Opposition leader accuses government of ‘lame excuses’

The leader of the opposition, Philip J.Pierre, has accused the government of making lame excuses, indicating that the current administration must work with the estimates of expenditure inherited from its predecessor.

Pierre made the remarks while responding to questions about the allocation that was made by the former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration of which he was a part, for the the repair of schools.

“When we were in government we always made a point that we had limited fiscal space,” Pierre, who was Minister of Infrastructure, recalled.

He  said that the SLP government had indicated during its time in office, that there was a high deficit that needed to be reduced.

But Pierre pointed out that a new government can have a supplementary budget or effect a reallocation of funds.

“Governments can do whatever they want because they are the government of the day,” the leader of the SLP declared.

He explained that the Minister of Finance can go to parliament and move to change the estimates of expenditure that were received.

Pierre said it was a lame excuse to say that a government is stuck with the estimates of expenditure of a former administration.

“It’s a lame excuse and the government must cease saying that because it makes no sense – it may be good politics, but not good economic sense,” the former Minister asserted.

He admitted that there were some problems facing schools but recalled that the former SLP administration had repaired several of the institutions and built up others.

Pierre said that it was the SLP government which had built a new wing for the Micoud school in the constituency represented by Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert.





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