucia – ironically the land with two nobel prize winners but a den of mediocrity.

  5. lmao i read the first paragraph racking my brain what some of you are saying in the comments and now i see it. but the thing is guys you have to read it like you were the reporter saying the news you have to pause after each comma. maybe there should be a full stop instead of a comma so you could see what i am talking about. that’s the thing about saying out loud vs typing sometimes the thing you type gets way out of context than the way you actually say it out aloud

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  7. she was left behind??? how come? secondly for the driver to reach in Marchand I find thats a little way too much….this is confusing to me…I hope this wasnt targeted…..this is soo sad for a young lady to die like this…..

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  8. Lol I’m saying no way this was published wth and I will unsubscribe to them because I don’t want to feel that foolish ever again please read over you’ll statements before publishing this load of obfuscation

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  10. That’s not even news again. This was over all other online news agencies from morning and people got up this morning to this news on Facebook. At the time you posting this you still have no further details, when the only detail you gave was her name.


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