Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Opposition leader says Saint Lucia in constitutional crisis

Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, has declared that Saint Lucia is currently in a constitutional crisis due to the non-appointment of a new Governor General.

Dame Pearlette Louisy announced recently that she was demitting the post on December 31, 2017, after serving for twenty years.

Opposition leader Pierre told St Lucia Times that Saint Lucia is actually in a constitutional crisis now, because there is no Acting Governor General.

‘The Deputy Governor General cannot perform the function of Governor General unless there is a Governor General,’ he asserted.

According to the Castries East MP, the situation means that Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, cannot travel.

He observed that when the Prime Minister travels, he normally appoints an Acting Prime Minister.

However Pierre noted that there is no Governor General to appoint an Acting PM.

“That is what happens when governments act in haste,’ he told St Lucia Times.

Pierre recalled that recently he said that the manner in which Dame Pearlette Louisy demitted office was not the ‘best way.’

‘The government did not pay attention to the process by which a new Governor General is appointed,’ he explained.

He said had the government paid attention, the transition from Dame Pearlette Louisy to a successor would have been different.

But Pierre told St Lucia Times that he is not surprised at the way the government has acted.

‘The government does not seem to want to follow convention – they did the same thing with the Deputy Speaker,’ he observed.

He stated that the Allen Chastanet-led administration has no respect for the parliament and the opposition.

Pierre disclosed that he had written to Chastanet who, in addition to not responding to the letter, has not acknowledged it as well.

‘So the constitutional crisis that the country finds itself in today is purely a reflection of the government’s incompetence and the government’s desire to prove that they are in charge and they can do whatever they want,’ he said.

He predicted that in 2018, there will be ‘more of the same.’




  1. Its so sad that the country has gone down the tubes to day I had nothing to eat while the ministers make 15 thousand a month or even more for doing nothing we need a mas demonstration to remove that lacklaster government in power

  2. pip keep your trap shut
    who are you to dictate to the government how to operate
    were you and your bunch of merry men told how to govern the country. you all did what ever you all wanted with out answers now on news years day you making statements to the press
    remember $5.00 can black a hole i may as well give you $5.00 to keep your trap shut

    • When the laws of St.Lucia are broken by Allen and His Gang people must now stay with their mouth shut…… That is the new way to rule in St.Lucia….. And people are asking why is the crime level so high?

      • Pip, you are speaking to all your base, who have established many accounts per person, to come on these social media to vote and make comments. You are aware of it. It did not work prior to the election and it wont work now. I cannot believe St Lucians are that stupid.

      • Think you should read the laws then decide who is spewing crap….St Lucians must educate themselves so they have the facts rather than accepting the crap from politicians and media as factual.

  3. What’s with the FaceBook “Like” button on every webpage of this site?

    Are you guys getting that desperate and infantile for support of your little “gossip redirection” webrag?

  4. But she was ther and both of you’ll were still running the country without keeping her in the loop ….

    • Not true . Kenny met with her every Monday morning to discuss the cabinet meeting agenda.

  5. The country has been destroy. only one set of people enjoy the milk and honey,that has been lay down for us all. large companies e.g.( Lucelec )having they worker suffer. no back pay before 2018 not even bonuses or raise in salaries in years, to the worker’s who make the company what it is but this same company pays nothing to get they goods in to st lucia. Never forget people pray and the most high God is slow to anger but once he releases his wrath he his no mercy. 2018 the Great I am will speak woe and the saints prayers will not go back void, all u leaders woe to u it’s not good to hurt the children of( The Great I am) 2018

  6. When will some of you that support this reckless government take time to educate yourselves. They constantly break the law and you idiots see nothing wrong with it. Is it because Allen is a white man that he can’t do nothing wrong in your eyes? Pip never comes out with wrong information he knows the constitution so I suggest you get to know it too. Stop insulting him for doing his job as opposition leader and do yours as a citizen and not as a party hack. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.

    • That’s part of the problem, the majority of voting Lucians don’t own a copy far less read our Constitution.

      Just reading some of the comments demonstrates how ignorant some of our people are and more importantly (but more worrying) is the partisan politics

  7. St Lucian people,please see things without any political colours. The opposition leader is high lightening the electorate, whether you are red or yellow, that is his business to enlighten the country, whether he did better or worse while he was in power, it’s neither here nor there right now, now it’s his turn as opposition to point out what is wrong, if the then UWP did not do that, ( which I know they did) it’s their issue, so people do not jump on the bandwagon and support monsense, this present administration is bringing St Lucia to somewhere you do not want to go, do the right thing and act accordingly, St Lucia cannot run as a dictatorship, we are a democratic state. As Spike Lee movie said DO THE RIGHT THING. This is for the voters, please do the right thing, we elect governments and we disembark governments. So the ball is in your courtt, as an outsider looking in.

    Otherwise, your present administration will choke you.

    • Peter Paul, this is hypocrisy on the part of the SLP. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? when the wolf finally came no one believed him because he had been carrying false stories for a long time in the first place. the SLP is a sad case of governance and misgovernance. Everything they now say about the UWP, they did that and worst. They victimised UWP supporters, had no respect for civil servants, did no work, collected plenty pay and air miles and hired their friends and connections as well as other incompetent people on the govt purse. and their leader had no control over this merry band of snakes hiding under and beneath each while snapping their fangs all around them. they were and still are an incompetent bunch. thats why they are in opposition today. ever heard any of them come against their comrades for stiflling the country? no. so they are where they must be; in opposition, opposing. they are biding their time to get more benefits and further choke the country with their incompetence. If you live in a glass house then dont throw stones and that is the blow back the SLP getting now. I for sure not voting them even in the next 5 years . i will sit on my vote.

    • Bro/madam, the GG left office on Dec 31st, 2017. The next 2 days are holidays. Only service providers works. Do we have to have a GG sworn in on Jan 1st 2018? Pip is highlighting shit/nonsense. This is the mess the SLP is in. They look for crap to write about. What would be the need for a GG for the 1st and 2nd January? Pip example of the PM not travelling is so childish and comical, I laugh. “The Prime Minister cannot travel”. Who will fall for that.

  8. I feel so sad for my country. Instead of us commenting on whether the issue raised is correct or not we get into personal attacks and pointing fingers just for pointing fingers sake. Common people is the issue raised a coorect one, it is the job of the opposition to do so? If the issue is correct should we ask our government to take note and act? If we say we are aiming for progress let us do so

    • This release is (Words deleted)from the opposition and it is undermining our people. What happens when the new GG is sworn in tomorrow?

    • Gerry, I have read all the comments and I come back to yours. That is what precisely is wrong with St.Lucia. The leader of the opposition raises a point about constitutionality of a situation and people are trying to say things about him, his party and colleagues rather than discussing if there is merit in the point. From what I Know, the opposition leader is correct. He uses the example of the PM travelling and of course that can be planned, but what if he suddenly falls very sick? The process of appointing an Acting PM involves the GG and with no GG it means that the country will not have a leader. Simple and correct constitutional point. Those who are attacking the Opposition leader rather than discussing the point made, simply display their ignorance.

      • For just 2 holidays you are talking about travelling or being sick? What is there to be discussed? This is nonsense.

      • Hear hear Joey!

        Those who are making childish partisan comments more than likely have not read our Constitution and probably will never read it.

        This sort of thing is what’s holding us back from progression.

  9. I honestly think that PIP is up to some mischief. St Lucians have seen through all politicians right now. None of you are different. Allen will appoint a GG at the most appropriate time. You seem to know What Allen said to the Same at convenience. What was said to her about Grynberb and all the others? The only crisis we are in right now is a bunch of idiots fighting for power. St Lucia are far above you all and that’s the problem. We are becoming less dependent on polititians and thats not good for the SLP. Time alone will tell.

  10. Piere has a point, and I think Allen is following Trump, thinking he’s above the law. Perhaps the Queen should just move to Saint Lucia…it’s warmer, then she wouldn’t need a GG to represent her.

  11. No wonder Allen said 43% of the male population only have preschool education because some of you really show how illiterate you all are. Go and read the constitution and stop making a fool out of yourselves. St. Lucia is not Allen’s country for him to run as he please, we have laws and he has to abide by them. You hacks concentrate on the msg and not the messenger, Philip is on point.

  12. The issue is that the constitution is not understood by many and is not identifiable to more. As a citizen or anyone who chooses to be part of this society, knowledge and understanding of the Constitution is imperative otherwise it is useless. A citizen cannot be expected to live or be part of a society and not know the laws or rules governing that society. With that it is recommended that the reading and understanding of our constitution be made part of our education curriculum. Otherwise everyone draw up your own constitution and live by it.

  13. My wish for St Lucians in 2018 is that they investigate what is being reported, validate what is factual and what is not before accepting inaccurate information. My hope is that our journalist do their job and stop reporting the crap that comes from politicians without first ensuring that they have sufficient knowledge to challenge the statements made.

  14. Lucians, your first dreadful mistake was to allow a white person to be apart of your government!

  15. Venezuelan u liming with, money and gun found, I smell trouble, u live by it u die by it, don’t worry bro. He was already sent home the way he like to live

  16. Why is it that the slp leader dont give the govt a chance? The Governor served all these years, she has now decided to give up and take her rest yet the slp leader have issues with that. If you’ll were in power and she made that decision there would be nothing for that. So take a break and give the govt a chance.

  17. island beauty words cannot express how stupid you sound you must be included in the 43%of Lucians who only attained a pre school education did you read what you wrote you sound so dumb bird brain

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