Opposition Pledges To Restore Saint Lucia Jazz To Former Glory

The leader of the opposition, Philip J.Pierre, has pledged that his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will return Saint Lucia Jazz to its former glory upon returning to office.

Pierre spoke at a news conference Thursday. His statement on the matter is reproduced below:

When the UWP government came into office in June 2016 the renowned St Lucia Jazz Festival was rated among the top (5) five festivals in the world. The festival attracted thousands of visitors including scores of international journalists to Saint Lucia yearly, which generated significant financial benefits to small vendors, artists, musicians, taxi drivers, small and large hotels, guest houses and many other ancillary businesses.

Many rural and urban communities also benefited economically from the bringing jazz to the people concept.  Saint Lucia Jazz was the envy of many Caribbean islands.

On December 12th, 2016, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in yet another act of short- sightedness, immaturity and haste announced to the world that there would no longer be Saint Lucia Jazz.

The Prime Minister did not consider how the livelihoods of the hundreds of people who benefit from the staging of Saint Lucia Jazz would be affected.

He did not care with the single mothers or vendors who sold souvenirs to the visitors.  He did not care about the taxi drivers, minibus drivers or hotel workers who are employed during what was usually a low occupancy season for the hotels.

Instead, the Prime Minister preferred to have Saint Lucia Jazz as an event hosted mainly in large hotels and venues where visitors and locals would no longer be able to enjoy the wonderful natural ambience of our country.

Without question, the central attraction of Saint Lucia Jazz was the staging of the main stage events at the iconic Pigeon Point National Landmark, arguably one of the most breath-taking venues in the world for such an event.  Instead the government chose imported tents costing millions of dollars, most likely sourced by friends of the government, to stage the shows. By so doing, the government removed the thrilling natural backdrop which had become a major feature of Saint Lucia Jazz.

Remember that is the same government that withdrew the subvention from the Saint Lucia National Trust and in a further act of vindictiveness denies the Trust an opportunity to generate much needed revenue from the rental of Pigeon Island National Landmark for Saint Lucia Jazz. It is obvious the Allen Chastanet and his government intends to stifle the National Trust out of existence. This is a travesty crying to heaven for mercy.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party pledges that on its return to government, it will take all necessary steps to restore Saint Lucia Jazz to its former glory and return the benefits of that musical festival to the largest number of people as possible.


  1. Good, I’m in 100% agreement this Soleil or Summer festival crap is a waste of time and money. Bring back Jazz to its former glory

  2. Do we this dude look or sound like leadership material? NOPE!. You sir will never be PM. Where is Kenny to answer questions on he sale of the exploration rights of 8 million acres of our sea bed? Kenny! Oh Kenny! Where are youuuu!!! Come out, come out, where ever you are! With a belly that big you would think he wouldn’t be so hard to find.

    • Kenny is the Boss! And he is right there! YOUR government is in a position of power to take him to take Kenny to task. But can they? Why haven’t they? It has been 8 years (5 under King and 3 under this [email protected]@S) and they have not done and will not do anything! So, your wanting Kenny to come out to talk is just laughable!

      But on the substantive topic, YOUR “brilliant” Chas has KILLED St. Lucia jazz! Remember, he was on TV saying “Jazz is dead!”

      • Exactly well said ! Well said indeed ! 2009/ 2010 when he was tourism minister he killed off Jazz by slashing the budget for it because he had to pay American Airlines their 20 million to fly to St Lucia. This MAN HAS COST OUR LITTLE ISLAND MILLIONS IN LOST REVENUE and to date he was never held accountable AND NOW HE IS PRIME MINISTER racking up millions in debt even more. The Diana Ross flop then he went goo- goo- ga- ga over Amy Whineout he almost bankrupt the TOURIS BOARD sent how many staff home, Rum and Wine festival another flop I am not even going to touch Air Jamaica that a whole chapter by it self MILLIONS THIS MAN COST ST LUCIA I am a awww how soon we forget. Even the comrades were writing their little impromptu about the fall of Jazz Big up Tony Mack Daddy Nicholas you bawl when Pop Corn came down and bitch about how your tax dollars for Jazz was been wasted and the fall of Jazz but you think “THEY” will ever admit to it HELL NO. He is the best thing since slide bread

  3. From a natural position; I am not from St. Lucia, and do not support any of the parties, but I can remember when people in droves used to plan for the St. Lucia Jazz Festival as much as a year in advance. It was on many people in the USA Must Attend List, but it appears as if the Festival has lost its standing. I don’t hear the volume of people talking about going down for it as in the past. Again, I do not back any party; I am just stating what I know.

    • Chooops the glory days. Who remember 95/96/97 could not get a hotel room the government was begging people to rent out to visitors. The jazz is what put St Lucia on top of the world all of them foreign sponsors BET JR Music World CD1010.9 every media was here

  4. Cut the the crap with the partisan bull! Jazz was stabbed in the heart with a knife and we all know feel see and hear it! There is no argument there! You all mofos need to stop lying and saying it was a full body massage that jazz got! Gosh man!

  5. How a respectful government can put a jazz show on in that park in the Gros Islet Village, with the stench of sewage all around you as you enter and leave the venue, is beyond me.

    Shame on you, Mr Chastanet and those who haven’t got the balls to honestly advise you.

  6. The opposition should address issues like a minimum wage rate for private sector workers as workers has been exploited for decades no more selling of land for foreigns and no more building of hotels in St Lucia as far as I am concern the jazz festival is bul*****

  7. You trying all crap pip…you wont lead slp into the nxt elections…st lucia jazz festival was Chass baby long before when he wrked with Tourism ministry. You all messed up the country nd now you talking about when slp gets into power?

    Keep on dreaming…Choops

  8. Can any one tell me, what was the initial purpose of jazz in St. Lucia?

    Then and only then, this conversation will be put in its proper perspective.

    St. Lucians please go do the reseatch.

  9. Talk about pandering to the masses. Well played SLP. In the many years of jazz, I probably two events total and it meant nothing to me then, and it means nothing to me now. First off Pierre, no way I am going to Marchand for opening of jazz with those levels of crime. You can have jesus himself singing there and I ain’t going. And yes I used to frequent the Marchand area long time ago. Secondly, from a cost/benefit perspective did jazz make any sense? Rumour has it that top tier artists would easily ask for one million US dollars to perform. Assuming that’s true, think about how many roads would be fixed, schools repaired, and equipment for our hospitals with that sort of money. Then the production cost. Didn’t the stage cost 500,000 US annually? That’s our tax dollars. Then we would still have to find $200 to go to the show. I don’t know about you people but I would rather that money be spent in ways that benefits the country as a whole rather than to line the pockets of hotel owners.

    • You do know that wsy jazz is now only the hotel owners are benefiting right?. Almost all main events are held at hotels. So no opening jazz in marchand for vendors to make a dollar or for locals to enjoy. You may not go to opening but thousands of ppl did. No jazz on the square, you complain about the top artist payment but the bring the sales. Much but than spending 2 million on tent rentals. The current govt is spending the same 14 million on 6 half baked events that was spent on jazz

      • So they’re both equally useless events. Spend a load of money and make nothing in return. How much money did vendors actually make on this. Enough money to pay taxes to fix the roads, maintain hospitals etc. Do vendors even pay taxes. I know I do. And I would prefer my tax dollars do something for everyone rather than be wasted on tents and stages.

  10. Pierre no disrespect but you really feel all Lucians are dumb or what? I heard you once talking about Jazz and you admitted that the only show that made the most money at Jazz was the opening at Marchand which cost $50 at the time for entry and you were making noise because they removed the opening from Marchand. Now tell me if the opening wasn’t even Jazz but a music show wouldn’t it be better to have 5 festivals spread throughout the Summer for the cost of one grand show. All that has to be done is the proper marketing and for the right people to be interested and bingo you have things following. But no you want to make noise about it because you haven’t seen anything yet. My brother you are fool just trying to score political points by arguing about everything the government does. Do you know about the build it and they will come or even planning ahead for changing times? I want to know if you start back with Jazz at 14 or 15 mill what are you going to do for the additional funding that Carnival and the Creole festivals has gotten? Man relax and watch things pick up. Oh and PLEASE TELL CHAZI HE CAN”T MESS UP MERCURY FEST AGAIN WITH HIS BAD PRESS in Martinique this time around cause they would already be here for the carnival and just have to stay extra days to enjoy it. I have a strong feeling this years Mercury Fest will be Epic. No Brainer Politician Get outta here.

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