Orca Incident: Ministry Says Captain, Crew Complied With Fisheries Act

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The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a statement in the aftermath of the capture and slaughter this week of a juvenile Orca or killer whale by two Saint Lucia fishers.

The incident ignited a firestorm on social media with some people condemning the actions of the fishers as illegal.

However, in a release Thursday, the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development indicated that the two men complied with the requirements of the Fisheries Act.

Fisher Defends Capture, Slaughter Of Orca: “People Have To Eat!”

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The complete release appears below:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food security and Rural Development is aware of the public interest and concerns regarding the pictures and video footage of the capture and landing of a marine mammal of the order Cetacea.

Cetaceans include whales, dolphins and porpoises. In Saint Lucia we have adopted a sustainable use policy as such there has been the traditional use of Cetaceans utilising the meat typically known as Blackfish, Mashwen or Calebasse or pilot whale, which is a small cetacean. Based on the distinguishing features, the animal landed has been identified as an orca or killer whale (Scientific name: Orcinus orca), which is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member.

The Fisheries Act Cap. 7.15 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia makes provision for the promotion and regulation of fishing and fisheries in the fishery waters of Saint Lucia. According to Section 38 of the Regulations, “A person shall not take, kill, damage or fish for any marine mammal or any species of marine mammals in any bay or harbour of Saint Lucia.”

The Department has been advised that the animal was not captured in a bay or harbour and can confirm that the fishing vessel was licensed to fish.  As such the captain and crew of the vessel complied with the requirements of the Fisheries Act.

Further, the Ministry advises that Killer whales are considered Data Deficient on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened species and as such, are not listed as an endangered species.  

The Ministry recognises that marine mammals are known to be charismatic animal species with symbolic value or widespread popular appeal; however, it is important to maintain a balanced perspective.  

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  1. Pay chew zort tout.SAKWAY HIPOCRITE.D PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT.Ya’ll rather the KILLER WHALE HAD KILL THEM INSTEAD??Sakway Chiens.Inyowan! 🙄

    • You not ashamed???? If they did not eat killer whale would they die??? Hope that the pod hunt him down the next time he go out to sea.

  2. Yall remember the DSH Dolphin Park and all what was said about having them in captivity? Oh the hypocracy of some? Where are all the persons who made all the noise, pretending to care so much about sea memmals? Cotay toute say activists la? Tout moone pwen moo moo tablet. Mwen meme!

    You post selectively,
    hope you post this one slu

  3. You so-called ethical people, keep your ethics to yourself. The men broke no law. Should I judge you on your consumption of meat and fish since I eat neither of these? (Literally). They both have to be killed before consuming yet there is no outcry. Just don’t buy the damn meat if you don’t think it should be consumed.

  4. Be it a fish named Orca, it is fished by the Japanese fir the simple reason – its Oil & its flesh, be it full grown or not, they don’t care, its money for them and they travel half way round the world to do their catch. One of our boys went off shore to make a decent living – he didn’t carry an illegal Gun to rob – I appreciate that men such as these should be encouraged. All Fishermen on the Rock should be organized: (may the Lord Bless his Soul for working hard)

  5. No wonder St Lucians are classified as low IQ people. Wait for the backlash from the international bodies. All killer whale populations are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act! Smdh

  6. ok so now this clarifies this but i have another question what is the difference in capturing a marine mammal in the open sea and not in the bay or harbor and how would you even know where they caught it if you were not there?

  7. This is the Labour government what do you expect?? A bunch of criminals sanctioning illegal activities! Tell me, what is considered a Bay in St Lucia? what are the dimensions? where does a bay start and end? give us the precise measurements. Doesn’t every fisherman have to dock in some bay or habour to get to land? they started killing the orca long before it came to shore. But i expect nothing less from this criminal cabal that is governing st lucia through the SALOPWEE PARTY! Don’t worry I promise the criminal cabal this! 2020 is the last time you people will ever govern this land for sure!!!! Enjoy your next few years!1

    • @Yes…well said. They have already incurred the ire of the UK when they attempted to defraud them on the rover issue and even before that when they spat in their face regarding juffali. Now they’re looking to incur the wrath of the international community knowing fully well that all killer whale populations are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. But, true to form this government is so weak, rather than educate or call people out on their wrong doing they make excuses. And they wonder why crime is spiraling out of control. Meanwhile the hacks believe that anyone who opposes them is bitter about the defeat. Dude SLP own supporters are disappointed, ashamed and regret voting them in. So Teething Guy, drink water and mind your business because SLP supporters are the ones who are bitter with disappointment in their guvedma

  8. I hope they know the mother is looking for them so they better armor up that boat next time they go far out. I think there is a way to cook it if they know how to or they might fall sick, I waiting to hear in a few days how their bodies react to it.

  9. We have too much talk period. What about Turtles? There is an open and closed season. Hmmm I thought turtles are endangered. not so? We really have double standards in the ministry. Big people talk…. no action…. Just follow the Law but can never change the Law when it is clearly wrong or unethical. To many talk shops in Governments and waste on money employing some of these Senior Managers etc. We paying tax to run Government and the people have no say but only for elections. This system is just so wrong.

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