Thursday, December 5, 2019

Over 40,000 Sign Petition To Rename Dallas Street After Botham Jean

A petition to rename a Dallas street on which the police headquarters in located after Botham Jean had gathered some 40,000 signatures by Thursday afternoon..

The petition to rename Lamar Street  ‘Botham Jean Way’ was started by Chris Norman.

“Obviously changing the name of a street is not going to help the family or bring Botham Jean back, but it was just something that I felt would be a good honor,” The Dallas Morning News quoted Norman, 40, as saying.

Chris Norman

“This change will serve as a reminder that Police misconduct and brutality will not go unpunished as well as a sign that the city of Dallas, Texas along with the Dallas Police Department is pushing forward to fix these issues that plague the community,” the on line petition asserted.

Botham Jean was shot dead by then Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger who said she mistook Jean’s apartment for hers.

Guyger was fired from her job, indicted for murder and sentenced to 10 years in jail for the fatal shooting of the Saint Lucian native.

Chris Norman explained that although he did not know the deceased, he had followed the trial closely.

Norman’s petition said Lamar Street which petitioners want named after Botham Jean, is significant because it is home to both the Dallas Police Headquarters and the South Side Flats, where Jean lived.

“Let this change serve as a movement towards unity and trust among the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas,” Norman wrote on the petition.

“Let us never forget the life and legacy of Botham Jean, a son, a brother, a friend, who will never be able to fulfill all of what he was destined to be.”

The Dallas Morning News reports that to get a street name changed, an application has to be submitted to the Sustainable Development and Construction Department.

From there, it undergoes staff review and has to be considered in a City Plan Commission meeting before it goes to the City Council for a final decision, the newspaper stated.





  1. If he wasn’t the real batman of Gotham, then name the street, I know he’s worth Shem the first son of Noah, so name a church after him too, God will be gracious.

  2. It is a great jesture if it can be pulled off. And there is no queation that naming the street Botham Jean Way will be the beginning of a long healing process, but the big hurdle is to convince the Powers That Be to make the change. Considering that the street was named after Texas first Vice President, when Texas was The Texas Republiic, and Sam Houston was the first President; also Mirabeau B. Lamar was the second President of The Texas Republic, after serving as Viice President. We will stay tuned, and we wish all involved in the effort, only the best.

  3. I think this is a bit much.Only After his death i heard of all the good deeds he did.This means that he didnot blow his own trumpet. For this reason, i donot believe he would have wanted this. Continue doing his good deeds on a low key like he did. May he rest in peace


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