Friday, November 22, 2019

Our Airline – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The recent call that was made to encourage four Caribbean countries to purchase shares in LIAT  is good and timely.
The four, Grenada. Guyana, St… Kitts-Nevis and St. Lucia needs to be looked at very seriously.
So why invite the citizens accross CARICOM to do likewise?  This appeal is not a new one but many more players in this need to think outside the box.
The current shareholders should be ready to embrace innovative ideas that could play a vital role in the advancement of the airline.
In persuading the named governments to get on board they should now extend it to include the ordinary citizen as well as other private sector agencies which have vested interest in interregional travel.  In this pragmatic approach one needs to think of a Regional Travel Club with Chapters in each country.
We need to persuade our pepple to travel more as this is a wonderful educational tool for both young and elderly. It means also that critical ideas and concepts can be adopted and placed on the drawning board to.boost interregional air travel. If it is successful it will definitely increase air transportation in the islands making it more competive  among our people.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne ‘s appeal should wake us up to the plight of LIAT.
In the late. 90’s I recall that LIAT was able to offer free tickets to passengers who were regular travellers on the airline. This writer was a recipient of such generosity then.
People who join the Travel Club would be invited to subscribe to it with monthly dues and credited to the individual when he or she is booking a ticket to travel. The members of the Travel Club would also have to score a certain number of travel points to qualify for a free ticket determined by the airline.
Some consideration and framework should also be devised to include travel agents.
On the other hand, how about a tri-partite agency involving three entities to boost this new venture.
It could in some way involve a set of travel bugs who would provide a certain degree of a home away from home for persons in  the low income bracket who would need that kind of assistance.
Maybe this  is not new, but we need to revisit any such ideas.
Selling this package would entail the skills of an Innovative person with passion and drive to accomplish the task
At least one such induvidual could provide the space needed for further opportunities in hospitality and air travel packages.
The regional travel industry needs to be explored much more.
If not, why not.
Yours truly,
Hervon Henry


  1. Well said
    Your ideas are clear and should be at least tested over a period and with a particular audience

    However we have one idea that was already tested and proven to work. In a word – REDJET. This project exposed what is the true impediment to low-cost regular travel in the Caricom area – heavy handed government taxation that doubled the cost of tickets.

    Despite pleas to remove such taxes to give LIAT the necessary breathing room the CARICOM governments have continued to perpetuate the falsehood that LIAT cannot make money

  2. LET LIAT GO THE WAY OF its cousins the DINOSAURS. Let new competition in and stop bleeding these countries and their citizens dry.

  3. LIAT should also take a look at sea ferry services. They have thwarted quite a few sea ferry ventures from Trinidad and Barbados, instead of capitalising on it. L’Express des Isles has NO competition and seems to be doing very well. My humble opinion. Maybe this idea is easier said than done, but I think it should be considered. The time is now for LIAT to broaden some innovation in Caribbean travel.

  4. Would you spend money buying a old hen that dosent lay eggs ? those that have the money want to make more money,all the nice talk is a waste of time and time is money for these guys.But on the other hand I would love to see this company change in the benefit of us all in the Caribean

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