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Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am

Opposition Accused Of Attempting To Derail Saint Lucia’s Stability

Press Release:– The United Workers Party will not allow the Saint Lucia Labour Party to continue with their Ill-willed, careless and malicious attempts to derail our country’s stability and visible strides towards building a new Saint Lucia.

It is obvious that the Opposition is trying its utmost to confuse citizens by finding ways to malign, misconstrue and distort the efforts and vision of the government with lies and propaganda.

The UWP must remedy the selective amnesia that the Saint Lucia Labour Party conveniently suffers with.

First, The Horseracing track was a project that was considered and initiated under their previous tenure with the full endorsement of Kenny D. Anthony.

When the new UWP administration assumed office in 2016 the talks continued, and the work began. It is disingenuous to suggest that more focus is being placed on the horse racing track because work has started on the St. Jude Hospital, more so the two projects are very different and should not compared.

Any responsible government would focus on both foreign investment which is what the race track is and the country’s health care needs which is why work had begun earnestly on the St Jude Hospital reconstruction. We know that the horse racing track and preparations for the race are visibly in its final stages and this prospect frightens the hopes of unscrupulous “wanna be” politicians.

The UWP commends the Government for its vision in bringing economic benefits to the south and starting the construction of St. Jude.

More so, many improvements in the health care sector have been realized like the provision of Smart Health Care Centers, improved equipment and a new ambulance for the existing St. Jude’s plant, ongoing phased entry into OKEU with several departments open and strengthening of the community health center network.

This weekend alone work has started on the new Anse La Raye and Micoud Health Centres. This work forms part of the government’s greater vision to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for every Saint Lucian.

The UWP must remind Saint Lucians that the Saint Lucia Labour Party had five years to complete the St. Jude hospital and improve health care and they failed.

On assuming office, the Government of Saint Lucia was able to identify that the project was grossly mismanaged with millions of dollars to date still unaccounted for.

The SLP owes the Saint Lucian public an apology for the mis-management of the St Jude Hospital reconstruction and should spend their time explaining to St Lucia why under their administration Health care deteriorated to the worst ever in St Lucia and why they gave so many dates for re-opening the Hospital but never did.

The UWP calls on the Government of Saint Lucia to stay the course and not be distracted by the failed SLP and live up to the mantra: “You did not do it but WE WILL!”


  1. Well, finally someone is getting wise the misdirection ride being employed by the SLP, all in the name of politics. I am saddened by this as a senior citizen and and it pains me to listen to some radio stations, because of the ignorance being spewed by some people as contributions. All this is simply as a result of previously spread misinformation, to confuse our reasoning by the SLP. There is need for the SLP to explain the expenditure of 118million $ and no hospital

    • TI BALCOND, you really believe that this desperate press release and the sh~~ you just posted will fool anybody? Shame on a governing party for such a poor press release and shame on you for not evening realizing.

  2. Not even gonna read this uwpbs.
    UWP is doing the exact job they accuse the opposition of.
    MInd control tricks.
    Nearly all of us living in the 758 know UWP is out to destroy the economy, culture, safety & peace of Saint Lucia.
    Who is pulling Fool Bwoy’s strings?
    Ultimately Satan but the middleman.
    Satan sey imma refuse to deal wid da jackass “Fool Bwoy,” direct. Lol.
    We know wha gwaan.

  3. All I said basically is that UWP is out to destroy Saint Lucia & SLP is bad too but not so wicked. How is that?

    • Because you are a liar just like the SLP that you worship. There are scores of stories about fellas in the SLP all true. They are a destructive set of people. Anyone who works with them know that many are like that. All they care about is access to the public purse to get money. these guys are quite dirty and are full of tricks and they hide each others misdeeds very well.

      • You all tricks will not fly here. The comment is for SLP and SLP ALONE. You freaks!! And Dont even get me started on putting more things out on them at SNO. a group of trashy people that SLP!

  4. More political diatribe to save face, the fact of the matter is that you are failing to execute all of the promises from your Manifesto. This administration is failing horribly while borrowing at an alarming rate.

  5. Next time do not overpromise. Hope this is a lesson for all political parties and a teachable moment for the PM. St. Lucians have been fooled to many times. This was a creation of your team. Don’t try to make it look otherwise, while accusing others of creating instability. The optics are there for all to see. New race track. Health care in disarray. Daily promises that seem to get no traction. This was not created by the opposition. We all seem to be forgetting about the yellow revolution and the demonstrations that occurred for the very same reasons. Your mantra should be: “Don’t Promise what you cannot deliver”.

  6. You mean dem SLP hacks not seeing how stagnant the country was for the five years,and all the bobol and unanswered questions and secret deals? Well awa! No wonder you’ll are called hacks! Wake up if possible or just keep quiet and wait 2021 to vote out UWP. Aren’t gonna happen. Flubo is here to stay. Lucians not dumb like before.politics is not sports,politics is real life ting so you’ll sports fans get a life! Str8💯!

    • STINGER, please tell us how it is progressing now. At least you recognize that things are so bad that even flambo (flambeau) is now “FLUBO”. That’s a dangerous flu.

  7. All this shite hitting the fan,I like it . This is freedom gentlemen,say your piece, dont get personal ,we all have the right to give our opinion,like it or not.Even the 43% has their rights,las putas y los putos also

  8. Pressure buss pipe again so it’s time for their usual impromptu. St Jude’s will be completed in 90 days it’s not The SLP THAT SAID THAT, the EU had to fall in their ass 2 weeks ago for OKU and isn’t the track up and running before the hospital so their point is ????? . The SLP did not go thru with the Vieux Fort Project by Desert Star Holding because they deem it not be VIABLE, PFOITABLE AND BENEFICAL to St Lucia. Show the Saint Lucian People the contract that was signed and the return it will generate for giving away their birthright WE DEAR THEM. A ranked up debt ceiling of ASTRONOMICAL PROPORTION that will enslave ST Lucians for generations to come, just imagine it will be in 2035 or later if we are good on the payments before we even pay off just THE INTEREST ALONE on that 100 million dollar loan. What investment has they provided to stimulate a middle class in this country, nothing but butler, molly maids and gardeners (the norm) and now you can now add ranch hands to it. Closing of the Fishery Complex, the loos of Virgin deja vu all over again under Chastanet rule it was the same way he kill Air Jamaica some people never recover to this day, Black Bay, Crime, NIC, really, really, really, jokers man

  9. Yes,SLP did not tif our money but you will;SLP did not give TeoAh King all our land and passport money but you will;SLP did not end the crime but you will;SLP did not fix the schools but you will;SLP did not give OJo labs millions of st lucians money but you will;SLP did not borrow billions in three years but you will.Yes thats your mantra–SLP did not do it but we will”.What a group of corrupt ,lying United wicked People

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