Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Opposition Leader Says Everyone Needs To Be Heard

Asserting that everyone needs to be heard, opposition leader Philip J. Pierre is going out to communities to interact with persons there in what he calls  the ‘Listening Tour.’.

“I came into politics with the firm belief that the voice of the people and good government are deeply linked,” Pierre wrote this week on the official Facebook page of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“As I prepare to be your next Prime Minister, I make it my business to go to the people in their communities to hear and listen to what these ‘sons and daughters of Saint Lucia’ have to say about how their island home is being managed, and how do they want it to be managed to allow them to realise their hopes and dreams,” the Castries East MP stated.

On Saturday November 23, Pierre said that his ears and mind were tuned to the people of Babonneau.

The Facebook post was accompanied by photographs.

Philip J. Pierre on ‘Listening Tour’ (All photos courtesy SLP’s Official Facebook page)

” As you can see in the photos, there is no scripting or the kind of event management you always see on the other side,” Pierre asserted.

“These photos in Babonneau show that everyone needs to be heard – the youth (as they hangout on the block); the older folks at their homes or other properties,” the SLP leader observed.

He said that Babonneau was his fifth stop on the Listening Tour.


  1. Excellent PM Pierre grass roots I love I it shows you are a man of all people not just.for some not only the cream that raises to the top like that extruded product YOU ARE APPROACHABLE.. .A true statesman and you can keep it real with your Creole too unlike. ” ‘Others. ” Carry on soldier the people will embrace and appreciate your effort. Work your way down your public awaits you. Don’t forget to ask POOR. PEOPLE ARE THEY BETTER. O FF TODAY ?? DO THEY FEEL ” PROSPEROUS. ” ?? DO THEY FEEL INCLUSIVE I am absolutely sure the answer will be HELL NO.

  2. Youre fooling no one but yourself, targeting the youth? Putting up a photo of two young men…look at their faces.. The glare alone says it all. “What mate trying?”.

    Down with YELLOW AND RED.

    Our Generation is Sick and Tired of your recycled garbage, the Revolt is near.

    We are colour blind.

    We are paying for our predecessors greed

    No More

  3. Cheap political ploy. So before when you were in power they didn’t need to be heard? When you were first in opposition they didn’t need to be heard? But now elections coming they do. This is the same as fixing roads before elections.

    And even the picture that was picked.. I hope those two guys realise you just used their look to try to score political points. For all the talk about the stereotypical “white man” doing things in the country, you decided to find the stereotypical ghetto black youth” to counter it. That’s some kinda sh!t I’d expect in America.

    How about you answer the questions about Jufalli instead so we can get closure

    • How about the PM answer questions about the Parjorah Letter, the investigation about Ubaldus T&T scandal, the resignation of Jimmy Henry, the shooting of the CCC councilor who had a court matter with the Mayor etc .

  4. Bible in a Year
    December 01
    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    “Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies.”
    –John 7:18

  5. When PM Chastanet does something like this he is praised for being “down to earth” or “a pm that cares”. When Opposition Leader does it he is criticized for doing it for political points. Hmm i wonder what is the difference between the two……?

  6. Mr. Pierre, I agree with young statements that a government should be people oriented and listen to all voices. Even a fool says wise things at times. However, I find that politicians in opposition say all the right things but when they get the reins of government their promises and their actions are diametrically different. Mr. Pierre, that photo with the shirtless young men says a lot about your motives. This was blatant political exploitation. Did they give you permission to post their photos? How dare you prey on the unsuspecting young men? This one act of you taking advantage of the poor and credulous people has left an everlasting stain on my mind about you. Sickening! Exploiting poor black brother for your selfish gain says so much about you.

    • Would you, please, be kind enough to confirm whether these shirtless young men whom you’ve referred to have, in fact, complained of being taken advantage of by Mr Pierre and are indeed being exploited?

  7. You opened one of my eyes with the coment of the CCC counselor that was shot,its true that he had a court case against the Mayor. So just thinking,has the police investigated who would have a grudge against the CCC counsil man ? If you recieve a bullet,all should ask,who wants you dead ? who hates you enough to want you killed ? Thanks anonymus

  8. Just Asking, the main difference from the critiques’ perspective is that the PM is (pseudo) white and the Leader of the Opposition is black, in addition to the fact that the former is distanced and is not strictly of them, whilst the latter is very local and of them, coming out of them! Lack of enlightenment and very poor knowledge of their heritage are the main causes.

    Many of the critiques, my friend, are deserving of a great deal of pity (and perhaps even an apology for their current mindset as a result of a messed up education system), for they know not what they’re doing and what they’re getting themselves into.

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