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Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am

Opposition Youth Group Urges Young People To Speak Out

Press Release:– Our country’s most valuable resource is its young people. Young people represent our nation’s future. The security of growth and development in time to come rest in the hands of today’s youth. Our hopes and aspirations must be embodied in in our young people.

However, the power that our youth possess seem to be stifled by economic chaos, social injustice, political intolerance and apathy.

Let us embrace the month of April as Youth Month by challenging ourselves as young people to speak to critical issues affecting our wellbeing.

Let us take hold of all opportunities to participate in public life, especially those available to influence decisions which will impact the future of our country. Young people are powerful agents of change and progress when they are educated and empowered to participate in decision-making.

Let our voices be heard in the discussion of matters of national interest. Express with clarity our views on education, healthcare, employment opportunities and the management of our country’s finances. Be loud in our condemnation of all forms of wastage of our national resources.

Let us call on other young people to be proactive in order to encourage effective changes which will improve conditions for the growth and development of our youth population.

We must not only hope for a better tomorrow. Instead, we must act progressively now. Change is embodied in progress so let’s be inspired by a deep desire for success.

Let us as young people, celebrate this month with the full awareness that we are the leaders of tomorrow!

Happy Youth Month!



  1. We will speak out…once the SLP and UWP seize to exist…its same thing with either side….dont get us mixed up in the mess yourll have created since each parties inception you arent fooling us….four generations worth of this over and over…eating our own vomit each election…try again…to hell with your games.

    • Finally somebody with some sense. Enough to see past both their bull****. Slu need more thinkers like you who support their future and the future generation not a party.

  2. I want to begin a serious debate, live on TV, but have not gotten the right backing for it. A lot of people are afraid they will be put in the light as a flambeau or labour…its irritating how dimwitted people are when it comes to yellow and red..sad actually.

    This era of youth will have no sympathy for the politicians…the weak will accept the $100.00 here and there…they may even make a scene and cause a disruption but they arent fooling anyone.
    Get rid of the entire parliament, ALL of them, both sides….allow some fresh thinkers in those doors, stop segregating the island when we are supposed to be working on the same thing… A BETTER COUNTRY..stop the nonsensical bickering on TV, less talk, less accusations, get stuff done, not promise it will be done… i am so sick and tired of seeing the same set of people…complaining about the same set of things AND neither of them have done any better.

    What a mess

  3. You know how people will retaliate against you when you come public,that is what keeps most silent.They hack you alive,specially those that are in power.

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