(Article by Gracy Liura) Saying “I want to lose weight” is easy, however, those who wish to lose weight tend to forget that words alone cannot make you cut weight. Your daily diet and activities are the major factors that determine whether you are on the right track of losing weight.  When it comes to dieting, consider the paleo diet that will give you the result you desire in cutting weight.

The paleo diet is what you need for weight loss. Paleo protein is all about taking low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Focusing on high protein intake, one acquires the building blocks needed for healthy and strong muscles. In a real sense, muscles burn lots of calories than fat even when resting. If you want to cut weight, you have to say goodbye to your current method of dieting and start focusing on the paleo diet. Here are a few tips on how to cut weight following the Paleo diet.

Do away with sugar from your diet

The thought of living without taking sugar seem like distress. However, too much sugar intake brings along harmful effects to your body. Sugar has neither minerals and vitamins nor nutritional value. Too much sugar in the body is converted into fructose that is converted into fat. Eliminating sugar from your diet decreases the amount of fat stored in your body.

Never forget to exercise

Even though weight loss is highly determined by what you eat daily, it is essential not to forget that exercising plays a part in weight loss. Always desire to exercise each and every day. Exercising helps in burning calories and tones up your body.

Control the number of nuts you take

The paleo diet allows the consumption of nuts. However, you have to monitor the number of nuts you eat if you desire to cut weight. Due to the sweet taste and small size of the nuts one may lose count of the number of nuts taken during the day. You might end up eating more nuts unknowingly. Nuts are healthy. However, they are highly rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that tamper with the normal production of hormone; they reduce the immune system and thyroid function, and one may end up gaining weight if consumed in excess. Reduce your nut consumption to about a handful each day.

Skipping meals has no count in losing weight

Most people believe that skipping meals will help them lose weight. However, they tend to forget that not taking enough food hinders your weight loss progress since the metabolism of your body reduces to reimburse for the calorie deficiency. To normalize your metabolism, take three meals and one or two snacks in a day.

Monitor your fruit intake

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as rich in fiber that your body requires to function. However, it is easy to take too many fruits because of their irresistible taste. Apart from their sweet taste, fruits also contain sugar that is in the form of carbohydrates. Also, fruit juices have lots of sugar that may tamper with your weight loss progress. Practice taking limited fruits and try to avoid drinking fruit juices.

Get enough sleep

Did you know that getting enough sleep aids in losing weight? Well, now you know. Those who sleep less than seven hours every night tends to satisfy their tiredness by taking quick energy foods (Sugar-filled). As the day ends, the person goes through many sugar crashes and is too burned out to exercise. The sugar consumed by the individual ends up being stored as fat. One wakes up feeling refreshed when you have enough sleep. With enough sleep, one picks good food for the body which results in more energy.

Set your paleo diet goals

Once you have decided to follow the popular supplement, follow all that is required, and you will finally cut weight as well as manage your appetite and control your blood pressure. If you have different health concerns or other methods of dieting, then the paleo diet will not suit you. A shift in lifestyle, such as a change in diet, can mean a big change in your personal life. Having in mind what you want to achieve can aid in keeping you on track and motivated.

Set up your kitchen

The paleo diet is all about taking more vegetables and fresh meats; hence you will require good storage method. Ensure you have a good refrigerator to keep vegetables cool and a freezer space for meat. Cooking the paleo meals does not need special utensils, the appliances you use at home is all that you need.

Focus your diet on meats

These can be eggs, pork, venison, red meat, or any other type of meat. Meat for the paleo diet should not be corn-fed but grass-fed. This differentiation is essential than the specific kind of meat you select. White meat such as fish, chicken or any other white meat is also good for the paleo diet. The white meat has healthy Omega three oils.  While taking supplements, the protein you take should be approximately 1-2 palm-sized pieces or 4-7 trifle.

Consume vegetables such as fruits, and the leafy green ones

The vegetables supply most of the carbohydrates and fiber that you will grab on the paleo diet. The fruits provide natural sugar that your body requires. Always take the fresh fruits and not the dry ones. The fruits that go hand in hand with the paleo diet have less sugar compared to the fruits we have today. If you have restrictions on sugar consumption or diabetic, it is better you stop taking sweeter fruits such as bananas, kiwi, grapes, mangos, pineapples, sweet cherries and apple fruit. Your daily consumption of vegetables and fruits should be around four and a half cups. It is advisable you spread these over your everyday meals to suit your menu and appetite

As you continue following the weight loss diet, you can also consider using the hCG diet to increase the rate of losing weight. The hCG diet reduces around 600 calories a day and is only taken within a period of eight weeks only. It can be taken as sprays, pellets or oral drops (For example hcg drops).

Stop saying “I really need to cut weight” and start following the paleo diet to achieve your desired weight loss. The individuals who follow the paleo diet have the perfect body shape. It is time you limit your desires on the sweet meals and take a step to follow the paleo diet to get the body shape you always desired.


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