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Opposition Leader wants Government to rethink approach to national development

The Leader of the Opposition says 2017 has been a particularly challenging year for St Lucians who, he says, have been marginalized on account of their differing views from the current government.

Phillip J Pierre made the statements in his Christmas message to the nation.

He implored the government to rethink its approach to national development and pledged his support for “all initiatives” that will alleviate the incidence of crime.

“In this time of goodwill, I call on the government to rethink its approach to national development and commence the process of engaging the gifts and talents of all its people in pursuit of the common good,” Pierre said. “It’s the only way we become a better and stronger nation,” he continued.

Pierre, the Parliamentary Representative for Castries-East, said St Lucians must be grateful for being spared the ravages of hurricanes in 2017. He urged St Lucians to remember “our neighbours, particularly Dominica, who suffered a loss of life and property.”

Pierre also thanked his constituents for their “unwavering support”.


  1. I believe you deliberately avoided the work ‘PLAN” you used the word “APPROACH” because you never had a plan for the development of the country. Why should the govt rethink its approach to national development? So what is wrong with his approach? You should have told us.

  2. Really now ? after your own government victimise and abuse so many people in the government service and beyond, you calling for togetherness on national development. all you labour hacks are just stoogies. hope that you all eh see government in a long darn time!

  3. I just hope that Mr. Pierre is sincere. I agree with his ‘admonition’. The incumbent political parties usually victimize, marginalize, and ostracize politicians and supporters of the Opposition Parties. This policy is detrimental to the country as many of these people have a lot to offer. One cannot do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results. It’s time for a paradigm shift. Stop the petty politics. Level the playing field. Orchestrate policies that would redound to the benefit of all, not just the supporters of the ruling party. The hyper-partisan politics is one of the biggest obstacles to progress. Only the collective gifts and talents of every citizen would the country fulfill its truest potential. Greed, selfishness, political tribalism, vindictiveness, dishonesty , corruption, narrow-mindedness, public indifference, and ignorance seem to be an inextricable part of our daily lives. All of these vices only serve to make our lives miserable as they are all obstacles to progress. A new kind of thinking and attitude is required if we are to leave a bright and hopeful future for our the youthful generation.

  4. Please pip just keep your trap shut
    We not looking for 5 dollars to block a hole
    Peep shut your trap please

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