Opposition Leader Calls For End To All Forms of Racism, Colonialism

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has told reporters here that all forms of racism and colonialism must stop.

Pierre made the comments Friday as he attended a Black Lives Matter rally in Constitution Park, Castries.

“We are here to show solidarity with the cause,” the Castries East MP stated.

“We think racism is a scourge, we think colonialism is a scourge and we are here to show our disapproval with what happened in the US, but also our disapproval with racism on the whole,” he told reporters.

“We think racism must stop, all forms of racism, all forms of colonialism – whether pseudo-colonialism or not, must stop,” he declared.

Police declared the Constitution Park rally illegal.

Acting Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, denied permission for the event citing the current State of Emergency and COVID-19 protocols.

At the same time, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) on Thursday issued a statement expressing support for the global Black Lives Matter movement.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, while also indicating that Saint Lucia should support the movement, said he met with all parties and urged that a way be found to facilitate the rally while observing the State of Emergency regulations.

But he said the final decision rested with ‘the relevant authorities.’

The leader of the opposition told reporters that Saint Lucians have a right to congregate.

“The constitution gives us the right to congregate and that’s what we said,” Pierre recalled.

He noted that when the State of Emergency was extended, the Saint Lucia Labour Party indicated that the Allen Chastanet administration was attempting to subvert the rights of the people to congregate.

Pierre noted that people congregate and demonstrate all over the world.

He said he was happy that a ‘few brave people’ chose to do it in Saint Lucia.

Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, who was also present at Friday’s rally, asserted that under the State of Emergency, the Prime Minister is the ‘competent authority.’

“If he wants this event to take place, he just has to issue an order authorising it,” Hilaire told reporters.

“The Commissioner of Police doesn’t have the authority to approve or disapprove – he has to enforce the orders that’s under the State of Emergency,” the opposition MP observed.


  1. Mr. Pierre tell your supporters to stop calling Chastanet a white man because they won’t like it if people call you a black man like you are. Your party associates/ affiliations/ operatives are the ones who are famous for this. They like discriminating. Kenny Anthony is one who discriminates. I realize he doesn’t like short or small men. Remember he called Guy Joseph a poodle in the house, cause guy was a rookie at the time – he was not long into politics. Then it was Timothy Poleon. Then, he was not too keen on Dr. Long (Pep), so he didn’t give him a portfolio even though the man won his Anse- la Raye/ Canaries seat; was a medical doctor and his skills would be ideal for the Ministry of health. Look now he called Minister Fedee a cockolorum in the house. You see the pattern here Pierre.

    • Dysfunctionality at its best he did not take any of his antipsychotic drugs and you know what they say about schizophrenians when they are off their medication they develop neuroleptic malignan syndrome.

  2. As I see it the labour party is the one inciting hatred among various ethnicities. Quick to call Chastanet white and referring to Guy as poodle and Frederick as Bulldog and Fedee but when Shawn is called a ‘boy’s you want to make a big fuss and disrupt the house. When we call for us to unite we must be sincere and it must not be a reason to score political points. I wonder if any opposition member had come to the rally would they have stood in solidarity with that person. Let this be about black lives and not the government or any government for that matter. Let it be about families in St.Lucia who have not gotten justice. #fedupwithallpoliticians

    • It’s not about black lives it’s about all lives. The labour party government is a fraud and a joke. Phillip j Pierre should be protesting for him to be pm and to stop sniffing Kenny Anthony’s . This is a cult this blm movement n we should not be chanting it on our island. This will bring about a bad stigma n we the people will pay for it. Blacks are not oppressed..Just depressed because they can not unify. The most crime committed is amongst blacks themselves. Fix that n we can try n fix this broken system. Law n order is for all. Do u know taking a knee is a sign of weakness? Who are u bowing to? Look up this ritual and u will regret doing it. Sad that we are a puppet society that seems to see nothing. I’m for all lives not black lives.

      F**k black lives matter. I rebuke such mantra in the name of Creation. U talk of Justice for who n what? Lucian’s wants to move a party that has brought great change to the island to bring in a bunch of washed up rags who cares not for the people but for their pockets. What has Kenny done for vieux fort? What has Emma done for soufriere? What has hilaire done for his constituency? What has Pierre done for marchand? Taking about racism and all that crap. I will not be my knee to bow for acceptance from other races when I’m accepted already by the creator. Who needs force love? I sure don’t. So move with this evil mantra blm crap

  3. Just another load of B.S. St. Lucia is racist to all non-nationals.

    1.) Never see a white person employed in a government position.
    2.) foreigner can’t start a business
    3.)foreigner has to jump through ridiculous hoops just to buy property. Then pay 10% penalty to sell it.
    Try pulling those stunts in the real world, Canada, USA. Every Blaxck Tom Dick & Dick, will be crying foul!
    You all the most racist, but I guess your homes don’t have mirrors for you to look at yourself’s.

    • Great point. They don’t even like their own neighbor but they singing this crap. Lucian’s had better be careful with what they have just sown cause this blm is gonna destroy your land n it’s people

      • There is a alot of racism in St. Lucia. They complain about white man and masa and all type of shate, yet still majority if not all the investors here are white, Indian or light skinned people and because if them they able to take care their families. I hope if Pierre comes into office he search for only black investors. Good luck in that.

    • Philip j Pierre is matching against racism when he himself is a racist. Wow what hypocrisy. I rather trust a lion with my life than this so call blm movement. Sad reality pot calling ketyke black. Pjp u will never be prime minister. Don’t blame the pm blame Kenny who just don’t want any of u to have it. Sad huh ..At least the white man u called Chastanet has become prime minister,what about u black man? Shameful copy cats…Tanto tanto

  4. Mr. Pierre are you for real? Do you clearly understand what racism mean. If you do,then all of you SLP politicians and your supporters must stop the systemic racism and bigotry by all the racial statements that you all make about UWP politicians.
    Mr Pierre, Dr. Kenny Anthony has had his entire body on the neck of St.Lucians for a number of years now with the Gynberg situation. Can you please tell him we are dying not only because of the millions we have had to pay in litigation, but also because our seabed is not free for further negotiations. MR. PIERRE WHAT DO YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT THAT. WE CANNOT BREATHE.

    • …….hah hah hah hah hah hah hah listen to the United Worthless Party Mouthpiece. Remember since you are so worried about our barren sea bed, your urn will be tossed 1 mile off Rudy John Beach so you can worry about it from down there OK. The national debt is of no concern to you, I see neither the lack of NIC Monies to help out your fellow brothers and sisters in these hard times; your only PAID OBJECTIVES are to support and prop up the failures of this government at any cost even if it means sacrificing and ignoring the plight of your fellow man in the name of party politics The Absolute Shame Of It. A fitting title for you to be labeled The Enemy of The State.

      • U Lucian hygrade are one of the weakest people in this comment section . U call this party a failure? Wow your eyes must be still in your mother’s womb. Do u know what failure is Lucian bushweed? Anyway it’s worthless people like u that makes the slp think they actually matter n I’m sure u support black lives matter, so I understand what u are.

    • And you know you lie. I don’t support the PM but his comment was about economics vs colonization. This is what makes me hate the local politics when politicians on both sides will stoop to lies and encourage idiots like lang caca (tongue full of ****) to lie. I don’t support the PM’s stupid point about economics and conscience but I also don’t support lies.

  5. Christine I support that statement. They hate the pm simply because he is lighter skinned but won’t hate themselves for not accepting change. Blacks are more racist than any other race on this planet. U know why I say that? Because they show it. Let them lie all they want but time will tell.

    • Tuwa Mosi I agree with you there. Now I’m beginning to see it. Blacks are the most racist people. Once they see someone with a lighter skin complexion they are intimidated or feel threatened. All the slp members in the house are dark in complexion – only Hilaire that is clearer. No one is saying anything but if it were the other way around you would hear them. Blacks on the whole are the ones who brought this all upon themselves.

  6. They talking about Chastenet as a white man, but wasn’t Kenny’s father a white man. Look at Kenny hechas white blood running through his vain. I hope all these racist statements being made by SLP politicians and their supporters do not come back to haunt them. Remember Kenny’s words: ‘ I will ask investors not to come and invest in St.Lucia. How much he regretted making this statement duing his last term in office. Their attack now is on white men and foreigners. LEST YOU ALL MAY NOT BE AWARE THE WHITE MEN AND THE FOREIGNERS ARE THE ONES INVESTING IN OUR COUNTRY. THIS IS A SMALL WORD SO THEY ALL HEAR WHAT YOU SAY. SO TANTO TANTO

  7. Anonymous and Paulette tell them. Blind mice leading all the field mice to slaughter. Such hypocrites. Chastanet n his cabinet has done more for stlucia than the SLP who sat for 25years. All investors are foreign n light skinned yet they talk of racism. Kenny said he will ask investors not to come to st Lucia. Who will vote in the slp in this crashed economy? They have no money n borrowing is crucial. The minister is looking to go into creating more local industries n that’s a great thing but the opposition will never jump on board. They are busy creating division. Kenny did not want a black man going up for pm hence why he is back n if not him it’s hilaire…A light skinned man. Such hypocrisy. Lucian’s watch your bread..Labour is hungry…power hungry. Any leader who kneels is a weak leader. Pierre has proven such weakness just like Arron. Arron be a leader n stop kneeling to black suppremacy. Tanto tanto

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