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Over 100 Cuban Doctors, Nurses To Join Battle Against COVID-19

Over 100 Cuban doctors and nurses are expected here by weekend to join the battle against the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced.

In a nationwide address Monday night, Chastanet disclosed that the initiative had been arranged by the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs here and the Cuban Ambassador to Saint Lucia.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister expressed his deep gratitude to the Cubans and to the Premier and government of the Cayman Islands.

He said the Cayman Islands had offered a plane to fly the Cubans directly to Saint Lucia.

Chastanet told the nation that he could not offer enough thanks to the Cayman Premier and his administration for what he described as ‘this incredible gesture’.

He explained that because of Coronavirus, the government had to bring forward the date to move into the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH).

Disclosing why, the PM said his administration recognized there was need for a dedicated hospital to deal with the ‘respiratory crisis’ that would ensue should there be a community outbreak of  COVID-19 in Saint Lucia.

“The decision was ‘Let’s move into OKEU so that OKEU can continue to provide Saint Lucians with their basic health care needs which have not gone away, and that we would now convert Victoria Hospital into a respiratory hospital,’” Chastanet told the nation.

He said that accommodation has already been arranged for the Cuban doctors and nurses who are expected here shortly

“While they will be working both at the OKEU and also Victoria Hospital, they will be helping us get the respiratory hospital up and running as quickly as possible,” the PM explained.

He described the assistance that the Cubans will give as a huge reprieve for the government, staff of the Ministry of Health and all the doctors and nurses here because they are getting manpower resources to assist them.

According to Chastanet, the arrival of the Cubans will go a long way in helping this country  prepare for a community outbreak of Coronavirus.

Earlier this week in a press release, the Ministry of Health and Wellness informed the public that the full transition of Victoria Hospital to the OKEUH commences on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.






  1. While this reassuring news and a good gesture, this does not mean we (the nation) should let down our guard. We still have to be, NEED to be, vigilant that this dreaded disease does not take over. At least we have some much needed assistance from a fellow Caribbean nation, and should be grateful. No snide remarks here now – just gratitude and humility.

  2. I welcome them. Look how much they try to mash and bash Cuba and look who coming to our rescue at the end of the day you have sent 100 to Jamaica and another 100 to St Lucia not even the mighty US could have done so . Viva Fidel your vison of universal health care lives on. Ask them where is there loyalty when they are at Mono Largo bashing Bolivia.

  3. But then and again if we just have 3 cases why 100 doctors what is it that we are not being told,yes I try to understand we are preparing for if things get worse because those in authority fell short by letting ppl in to the country

  4. In difficult times you know who your real friends are.I really need to know what all those who have spent a lifetime cursing Communist Cuba have to say. How much help is Uncle Trump providing? Can any of the 43% with preschool education tell us how much has the Mar -a- go meeting between your leader with Trump and the subsequent Jamaica meeting with Sarah and Pompeo benefitted us. I need to know because part of the effort was to isolate Venezuela to further isolate Cuba. I trust that the 43% preschoolers will go to Trump-sent doctors and nurses rather than Cuba-sent doctors and nurses.
    Now don’t tell me its crisis time so don’t focus on that because that response will not deal with the issue. You can call me names and that’s ok because you don’t even know me.
    Preschoolers, on your mark, get set, go.

    • Since Cuba has reported cases of the disease will they be quarantined for the 14 days before working at the medical facilities?

  5. Right now it’s time to pray and asked God for strength and forgiveness, those who did wrong knows themselves, the Cubans have always been a friend. Therefore, those in authority better remember a friend is a friend indeed. Don’t throw away those who have always stand at our side.

  6. This is where ‘eyes’ of our understanding should be opened: it seems to me that someone will go to
    great lengths – as a person who cares – to do that which has to be done for the better good of the people.
    This is a new day, not only in St.Lucia but in a world where we have to put all political differences aside
    for humanities sake. We live on a Rock, still relatively healthy and free, the ‘Air Abroad is Infectious”
    We are Caribbean people and Cuba recognizes that, and has always ready to help, thank God, maybe
    one day we may be in a position to help For the sake of the folks at home thank you FIDEL & CHASTANET..

  7. Hmmm…… look who comes to our aid in our time of need not the Mighty US of A! but Cuba who we betrayed by breaking away from caricom to go to beg at Mar-a-lago. And we still feeling the effects of the leahy law and no support from them at all. Thank you Cuba for being so forgiving

  8. This is OK thank you Cuba for your help we are all on this boat Politics a side till we reach safe port.

  9. Cuban hospitals are falling apart. People in Cuba have to take their own fans, chairs, and buckets to the hospital when they have to stay overnight. There are horrible conditions in the hospitals cubans go to. For the foreigners visiting Cuba the hospitals are much better. These cuban doctors go abroad because they need to make extra money and want to bring some products like small household appliances and clothes back to Cuba for themselves. You all buy into this crap? People living in capitalism who have no idea how communism actually works are here defending communism and believing all this garbage. And we don’t know how many cases of coronavirus there are in Cuba or how many people will die because the dictatorship will say whatever it wants. People please read and look for the actual facts about cuban health care system. Half of the stuff the communist government tells you is an outright lie.

    • Capitalism isn’t the answer either! A system that is designed on winners and losers is a horrible system.

    • Loraine, Loraine, Loraine. The issue here is about Cuban doctors coming to assist our ill equipped health service to cope with what has the possibility of becoming a major disaster. Now what’s your point in relation to that? You see Loraine, you are so bent on critizing Cuba that you miss the whole point by ten miles. Or is it that you just an idiot? Or better yet, a member of the 43% Preschool education club?

  10. Loraine all you say is true,that is the Cuban situation but lets leave this behind they are coming to help us so lets be gratefull,we dont know were we going yet

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