Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Over 500 Single Mothers Get Hampers, Grocery Vouchers From Cabot Cares

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Press Release:Cabot Cares, the community development initiative of Cabot Saint Lucia, is making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of single mothers this holiday season.  The company has been distributing food packages and vouchers to these single families across the country.

Cabot Cares is being true to its mission of positively impacting the lives of Women and Youth in the country.  

Over five hundred single mothers and their families across the country are the recipients of food hampers and supermarket grocery vouchers.

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The hampers were distributed by members of Cabot Saint Lucia and the Cares advisory board for families in the Southern, Northern and Castries communities.

Debra Tobierre  a member Cabot Cares Advisory Committee is a businesswoman based in the South and is responsible for distributing over 200 of these hampers to communities in Micoud, Vieux-Fort and Laborie.

“I am based in the South and I am very pleased that Cabot Cares has considered the Southern region for this relief effort even though we are very far from the base of their development in Cap Estate. I am proud to be part of the effort at this difficult time to help these mothers and their families have groceries and vouchers delivered to them”

Anya Edwin another Cabot Cares Advisory Committee Member co-ordinated the distribution of food items and grocery items to wider Castries area including LA Clery, Bisee, Ciceron, Marchand and several others . 

“I am a product of the George Charles Boulevard and I know first-hand the hardship that single moms face in this community. It gives me immense satisfaction to be part of the initiative at Cabot Cares, where today I can give back to my community and the wider Castries Area in the spirit of goodwill and care this holiday season”

VP of HR at Cabot, Gale Jn Baptiste noted: “This substantial contribution is a continuation of Cabot’s efforts in assisting and enhancing local communities in keeping with the theme DEVELOPING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER.”

The single mothers who benefitted from the Cabot Cares food packages did not expect such assistance as this was not officially announced and expressed their deep appreciation for the act of kindness noting that this will go a long way in helping them to prepare a warm meal for the Season. 

The success of this effort would not have been possible without the involvement of several partners who assisted with the planning, logistics and distribution including the Cabot Team, The NSDC, The team at Tru Value Hardware and the many community organizers who all came together when needed most.

At a time when many of our single mothers are vulnerable and facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the pandemic, Cabot Cares steps in just in time to make the holiday season happier and merrier for many of them.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @SLP to the Bone now Richy boy have his new groupies like Dax and co he forget about them. The man only wanted power and he use alot of them to get it not even show he having now

  2. Amen !!
    May the God of heaven be highly
    Exalted !! The good we do follows
    our children and future generations .

  3. Cabot is a Canadian Company, centered on golfing and is partnered with a Sister company in the U.S. and between them, is an amalgamated $Billions, and are happy to share a token of their worth in goodwill, mainly to the under developed, such as our Island State. There is much that can be gained, by just showing your appreciation, share your love and friendship because, at a time such as this, you need work, you need to open up for investment other than Tourism.(let us thank the Lord for His help)

  4. Let us not be aband of people in revolt !
    Therefore ,in the present case I advise you,
    leave them alone ! Let them give willingly !
    For if their purpose or activity is on human orign or standard,it will fail.
    But if it is from God,they will continue and we won’t be able to stop them ; only we will find ourselves fighting against God.

  5. @ Buju thank you well said…… something I have been saying for a long time. Sandals give they give they give and they keep on giving and Johncrow have issues with it when no other entity not giving back shit… Not even a glass of ice water. The brewery nothing, Barrons nothing, name another hotel other than sandals giving a rice grain none of them but make some foreign press announce they win some lay lay award and it’s a big deal for St Lucia when they give nothing to the community they reside in or their employees. Cabot just greasing palms with their public relations, but they really do give a rats ass.

  6. Atleast Cabot decided to use this initiative to help out. We have a Winward and Leeward Brewery in Saint lucia who’s been around for decades , who are exporting Heineken in bigger longer bottles for less that the price we buy the smaller heineken bottles as locals.They have done nothing to help Saint Lucia in terms of development and have been getting their pockets fat from us local who buy from them.

  7. WOW do you see the names Ass with Cabot Care. These were the same people and their gangs of hooligans lead by Calyxte Jr., Richard, Hunte and Fragis who were out every weekend terrorizing another developer in St Lucia as late as 6 or 7 months ago. What has happened since then? Has Cabot changed from Devil to Angel?

  8. Cabot you do not have anything to prove to St. Lucians. We know you are here to create employment. Tell the St. Lucia National Trust and this Government to kiss your behind.

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