Thursday, February 27, 2020

Opposition MP Says Banana Harvest Being ‘Fed To Pigs’

Opposition MP, Shawn Edward, has expressed concern over the fate of banana farmers, asserting that their harvest is being wasted.

MP Shawn Edward points to bananas on the ground

“Today it pains me to watch the harvests being fed to pigs or left to rot along roadsides,” the Dennery North MP wrote Thursday on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Edward disclosed that Thursday being his constituency day, he visited a few farmers.

Bananas piled at roadside

“It was wrong for this UWP administration to have encouraged them to return to the fields to plant more bananas for export to Martinique/France knowing such markets never existed,” the MP declared.

“Exploitation of the highest order! When will they level with the farmers? Tell the farmers the truth!” Edward declared, adding that the longest rope has an end.


  1. Chastnent addressing the nation via Facebook rather than holding a press conference …so wats your point ? Sir

  2. There’s no serious market for pork in St.Lucia and it must be cheaper to feed pigs green bananas than to buy animal feed.

  3. Why is this news??? For generations people have been feeding their pigs with such foods! what is wrong with this news site?? the only difference is that the banana and any household peels would have been boiled!!

  4. These are leaf spot affected bananas which cannot be exported or sold to the NFTO. As such it’s either the MP was mislead or he is misleading the public.

  5. Mauhaut in Micoud is worst with Bananas going to waste.The Farmers were given the Green Light to plant Bananas and it would be exported to FmMartinique and France .But Never gave what year that would Happen .I feel so HeartBroken towards the Banana Farmers

    • Mauhaut or Maho ? They still fooling the farmers and St Lucians that there are green gold in those fields ? Chastanet give yu’ll a stone to hold again good for yu’ll. Every Jack Mandora knows that Latin America Banana Growers with their huge corporation backing like Dole and Chiquita has corner the EU Market for years. Instead of continue turning us into a nation of bartenders,molly maids and gardeners, you would think he would approach a Dole or Chiquita to see if they were interested in another cash crop such as pineapple or papayas or kiwi. The Highgrade Group of Companies has been studying and watching the uptick in bamboo production as a replacement for many ban plastics para familias that are no longer eco friendly such as straws and plastic containers and paper products. St Lucia is perfect for such star up productions but this government lacks vision. Chastanet Economics 101 is not about nation building, but nation selling and borrowing and sticking the bill to the working poor of this country to pay. There are no incentives to build Brand St Lucia from this government. St Lucia has the best Bananas in the world, but we have too many external forces keeping us back, Big Fish eating the little fish, we need to explore other options.

  6. Clearly Shawn Edward doesn’t reside in st lucia otherwise he would have known that this has been happening for decades. Some bananas will not meet the standard for export he needs to be told that? And you representing a constituency with mainly farmers. What an embarrassment

  7. Is Shawn Edward on a Pig Farm or a Banana Plantation. We are all aware that Pig Farmers purchase rejected bananas from banana farmers to feed their pigs. These bananas look sick. Shawn I think you are trying to deceive the public.

  8. PJP will fix what chas can’t solve.shawn singing for his pocket.You have a brain don’t let people use it for you all

  9. Bananas that dont make the standard for exportation,they go to containers till they are ripe,and sold in our supermarkets,or the banana growers sell them to pig farmers.Bananas are cheaper than pig food.

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