Friday, September 20, 2019

Opposition Leader Says PAJOAH Matter Will Not Disappear

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Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, asserting that the PAJOAH matter will not disappear, has declared that he will not be intimidated by threats from Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph.

Joseph this week labelled Pierre a fool in the continuing controversy over the PAJOAH letter.

But the opposition leader Tuesday responded by saying that Joseph is well know for name calling and threats.

“Let me assure Guy Joseph that the PAJOAH matter will not disappear. He can rant, he can rave,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

According to the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, even Joseph’s own ministerial colleagues have admitted that if the PAJOAH letter is authentic, the minister should be disciplined.

“Guy Joseph has never said whether he wrote the latter or not. In fact, he has never said that he did not write the letter. All Guy Joseph should say is ‘I did not write that letter and what the opposition is saying is nonsense’,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

He stated that if Joseph did not sign the letter, the police should be called upon to investigate because the document would be fraudulent.

“It is a very serious matter when a minister’s signature can be forged and nothing happens,” Pierre observed.

He recalled that Guy Joseph had explained this week that two wrongs do not constitute a right.

According to Pierre, that was an admission that what the minister did was wrong.

“How can a minister declare that a contract of $162 million has been awarded for two projects and the Prime Minister says that these projects have been financed? If the Prime Minister says that these projects were already financed, why is Guy Joseph seeking $162 million for the projects? These are questions he has to answer,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

“All I am saying is that the PAJOAH letter issue will not disappear. It is wrong. It is misbehaviour in public office and I insist that the Prime Minister must investigate. If the letter is not authentic, then he must call the police,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

He also said that Joseph should be relieved of his ministerial responsibility.

The letter in question, bearing a 12 November 2018 date, was aimed at any financial institution informing that the Government of Saint Lucia was engaged in discussion with a company known as PAJOAH’s Limited and Associates about funding a street lighting and St. Jude Hospital projects in Saint Lucia.

The  document was written on the letterhead of the Ministry of Economic Development with a signature purporting to be that of Minister Joseph and aimed at any financial institution.

The document noted that upon submission of Proof of Funding to execute projects, the Government of Saint Lucia has agreed to enter into a contractual agreement with PAJOAH’s Limited and Associates. And that the Government of Saint Lucia is also committed to repaying the loan of US sixty-two million dollars or EC$167.4 million at a 3.59% interest rate over a fifteen – year period once the projects are successfully completed.

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  1. Am sorry to say Mr Pierre that on the basis that NO St Lucian politician has ever been prosecuted, this will disappear!

    You’ll politicians need to realise that when in office your work is the PEOPLES work.

    Guy and many others goe on like Ministerial documents are their personal documents when these documents are OURS.

    Where’s the FOI??!?

  2. Indeed this is a serious matter it can be brushed aside. Minister Joseph can end this issue instantly if he just says he didn’t sign it. His evasive none answers says alot about this issue.

  3. You can’t claim the ethical high ground when as recent as the last term in office you and your colleagues were engaging in the same type of behavior. I think if the guy indeed penned or cause this letter to be penned and engaged in these actions then he should feel the full brunt of the law but we all know that you guys would never support that because you know it will set a precedent and leave you open to the same outcome, after all, you are doing the same too. This is a case of “tief never love to see tief with long bag”. And at the end of the day the real victims are the supporters of each of these groups of conmen/women we call St. Lucian politicians.

    • He never claimed ethical high ground, if keep this attitude that the previous party can’t called the ruling party because they are guilty of similar mistakes. This country will be doomed, so if the UWP lose the next election that cannot question anything the SLP will do in office right? That makes no sense

  4. Pierre and Guy, talk your talk, but all of you Politicians are not different from one another! and you has proven that to us!

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