Opposition says UWP in ‘desperate state’

Press Release:-  The United Workers Party is in a desperate state.  In their latest release the Party has again tried to mislead the public for their failure to obey the law in that case the Finance Act Section 39. 41.

The issue is not the Finance Build Contract, it’s the refusal of the government to bring the matter to Parliament more than one year after the contract was awarded.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party also notes that the contract was awarded without tender to Fresh Start Construction Company. Party Leader Philip J. Pierre once more re-states the position that legal action will be pursued if the contract is not brought to Parliament for debate in sixty days.



  1. The problem with the UWP is they are giving the SLP too much ammunition to attack them with.
    Every day we see that the UWP that promised so much is not living up to expectations.
    Chastanet’s much vaunted business acumen seems to be no better than Kenny’s blunders! He goes from catastrophe to disaster. A lousy DHS deal where we give away everything for nothing. A hotel that should have brought in hundreds of millions cost us $33 million. A hospital the the SLP messed up is no further along than 2 1/2 years ago.
    Ask any Lucian and they have zero tolerance for this tone deaf Prime Minister. Even those that voted for him roll their eyes when his name is mentioned.
    We thought the UWP was a more morally grounded party but we see the fraudulent Mother Sarah happily liming with Mr exposure Ubaldus. She is not what she tries to portray.
    Mr exposure has no control over the heavy handed reckless borrowing of government.
    Mary is useless as the main doctor in government.
    Every day we get more examples of their hypocrisy and arrogance in power.
    What next?

  2. Mr. Pierre, The SLP; is the main Opposition party in St. Lucia; That simply mean that you are the watch dog of this country; If you don’t inform us of the unnormaL things that our government is doing then who will? You our leaders tend to do things that is illegal, and are corrected afterwards , both the SLP. and the UWP;, so what is good for one is good for the other. However it is always good to tell the public of the wrong doing of one and other!

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