Outrage In Babonneau Community After Attack On Woman In Her Nineties

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A community in Babonneau has expressed outrage after a lone male intruder armed with a knife attacked a woman in her nineties who lives alone.

Police are investigating the incident at the woman’s home on Christmas Day.

“We must show more care and regard for our elderly. We must have zero tolerance for this kind of thing,” an individual familiar with the incident told St Lucia Times.

According to reports, the assailant entered the woman’s home and demanded cash while threatening to harm her.

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The reports indicate that he roughed her up, causing bruises to her face and back before eventually leaving empty-handed in response to the woman’s pleadings to spare her life.

Residents of the community said the police found the assailant’s knife at the scene afterward.

And as word of the attack spread, reports are that some angry young men from the area went looking for a suspect to mete out some community justice.

But their efforts were unsuccessful.

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  1. There’s something sick in Babonneau, recently an escaped murderer/drug dealer from Jamaica, landed in St.Lucia, committed what he’s accustomed doing, shot and killed another in Gros Islet, after being locked up, in a very convenient location, Babonneau no doubt. His partners in trade did what was necessary, he was not only out, but word went out, do not pursue, but by what beans did he arrive in Jamaica? but being locked up again, the big man outside did what was necessary, he cooly walked again. So far nothing has been said about him since; is he on the loose? who in St. Lucia did the payoff in Babonneau? why is the Government in St. Lucia are quiet about this?
    Is Babonnear modi or the whole of St. Lucia Modi? why would a human being seek out a vulnerable 90 year old lady, rough her up for pennies to buy drugs, sacre modi you are cursed with evil intents, I hope soon you find yourself back behind Bars where you belong.(Will somebody take care of the old Lady, maybe the Church?)

  2. Wickedness is on the increase. We need to teach our children the way to love each other and to treat others with respect. Pray for our young people to stop the wickedness and turn to God before it is too late. I feel sad for this lady, who had to go through that ordeal, Lord have mercy. The elderly should not be left in houses alone, at least someone should be there with them.

  3. In times like these Junior X song always Resonates. Plead my Cause oh Jah, and let stand firm when the wicked rise against the I. Order my steps oh Jah, the way is dark and I’m alone, but still I fear no foe. Cause now is not the time to sleep, or turn the other cheek. Cause the Wicked inna Babylon, slew you if you weak. I wish the 90 year old lady could have execute that piece of sh&t that attacked her.

  4. When will the evil doers learn !
    In his arrogance,the crook hunts the elderly mother,he is overdread and are high,to frustate the plans of the poor elderly !
    Because of the weak and elderly mother, I will now rise “says the LORD.
    I will protect her (them) from those who marlign them.
    This is why God does not hold his 🗡️ Sword for nothing !
    And will show himself shrewd to the crook,to pursue him (them)and overtook him,not turn back until he is destroyed,and crushed them so that they can rise no more.

    Therefore,as for GOD,his way is perfect !
    The Lord lives ! Praise be my Rock !
    Exalted be God my Savior !
    Who delivered me from the attacks of the crook and rescued me from the powerful enemy, who was too strong for me !

  5. St. Lucians will never stop – most of them are cursed beyond measure. They will self destroy themselves sooner than later – how sick to attack anyone much more an elder. He will get what he deserves – par dee poor jab.

  6. This purely shows and exhibit no level of remorse or dignity for our elders. The cultural and norms are so broken it now break down to these type of horrific acts. Can the SLP come up with some level of security measures realistically? It’s not about party but when you were in opposition you had all remedies what happened now in your 6 months plus in governance.

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