Out-Of-Control Vehicle Ends Up In Rodney Bay Marina

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An out-of-control vehicle veered off the road, damaged fencing, and plunged into the IGY Rodney Bay Marina in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Gros Islet fire station emergency responders said the incident occurred about 12:10 am.

When they arrived, the emergency personnel said the two occupants of the vehicle involved in the accident had already exited and were aboard a police van.

According to information, they did not appear to have sustained severe injuries and declined medical assistance.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. This thread is rife with ignorance– people assume its a “he” when the article stated 2 occupants. People say arrest the driver, revoke the license as it was outside curfew hours as if they know that the occupants were not “qualified” to be on the road at that time. Yol have more info than the police it seems!

  2. The police should charge him and let the court decide what to do. Anyone who is out after curfew hours and involve in an accident should have his licence revoked.

  3. @prober. But this supposedly happened at 12:10 well after curfew,they should have been home in the first place.

  4. Prober…how stupid a comment you have made unless you were in the vehicle. I could easily see things like this happening to law abiding drivers if they tried to avoid idiots doing crap on our roads. Think about that possibility.

  5. Declining medical assistance – something is afoot! The police should have the ability to run a check on these nincompoops who are a menace on and off the roads. Declining medical assistance, means no forms to be filled in and signed – something is afoot!!
    This nonsense must stop. I hope the nincompoops were able to show the police their drivers licence, and provide (at a later date) their car insurance and licence – if they were asked to produce these documents.

  6. The road not safe the water not safe soon it will be the air not safe in St. Lucia… what do we need to do to safeguard the 180k lives out of that how many ain dead already. I don’t think we need to speak English anymore because if you have been talking English for so many years even being tough in schools about it and still one refuse to apply .. can we say the English is pure evil?

  7. check the arms of the vehicle if it was mechanistically defective or just pure ignorance out of alcohol + gas = tragedy

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