Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Opposition Leader Urges More Inclusion, Tolerance

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Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, has reiterated calls for a more inclusive and tolerant society.

In his Christmas message this year, he recalled that last year he had called on the government for greater engagement of the gifts and talents of all Saint Lucians for the common good.

But the leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) asserted that the appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

Pierre observed that the Christmas season is a time for hope.

“As a country we must embrace the spirit of hope, notwithstanding the many challenges we are experiencing,” he explained.

“We cannot give up,” the SLP leader declared, adding that efforts must be made to make this country a better place.

He observed that there are many citizens of Saint Lucia in need of much care and attention.

Pierre mentioned the sick, the homeless, the unemployed, the abused and those who are near giving up because there appears to be no end to the pain and suffering they have been made to endure.

“We must reach out to help them during this time of goodwill,” he noted.

Thee Castries East MP extended his usual gratitude to people of his constituency for their unwavering support during the year.

“Your support remains my drive to serve you and the wider Saint Lucian community,” he stated.

He said he looks forward to working with them in the new year with even greater zeal and determination.

Pierre expressed the view that 2019 will be a challenging year.

“But we must remain steadfast in our desire for a better Saint Lucia where all, especially the poor and underprivileged, will enjoy a better standard of life,” the opposition leader declared.

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  1. Mr. Pierre i admire your courage; but let me tell you this: when the SLP was in power, the opposition UWP had the same problem with you,(death ears!)

  2. Politicians, in opposition, say the right things but in government do the total opposite. They are so convincing in opposition and so disappointing in government. I agree with everything Mr. Pierre has said in his Christmas message to the nation. The talents, energy and intellectuality of all St. Lucians should be utilized for the overall good of the country, none should be omitted because of political affiliation. The SLP failed miserably to implement such a policy while in power and so does the UWP. Both major political parties are a colossal disappointment. They ride on the backs of the poor and assuming citizens to sustain themselves. They just give lip service to the plight of the poor man and woman to get into or maintain power. That’s a fact that cannot be refuted.

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