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Opposition Leader Urges Citizens To Take Maximum Precautionary Measures

The leader of Saint Lucia’s opposition, Philip J. Pierre, Monday urged his countrymen to take maximum precautionary measures in response to the approach of Dorian.

Pierre said he is very concerned about the situation.

“Please do not listen to rumours,” he advised in a video post on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Pierre said members of the public should stay tuned to advisories from the Met Office.

Noting a meeting of the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) that was being held Monday morning, the Castries East MP disclosed that the SLP has not been invited.

“We always ensure that once invited to a NEMAC meeting, a representative of the opposition is always present,” Pierre observed.

“We believe that in this case the opposition is willing to work with the government because disasters are everybody’s business and we remain ready, willing and able  to work with the government in the event that there is any loss of life or property or any damage caused by this tropical storm,” he stated.

Pierre asked all Saint Lucians to be vigilant and reiterated that they should not listen to rumours.

“I pray that God helps us and all goes well,” Pierre concluded.



  1. Pierre take it easy. Your turn as PM will come. Don t be too hasty to lead. Chas is learning it the hard way.

    • The LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION is a leader in this country and it makes sense for him to add his voice to encouraging people to take precautionary measures. All Leaders (political, church, and others) should join in giving that serious advice. One does not have to be PM or hasty lead to join in that national call.
      In all fairness to you, Monk, you recognise that his “turn as PM will come”. That’s very good foresight.

      • You do know he is leading the opposition as the people didn’t want him to lead their country.

      • Anonymous, stop displaying your preschool education level here. Sir John was once leader of the Opposition, Allan Louisy was once Leader of the Opposition, Stephenson King was once Leader of the Opposition, Kenny Anthony was once Leader of the Opposition. All of these men went on to be PM.
        More than that Anonymous, Member of the 43% Preschool Education Club, Pierre did not lead his party into the last elections, so the question could not have been about whether the people want him to lead the country.
        I can go on explaining more but your preschool level brain will not comprehend. Hope what I have written is not too big a dose for you.

  2. Pierre don’t worry your self with the Extruded Product. This why you are more of a “STATES MAN” in times like these real leadership call for COLLECTIVE BIPARTISAN for the good of country and people and you have witness this no to be the case. Again this is why you are more of a STATES MAN and Prime Minister in front of your name is once again proven worthy. Don’t worry with that cipolletti

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