Opposition Leader Says Allen Chastanet Administration ‘Running Scared’

Asserting that the Allen Chastanet administration is ‘running scared’, opposition leader Philip J. Pierre told reporters Tuesday that the people put Chastanet in power and the people will get him out.

Pierre spoke as members of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) gathered outside parliament to make their ‘presence felt’ according to the organisation’s Chair, Alison King.

The Trust is upset over the demolition Saturday of the former jailhouse in Castries, asserting that the government reneged on an agreement not to do so.

There was a police presence outside parliament and barricades were evident near the house of assembly.

“It is clear that the people are angry,” opposition leader Philip J. Pierre told reporters.

He said it was clear that the government wants to stop free expression.

However, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader stated that the people will take the decision when the time comes.

“The government is obviously afraid. The government is scared. The vindictiveness and the arrogance is clear,” Pierre told reporters.

As far as he was concerned, there was absolutely no need for the government to stop the people from either coming to or assembling near the parliament.

“The government cannot stop time – next year June 6 must come. They can do whatever they want but it must come and when it comes, the people will do what they have to do,” Pierre observed.

The Allen Chastanet government came to power on June 6, 2016, winning 11 of the 17 available seats.

“That is just the beginning – the people will not be stopped. The people will not be subdued,” the opposition leader said of the presence of the SLNT members and supporters near parliament Tuesday.

Pierre made it clear that the ‘protest’ was not organised by his party.

“The labour party had no idea of what is happening here. These are the people who are acting on their own behalf,” he explained.

According to Pierre, if the labour party was to organise a demonstration, thousands of people would have been present.


  1. But so was the SLP before tha last election. Politicians…….
    Our only hope is another choice but then that would require a change in our toxic culture and that is near impossible.

  2. Scared alone ! I said it since last December Corona would deal the case I also said DHS would be stopped in its track and so it has come to past. The second wave of Coronavirus will be St Lucia’s nightmare and this will come to past too, so don’t study nothing PM Pierre I say it all the time LET THEM WOLLER IN THEIR OWN MESS AND LAY ON THIS FISCAL SWORD GRACEFULLY forfeit the election; I see the tidal wave over the horizon and I would rather you not be at the helm because when it hit they are bond to feel the raft of the St Lucian People. This jackass flew all over the place borrowing 10’s of millions just burying the country in debt and mismanagement now the honeymoon is over our GDP has fell to more than 80% according to the Caribbean Development Bank , all the hotels are closed there is NO TAX been collected sooner rather than later our creditors will come knocking, they want to kill the already poor civil servants but continue to build and spend lavishly I am betting my last dollar you will hear of an increase in the VAT, the Chiney Man not coming back anytime soon, the cruise industry in a wreck so they will not be building no port anytime soon, God alone knows where CIP monies went, NIC monies were used to invest in golf course you bet your ass they are afraid.

  3. I would not get my hopes up if i were you pierre. your party aint no better for sure. so i will also skip it.

  4. Arrogance and vindictiveness that KDA method of operation….From Saturday you and your cohorts knew the frust was planning a protest….today Chastnet is afrsid tommorrow Pierre might be asail. …

  5. Afraid of what Mr. Pierre. If he was afraid, he would not have gone against a court order as was alleged by the Trust and not face the consequence as a result. On the contrary, I found him quite brave and a risk taker. I have nothing against you Mr. Pierre sorry, but it is just hard to envisage you becoming PM of this island.

  6. Mr Pierre, you people are so obvious,you and your sidekicks had the National Trust lackey to come down to parliament to cause trouble.
    People can see through you
    Saying that PM is afraid ,that the people put him in and they will take him out that will not be the first because we voted you out and we can do it again.
    I will say it again you are the one who is afraid that is why you are fighting so dirty. It suits you.

  7. Only an inferior people like St. Lucians would vote a white man as their PM. A symbol of oppression, subjugation, exploitation, rape, domination, etc. Chastanet is nothing but the manifestation of the St. Lucian inferior complex.

    • Jacques Boucle, becareful that they deflect and call you racist but you have definitely posted the truth.

    • @National the old jail was a symbol of this treatment. It was in the time of slavery. So why the slp supporters want to be reminded of this treatment by having this unsightly building up and is against the demolition?

      • Observer, I see you afraid to be reminded of your history. No wonder you support you white massa. I know my history and not afraid to be reminded of my history. I have no problems with the symbols that depict my history. It the symbols be testimony to my history.The white man wants to demolish it to erase the atrocities of his people towards my people.

    • Only Chastanet, what about KDA? Was KDA a black man I want to know, so I can determine to what degree St.Lucians are inferior. Or is it only when a mixed race PM is affiliated with a particular party he is determined to be black or white?

      Btw, what do you call Barack Obama, black or white? Is he considered black because he favors more on his Kenyan father side OR was his “blackness” celebrated because he was a mixed race president. What if he appearance favored his white ancestors more? You know what you would have stilled called him black.

    • This is an absurd & lame comment from the opposition St.Lucia Labour Party……..

      “That is just the beginning – the people will not be stopped. The people will not be subdued,” the opposition leader said of the presence of the SLNT members and supporters near parliament Tuesday.

      Pierre made it clear that the ‘protest’ was not organised by his party.

      Is it only me that is observing the obvious motives of the recent SLNT protest actions against the elected present administration. The above timely statement by SLP Phillip J Pierre sums it all up……..

      Almost the entire St.Lucia Labour Party representatives along with their sidekick the SLNT have made it virtually impossible for any right thinking native to retain any inch of respect Fir them…….”what a bunch of hopeless indefensible basket case”.

    • Who afraid isn’t it time to toss these only 2 crap patties/parties aside since both are worthless and wait for something new ? Why are the nation’s people so afraid to leap for change ? I know what I know .

  8. Well great comments BUT you’all still going to vote and MOVE UWP JUST TO PUT SLP right back and the cycle goes on and on just so you know they will all be running scared hope you’all ready for the change that is just round the corner and embrace it

  9. People are the ones putting government in and out. You Jack Ass. You will sing any song to come in.

  10. Are you a St Lucian?…
    Do even understand what is happening in the world?
    Do you rean and keep abreast with the news?

  11. A good move by our PM. That place was a s*** hole and no one paid any attention to it. Why should we keep bad memories. Why didn’t the national trust come up with a plan to preserve it and make money out of it. They sitting on their behinds waiting for hand outs from the government. That Tulsie man need to go back to his country. He’s causing too much disruption and instability in our country. I’m happy the PM is not taking them on. Go ahead with our country’s development. PIP stop crying for your supper. Just now they kicking you out for Hilaire.

  12. Mr. Pierre oh please I think you are the one running scared your behavior in the house proves how scare you and your arrogant bunch are.it was such disgrace the way you carry on yesterday in the house and you want to be pm hell no that will not happen further you don’t have what it takes to be a leader and your party knows that.you as leader of the slp they will be beaten even worse
    No one wants you not even your own party wants you you as leader you are no better than Kenny ppl see right through you all want is pm and you will do anything for that but you will be forever dreaming you eh the pm criteria

  13. I honestly say this to all my fellow brothers and sisters in this country we need to unite & stop fighting each other for party’s and politicians alike both parties have fault for the way our country is and am gonna be criticize for what I say from members of both party’s but I say this also even our grandparents have some form of blame to be taken also why I’ll explain if in the time that these 2 parties were launched & then started on the right foot to serve the country and then started going the crooked way our grandparents instead of uniting & coming together to give another party a run of being government apart from the 2 which are lacking behind & bring down our country and to see what the other party would do they let their ego & pride for party’s jst for the say of I am Labour member or Flabou member actually having grudges with family and friends alike on both side getting into argument fights insults jst to justify the actions of a parties jst bcuz they are members of the party that one and this one better & it’s been going on for decades then it maybe wouldn’t have been the way it is today & our parents as well as we the grandchildren 60 to 70percent of us grow up with that same mentality when it comes to politics am not surprised but I wonder are we all in St lucia so blind or stupid to see what both of the members of this party are doing to our beautiful st Lucia and our children’s future I wonder are we so blind seriously I’ve never voted and I will not unless another party other than slp or uwp comes along and my vote counts doh matter what you’ll will say I jst won’t waste it on these to party’s which my beautiful black brothers and sisters are fighting each other for instead of uniting & bulid our country for our children’s future and future generations have a bless day to all of u labourites and flaborites

  14. Because it’s part of our history. Every country has theirs but ours is forgotten, fading,lost n dieing.
    PS: not a support of stupid.

  15. Because it’s part of our history. Every country has theirs but ours is forgotten, fading,lost n dieing.
    PS: not a support of stupid.

  16. Phillip j Pierre is so pathetic. U are talking about the old prison n all this airless baseless arguments when u have marchand looking like a swamp. I don’t know why this man is voted every five years by these people. He gets nothing done but complains when he sees progress. I’m so happy to see this old prison gone..free up Castries n remove all these old buildings that has so many souls trapped in it. We can talk politics whole day but then again who will waste their time discussing a rat like Pierre.

    He should ask his party members why did they choose hilaire over him? If your ideas are so up there then go up for prime minister n not settle for political leader. No matter what chastanet does ,u labour supporters n members of the labour party will never approve of it. Chastanet is not white he is one of u. Massa or not he has done his fair share of helping his country. My only problem with all these political parties,they invest too much in tourism n not enough on agriculture. We need to find our strongest resource n use it to sustain our country.

  17. Pierre u are pathetic. Go clean up Marchand. U will never be prime minister. Keep sniffing what your party members are dropping. U complain about everything just goes to show how desperate the labour party has gotten. A poor man can’t run a country… Queen Victoria saw st Lucia a prison base nothing more nothing less so why not destroy this old filthy building. Sad that u people only see politics.

    Complain about this masks u all wearing looking all weird inhaling carbon dioxide

  18. Jacques Boucles. Remember Kenny Anthony? Son of Benard. Former Plantation owner. And you speak of sign of oppression for voting Chastnet?

  19. I have a gut feeling Pierre will lose his sit next election because Hilaire is working on him food for thought

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