One Suspect In Custody After Fatal Chaussee Road Shooting

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One man is in police custody and a bullet-riddled vehicle impounded after Wednesday’s fatal shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Eli Joseph.

According to reports, a motor car came under gunfire around 7:30 pm but drove to the hospital, where the occupants received medical care.

It was not immediately clear how many sustained injuries.

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Wednesday night’s fatal shooting has pushed Saint Lucia’s homicide toll for the year to 48.

There are no further details at present.

Headline photo from social media.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. it’s sad but its criminals killing criminals. Garrand every day these young boys have illegal guns busting why the police don’t go on these blocks and do random searches. the babonneau police station sucks and corrupt. these police always by the bars drinking rum

  2. The thing is they would know where to post their complaint, they expecting the health department to read this here but what would that change by ignoring the series of shootings that took place here. They better organise a protest.

    • I guess they are desperate to be heard so naturally, they would use all media. Them lazy policy makers read articles in here too…police inspectors and investigators do as well so SNO has some influence. BTw- healthcare is affected by crime, more murders means greater stress on the weak system and greater stress on the nurses and doctors etc.

  3. I know that you all does read comnents you all are murderers and just a bunch of cockroaches who have high powered guns killing people . The murderers can’t sleep at nights you all are not bless …

  4. @uhh and most dishonorable..they feel the effects of crime like anybbody else…they have a special job to do like the police u all need to put pressure on but not doing…so let the nurses cry out with their voices..its time we learn to step up and take a stand in the streets to let the so called minister of national security and the police know we are fed up…..because these leaders are not the ones directly affected but people like you and me….we took stand for george floyd and botham jean…why are we not doing so for ourselves in this wild west???

  5. I’m calling on the pm of ST lucia to shut down the country for two days we are overwhelmed my body hurts or else we will have to do what we have to do..Fed up to many killings..upon arrival other things are happening

  6. My, my, my, these young men in Saint Lucia are so worthless words cannot describe, worthless and broke.

    And they blaming the Prime Minister, police, lack of job opportunities but they fail to blame them selves.

    Who cause you to join gang and get weapons to kill people? You did this on your own. Reasonable people looking for work see there is no work they get their passport and get opportunities else where.

    But some of you, can’t leave the ghetto mentality you take flight and go Martinique, USA or else where you get shot up same way.

    Worthless boys soon to be dead or go to prison and turn bullers up in there. Just wait and see how they end up.

  7. Nothing is being Done to Get Rid of these Gang Members .The Police havd Turn their Backs on Crime and Their Main Focus is on Special Duty

  8. I heard those gun shots last night. The gun sounds like a very high powered machine gun. Shots were heavy and extremely loud. It was movie like gang style. My my St Lucia what have this island come to? To resort to this kind of life.
    This didn’t start yesterday. We turn a blind eye and this is the result. There is something serious brewery among the gangs and the young men are joining the gangs to get revenge or to retaliate. This has gone too far. I believe the escape targets are leaving VFort or whichever community to hide in others and they are hunted down and kill.

  9. As a woman I believe our Student Nurses(majority women) need to be treated with respect in the Nursing Department at SALCC by the administration. What is most concerning to me is that the Department of Nursing at SALCC is headed by a woman. That is even more disturbing.

      • there is no such thing as a wrong article if people are trying to DRILL a point across to the decision makers! Clearly there is sthing going on at SALCC nursing dept. Furthermore, this article by virtue of human injury MUST require the services of nurses at our hospitals- remember that!

  10. We are really overwhelmed at the hospital. We are in desperate need of Nurses. SALCC Nursing Department administration is working against our Healthcare system? Why?.


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