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Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am

Opposition Leader Unhappy With State Of Economy

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre, asserting that the government has ignored warnings from his party, has told reporters that he is very unhappy with the state of the economy.

“We told them so; they didn’t listen,” he declared as he arrived for a sitting of parliament Tuesday morning.

“Now the CDB has said it, I hope they understand,” he asserted.

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in its latest 2019 update lowered its initial forecast growth  for Saint Lucia.

Pierre, an economist and business consultant by profession, explained that his opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is still concerned bout the level of borrowing.

He noted that this country’s debt to GDP ratio is rising.

“The government has taken itself away from a PPP programme where they would have got the airport without any additional liability to the people of Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

“It’s a model that has been in Jamaica since 2013 – it’s a model that has been happening everywhere in the world,’ the SLP leader observed.

But he lamented that the Saint Lucia government in its wisdom chose to borrow nearly $600 million for the construction of the airport.

“Now that the CDB has spoken, I hope everybody understands,” Pierre said.

He said that the people of Saint Lucia are the ones who are suffering.

“Our people are the ones who are unemployed – but we warned the government and it is only going to get worse,” Pierre declared.



  1. Please stop talking about that PPP. we all have understood as explained by the PM. You SLP could not get a loan to build the Airport as admitted by Kenny Anthony. So you went to the PPP to take that loan and St Lucia pays for it whiles the PPP take all the money even when the loan is paid off after 11 years. The passenger tax (airport redevelopment tax) will be collected for the next 19 years. A cent not coming from their pocket. Were these guys mad.

  2. Pierre behaves as though his part has never formed the Government of St Lucia. His new eyes are seeing all government ills and he has all the answers. My boss please grow up and stop trying to brow beat the people, ahah.

  3. Pierre behaves as though his party has never formed the Government of St Lucia. His new eyes are seeing all government ills and he has all the answers. My boss please grow up and stop trying to brow beat the people, ahah.

    • Just reading your ignorance compounded with your arrogance and egotism is nothing short of mind bottling. Is it not the CDB making the grim forecast ?? It’s not Prime Minister Pierre that’s making it, he is just speaking of the different variable initiatives that were proposed to your ill fated, dysfunctional government, that were IGNORED and has now place this country on a diare path to economic suicide .

      • So what is th difference with SLP? 15 years of garbage governing! Both governments ae garbage and yall hacks are retards!

      • Well said Lucian. You understand this things because you in a Highgrade that Ayatollah certainly is not. Ayatollah is part of the 43% with preschool education keeping the country back.

  4. Prime Minister Pierre you have not echoed nothing that I have not echoed my self over the last months. They are so concerned about their “Legacy” they are will stop at nothing to deliver us to the claws of the IMF. PPP was made for US small nations with limited or no resources and heavy debt burden. Private organizations are more efficient than their public sectors. Why don’t they say how much it’s currently cost St Lucians per day to operate both airports multiply that by months plus year and I can or will guarantee you the figures are jaw dropping. They want their hands on the money to dispense at their own will to satisfy their own corruptive quest. With London Bridge falling down the recent bombings of oil fields in Saudi Arabia the price of oil has skyrocket and will affect the world economies as forecast by Bloomberg, this will surely affect the Caribbean sooner than later and St Lucia will not be spared due to our outlandish borrowing by the Extruded Product. These anti ALBA Mongrels have placed us now in a position of obtaining oil at higher price verses when we had a fix price negotiated under the Petro Cribe Deal, in their naïve mindset they think Uncle Sam will save the day when they will only look out for themselves first before looking out for broke nothing to offer St Lucia. The s*** is coming down the pipe line and just in time for the election lets hope [he] is standing on the open end.

    • So how much is the airport taking in per day? per year? Price of Oil has fallen now and London Bridge is not falling. Are you a prophet of doom? Did you advise or warn the SLP when they drove the economy into a recession between 2011-2016?

      • Well said Galan Joseph. These people think that everyone in St. Lucia is ignorant or naïve. We all knew what happen with then the SLP government between 2011-2016

  5. And that is why uwp will stay in power and sell us out for sure . Pip your arguments are poor and in a place where so much wrong is happening , i am sure you can do better than that . Oh wait, better is stepping down as leader because you will always be a follower .

  6. I agree with Mr. Pierre the reduction in VAT has only helped the business owner class in society. Plus the removals of social fund for the poor has been extensive. The UWP really are the Republican party of this country

  7. So why hasn’t Pierre come up with an economic plan for Castries East -one of the most destitute and populous constituencies? He has been Parliamentary Rep and in the Government (Deputy Prime Minister) for over 15 years. If you can’t show me that you can put your small house in order then for me you cannot qualify to fix a country’s economy. If you can’t run a rum shop successfully what makes you think you can run a supermarket?

    • Galan Joseph, an economic plan for Castries East? I always speak respectfully of people’s comments but sorry, this is the most s***hole comment I have ever read. In a small country like St.Lucia, how the hell can an MP, particularly in opposition have an economic plan for just his constituency? So whatever economic development that takes place in east Castries will be for people of that area only? Galan I suggest you try completing preschool even if I have to pay for it. Stop making yourself sound so damn stupid.

      • Boss I congratulate you on your honors degree in ignorance because you still have not realized that overall St. Lucia’s economic outlook depends on the net economic output of any constituency. If for example Micoud produces banana exports leading to $1 million, however, $ 2million has to be spent on services to the constituency such as road maintenance, crime fighting etc. then Micoud must look for some how to reduce on its debt without affect the quality of its services. And yes that means looking after your children so they do not enter a life of crime which comes at an increased cost to both local and central government. If your honors degree in ignorance (LLB IG) prevents you from seeing a constituency level economic breakdown its nobody’s fault. Try that preschool you suggested because just maybe you don’t understand why you have to vote for a Parliamentary Rep or the significance of local government, mayorship, etc, Do not only watch an economy on a macro level, try looking at it from a micro level then you would get the bigger picture. There is a lot you adults can learn from preschoolers.

      • Galan, stop writing s***. Ok. You look like you have a Masters in S*** Science. You are a typical example of the s*** on can talk and write with a little education that makes them believe they know it all. GALAN, STOP THE DAMN S***,NOW.

  8. A lot of people do not understand the portability and uses of information. They are accustomed to using and interpreting information in a one-dimensional way. There is a lot we can do with information for example the calculation of net economic benefits on a Constituency level. The data exists, for example, if a man is from Dennery and accesses health services at VH we know his address therefore we can attribute.that expenditure to his constituency. Heath Information Services (HIS) does provide us with such information. In the same way we can determine which community is the healthiest by looking at the expenditure of the community. With so much information about the place it is incumbent that people, including dumb politicians learn to put it into use. IN this information age there shouldn’t be ignorance in people analyzing their economy on the constituency level and applying basic economic tools such as economic plans to engender growth and cut wastage. It is time that people move away from the outdated talking points encouraged by politicians. I encourage people to Innovate and ask them the hard and right questions. The media most times ask only questions that evoke sensationalism and most times are irrelevant.

  9. And maybe that’s what we need to do. Let people who present themselves for elections as Parliamentary Reps prepare a business plan for the constituencies. Don’t you think that the public deserves it? Don’t be stupid to look forward to glossy 100 page manifestos which are nothing more than expensive photo albums.

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