Over 500 Accidents Reported To Traffic Police So Far This Year

Press Release:–  The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force would like to remind road users, both motor vehicular and pedestrian traffic, to adhere to traffic regulations when utilising our roadways.

A total of five hundred and three (503) accidents have been reported to the Traffic Units in Castries and Vieux Fort, from January 01, 2019 to date. Twenty four (24) of these incidents involved pedestrians, one resulting in loss of life.

In an effort to reduce traffic violations, including improper use of roads by pedestrians, there will be an all-out campaign by Police to clamp down on traffic violations.  

Drivers are encouraged to ensure all relevant documents with respect to insurance and licensing are up to date, as there will be no exemptions in enforcing these regulations.

We wish to thank the public for their support and continued cooperation in our efforts to foster a safer road conditions for all.


  1. Accidents, well, things will happen, because of inattentiveness, but there’s no way to prevent that. How do you prevent inattentiveness? Having roadblocks to check licenses, insurance documents and such isn’t going to prevent accidents.

    • It’s all about MONEY!! like any of these documents will make anyone a better driver. Fix some of the damn roads then maybe we can cut down on some accidents.


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